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Knock on the Door Job (OOC)


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So HP to Gremlin for the railroading but teleporting kinda wrecks this whole set up :D  Alice will be coming too without more than minor bruising whenever Fox wants to post.  At most Gremlin, L0vel@ce and Savant might have heard something about Bedlam Savings and Loan getting hit last night by an organized crew.  Obviously you all are in some way suspects.


Lou knows nothing about the bank job but does know he's supposed to be scouting for a crew to pull a delicate heist for the Scarpia family that can't use their usual guys without risking tipping off the other families to what they are pulling.  Lots of delicate physical and computer security to get past among other issues.  Government building important records that sort  of thing.

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For record-keeping, Alice can auto-29 a Sleight of Hand check, which meets the minimum DC20 to lift something, and per chat exceeds the cop's max possible Notice. So yeah, she'll go ahead and nab his phone through the bars, even though it's a terrible idea.

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Right so it's probably not up to code but this door looks like the only way in or out of the Special collections area.  If the guards come by off schedule Lou and Sophia will be pretty much boxed in.  Also of course it has some ambush potential, for you or for them.


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Ok we'll jump to initiative then.


'Guards' go on 14.  There are six of them all pretty big guys even by Bedlam security mook standards.  Defense +8 for a 18 DC to hit.  They are however minions. 

Lou will have a surprise action and be within striking distance of them as they step into the room.


Cracking the network security is a base DC of 25

Finding the Files and location of the hard copies you need to is a DC 20 check

Erasing the files and evidence of your manipulation is a DC 30 check


Sophias quickness makes all of those less than an action and if you treat yourself as distracted (no dodge bonus to defense) You won't count as in combat and can take 10 (20 given quickness but don't need it)


Getting the originals is a full round action (move to get to them on the shelves, standard to unlock the cabinet and secure them in a bag)  


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'Guard' rolls a 25 on his save so he goes down for the count.


5 guards remain and we roll around to round 1

Initiative:  Round 1

Lou         3HP  18

Sophia   1HP  18

'Guards'  5 Up  14


Lou is back up at the top of the round so you can do it all in one post or we can split it however you prefer Giz.

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