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Like a Lamb


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Riverside park, a pleasant enough place to spend an evening. At least Mongrel Angel thinks so as she usually makes at least one circuit of it whenever she's actually out patrolling, and in any case the entirety of Riverside is pretty much her favourite haunt in or out of the costume, patrolling or not. Depending on who asks, and what mood she's in at the time, she'd answer the question of why in a few ways. The general charm of the older buildings, the vigour of the younger people who so often frequent it, the lack of tall buildings which would cause bothersome wind currents, or the special kind of bookshops catering to certain segments of society, segments which she could identify with.

Currently she's sitting just outside Memorial Grove perusing a comic (('ware ze link, it almost comes close to being very mildly NSFW.)) she'd acquired a little earlier. In her opinion a rather enjoyable read, she was passably familiar with the characters in question which adds the enjoyment factor, and the translation seems to be rather good. To top it all of she's more or less alone since no one else seems to be present in or near the grove.

Though she could be mistaken on that last bit...

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In fact, she wasn't alone.

At the other end of the grove a deadly killer rose from the waters that surround the watery edge of Memorial Grove. Tired and exhausted, he slowly drags himself out of the water before lying on the ground gasping for breath.

It takes a while before he is fully rested but be rises soon enough. After his journey back to this city called Freedom, he is hungry.

A scent catches his notice. It is something cloyingly sweet. The scent of fresh meat.

Scanning the surrounding area, he locates the source of the scent to a young woman reading something.

He takes a circuitous route towards here taking care to avoid notice.

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"Is that all you've got little one? That...won't be enough...against me."

As he says this, a smile slowly creeps its way through Stygwyr's face.

"I am hungry. I will finish you off...quickly."

Concentrating for a moment, he quickly raises his other hand and the earth beneath the woman's feet rises up to entrap her in a rocky embrace.

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The blow seems to knock some of the wind out of Stygwyr and nothing more.

"Yes! Get all rilled up. It will make your blood all the more sweeter once I have my way with you."

"I'll add something to give this a little more zest."

Suddenly the woman begins to redden as all the blood within her attempts to forcibly evacute her by any means necessary.

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