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Common Cause


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Me being currently slightly lazy, and tired (four hours of hard work out in the sun, not very restful that), I'm just going to let you folks read a rather lengthy, though slightly edited, quote from yesterday's conversation in the Chatroom.

(22:37:50) Nyrath: As a matter of fact I'm plotting to put into motion two seperate "arcs" or "scenarios" intended too examine how well villains and heroes might work together given a common goal. The first of these might well end up with no alliance to speak of, no matter how temporary, forming; the other forces an alliance onto the participants. Interested in hearing more?

(22:47:23) Heridfel: Sure, I'm curious.

(22:49:25) Barnum: Sure.

(22:53:46) Heritage: I am hanging on every word!

(22:54:08) Nyrath: Right, the first of these schemes is already having its groundwork laid; Like a Lamb is where Mongrel Angel will go up against Bloodseeker, and fall. ((I'm at least going to get to get some use out my Resurrection power, wee!)) As Exile is required by the Watcher to react to such an event he will either go out after the killer on his own or, more likely, gather a few allies and then go after the bloodthirsty one. The slaying (resurrection notwithstanding) of one of the City's heroes ought to provoke a response from one or more of the other resident champions of justice. ((Continues in next post))

(22:59:53) Nyrath: ((Continuing)) Captain Wonder is a likely individual to react to the Bloodseekers latest vile deed seeing how they've become enemies following an incident in the West End wherein the godly one defeated the fur-clad one. Even if the old hero doesn't get moved to action Mongrel Angel herself might well find some allies to help track down, and bring in, the murderous villain. Depending on how the subsequent hunt goes the whole thing might devolve into a chaotic threeway melée, or a brutally swift capture of the killer.

(23:00:28) nareik123: You looking for heroes for that?

(23:00:38) nareik123: cause that sounds freaking awesome

(23:01:54) Nyrath: Oh yes, though we'll have to see just how it all pans out. A little rests on whether or not Avalon sticks with it.

(23:02:58) nareik123: Sounds something Like Angel would want in on

(23:03:05) nareik123: She likes smiting the impure

(23:03:41) Heridfel: Heh. It takes the PvP and Penny Arcade guys about 30 minutes to decide on a name.

(23:05:25) Heritage: I like that people are thinking epic in their storylines :)

(23:07:32) Vaalus: sounds like a really cool story nyrath

(23:07:42) Vaalus: and I like that also, heritage

(23:09:51) nareik123: Aye

(23:12:43) Nyrath: As for the next scheme, it first of all necessitates that Adrian Eldritch isn't available to help out. But that is easily enough arranged; he'll be off dealing with some suitably major, and undisclosed, threat in a neighboring dimension. While he is away Exile is, through treaty, pact, and agreement, bound to do his best dealing with whatever turns up; just his luck that some idiot sparks off what might end up being the end off the world. On a ship moored in the bay a low-grade mystic completes a ritual to summon a demon to do his bidding, it doesn't work out as planned. The summoning results in a demon beyond the mystic’s capabilities strong-arming the human into opening a slightly more accessibly portal which allows more demons to pour through. With the threat not only of a continual, though thin, stream of demons building up to ravage the land but also the very real possibility of an even greater summoning being done to bring in one of the demonic nobility and veritable army things look grim. ((continues >))

(23:13:29) Nyrath: Damn, these take some time to write. I'll damn well be saving this conversation just so I won't loose what I've written.

(23:14:41) Heridfel: Depending on when this is set, it could be happening now.

(23:15:00) Heridfel: There's currently a thread where three PCs are rescuing Eldrich. He's not in FC right now.

(23:25:23) Nyrath: ((Continues >)) With great stores of knowledge but not quite as great magical strength ((He's nearly the equal of Eldrich in Arcane Lore, but way behind in Power Ranks)) Exile is forced to cobble together whatever forces he can, and resorts to wide appeal for assistance playing not only on the sensibilities of the hero community but also on the fact that if this isn't stopped the villains might well not survive the results. ((PC heroes and villains are equally welcome really, and depending on whether or not I end up having to direct this on my own NPCs might well show up initially)) With few options available a group of assorted heroes and villains (ze PCs, though not necessarily all) drives though to the ship in an attempt to stem the flood of demons at its source. Upon entering the vessel all hell breaks loose (pardon the terrible, terrible pun), though in the end it comes down to nice, big, hopefully epic showdown. ((I'm up for GMing this, given that it's my idea, but help will likely be needed. ((Argh! Continues >))

(23:26:33) nareik123: Nyrath, you sure chat is the best place for this? :P

(23:26:57) Barnum: Yeah, why not post this in the Campaign Discussion forum?

(23:27:28) Nyrath: ((Continues>)) I've learnt that I tend to be somewhat slow online GM, so help and promting would in the event be appreciated. Anyway, it's late now so I'll refrain from mangling the premise anymore for now.

(23:29:10) Nyrath: And as for why I didn't post this in Campaign Discussion: I got stuck. After four hours of trying to formulate myself I temporarily gave up and headed over here, and suddenly the whole bloody thing poured out. I'll tidy it up a bit tomorrow and post it in the correct Forum, at least I've got it out and received a little feedback.

Right, you managed to make your way through it? Any thoughts or questions regarding it?

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I'm a newbie, and I haven't even posted my character yet, but I love the idea. I'm looking to put a foot in any door I can to get into any games and get some RP time and story with my character. I'd be glad to be a part of this if you were to run it and accept me.

Ah, I'm an idiot, I'm talking of the Second one. But if by some way of insanity, you'd need me in the first game, extreme emphasis on the 'Need' part >.<, I'd be in on the first if needed. Sorry, I'm rambling. I'll stop that. It's a nervous/newbie habit of mine.

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Well I'm technically almost involved. My char and Nightrival are currently tracking down a missing Adrian Eldricht. Not to mention my char is Demon hunter with a demon possessed weapon. SO it might be a help. Actually I was trying to expand the origins of the Muramasa. Hmm....

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In case anyone fears I've abandoned this, do not fear. I've been a bit busy the last few days; work on the farm and seeking a way out of unemployment (as well as Tales of MU, wonderfully addictive in my opinion) have soaked up my time.

By the weekend I hope to be able, at the very least, get some kind of structure prepared for beginning the second tale. Though I would appreciate a census of who is still interested, or has become interested, I think the very nature of it all will allow for a certain amount of "drop in, drop out" in thread.

I'm also going to start asking around tomorrow to ensure a backup GM (or two) for when the seemingly inevitable time comes when I just drop of the face of the earth for something like a week.

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