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Extinguished (OOC)

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Holy crap, alright. Cassidy is on the ball today.


Hm. It seems like it's awfully rainy today. That seems like it might be inconvenient for poor Cassidy. Take a hero point. 

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Oh no! It seams that Cassidy's lackadaisical attitude to protecting his secret identity has backfire in a big way, and his enemies have found their way to his home. Take another hero point.

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Spook One is going to pull out her spray weapon and try to get Bonfire to chill out. It's an area cone effect, with the cold descriptor. I think you probably get full bonuses on the reflex to dodge even though you're weak to it . . . But not the damage.


DC 17 Reflex for the area attack. 

Normal save for damage is 15+7, but because of your vulernability to cold, that goes up to 15+10

DC 25/20 toughness save for damage, depending on whether you succeeded or not, I think?


Spook Two, hidden behind a door in one of the empty apartments, is going to throw a flashbang. Spook one is in range, so she'll have to make a save.


DC17 Reflex for area attack

DC17/13 Reflex or be dazzled


Rolling for Spook One

1d20+3 = 22

They reduce the roll they need to in order to throw off dazzle. Will they make it?

1d20+3= 13


. . . Yes. Apparently they will. Wow.


And Spook Three is gonna take cover behind a door, doing nothing.

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Okay, Bonfire's actions:


Move Action: Taunt the Group to Demoralize them. -5 from Move Action, -2 if they think they're in a favourable position, +5 from Pyrotechnical entrance:


Make that 32 if they think they have a favourable position. If they fail,  they're shaken, which is -2 to all attack rolls and checks


Standard Action: Shapeable Area 9 Attack, going down the entire hallway

DC19 Reflex Save, then a

DC 24/19 Toughness Save

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Oh they simply cannot beat that taunt, they have to eat the debuff.


On to the damage;


Spook One

Reflex: 1d20+3 =10

Toughness: 1d20+6=8


Spook Two

Reflex: 1d20+3=11

Toughness: 1d20+6=10


Spook Three

Reflex: 1d20+3=17

Toughness: 1d20+6=17


There are all minions, so they're down unless you want to leave one awake. You can write out how they get blown away or I can, your call. We're not ending initiative just yet, though . . . 

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Initiative 1d20+4=10


New Order:


Bonfire: 18

?????: 10


I'll do a post where they show up and then it's Bonfire's turn again.

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Readying an action to attack should he attack.

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Well, don't want to disappoint, so ranged grapple attack, coming right up!




That's a crit! Or . . . It would be a crit, but I don't think grappling gives a special critical effect. Now for the second half of this, the opposed grapple check . . . 




Gotta beat a 22, or you're grappled. Either way, you can throw your fireball at this guy's face.

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Oof, that's a hit. Let's do a toughness roll. If I'm correct, I need to beat a 26?




Ouch. That's a bruise.


Since you readied your action, I think that delays your order in the initiative, so I think it looks something like this now?


Rainman: 10

Bonfire: 9.5


In which case, Rainman is up again. So, he's going to try to maintain his grapple of you to keep pinning you. If he hangs on, then he's going to, uh, drag Bonfire outside for some fresh air.



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Oh wow! That just BARELY hits.


Let's see here.




Wow. You've bruised and also dazed him. And therefore, you are now free from his grapple.


Rainman needs to make a concentration roll to see if he can maintain his Flight. He needs to make a DC 16.




Yeah he's fine.

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That's a DC31 check. Oh boy. Yeah that sounds likely.


Let's give it a go anyway . . .




WHERE WAS THIS ROLL LAST TIME? Dazed again. Can he keep flying, though?




He'll take all the damage he wants but someone tries to shoot him out of the sky? He says NO!


And, hm, what's this? Someone new in the initiative order this next turn???




1: Rainman 10

2: Bonfire 9.5

3: Mooks 5

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Well, there's clearly only one course of action: COLLATERAL DAMAGE


Actually, let's avoid the serious collateral damage for now, and instead go with something more basic.


ANOTHER ONE (Taunt): 1d20+16 20

Move Action to Taunt, same as before.


Standard Action the same shapeable smoke blast as before, DC 24

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Creep 1

Reflex: 1d20+3=12

Toughness: 1d20+6=15


Creep 2

Reflex: 1d20+3=17

Toughness: 1d20+6=9


They're down.


I totally got ahead of myself and started rolling for the future but I also don't wanna reroll cause that'd be cheating so here it is.



After you post, Initiative circles back around to Rainman, and he's pretty mad. He zips on in and tries to hit you with a lance of water. Attack shifted+2.




The dice love you today. You can dodge, barely.

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As by now the Rainman is a bit too far away to reliably hit, let's go for a


Alternate Power: Blast 11 ( Personal Erupting Volcano; Area: Explosion, Flaw: Full Action,  Drawback: Power Loss [When not in Fire Form] [-1] ) {21/27} (Fire)


It's Ranged, so I'll place the center as close to him as possible, and then let the area do the rest.


As it's an exposion, it gets weaker the further away he is, so depending on how far away you rule Cass can place the center of it, it's a DC21 (or lower) Reflex Save, with a DC 26/20 Toughness Save afterwards

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Hmm. He's it's only about 30 feet away from your normal range increment with this . . . I'll just roll a 1d3. 1 Means you center it within ten feet. 2 means 20 feet. 3 means thirty. Then I'll roll damage appropriately. 

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Roll: 2


So that makes it landed 20 feet away. Damage/reflex decreased by 1d.




He makes it! And his impervious means he doesn't actually need to roll for toughness on the reduced damage. His water shield keeps the fire off him completely.

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