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The Norseman


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First Appearance as a Hero

The medieval were simpler times, when a man took care of his family through farm and hunt, would go off to war in the summer, and if they were lucky come home to the loving arms of a wife. But even in these simple times there were dangers that a mere mortal could not understand. There were no supers in this time to take care of these dangers, at least not may to speak of. Instead the world was populated by Champions, mortals who, through one means or another, achieved great status in combat and sometimes received blessings from the various Gods.

One of the greatest was known only as The Champion, for The Norseman was not always known as such. The tribes of the Norse people first saw him in the year 629. A group of 100 Nordic soldiers stood outside of a village before a battle. Their supplies and farms had been ransacked over the last 2 weeks, and as a final act of desperation waited for those responsible to come fight them. When the mist started rolling in their superstitions brought about some fear, but today was a day when superstitions came true.

As the mist rolled closer they could hear the sound of creatures within it. They were drawing closer, and with every foot the mist closed in so did their deaths. When all seemed lost and they could feel the very breath of the monsters before there was a flash of light. Within moments they heard the sound of battle within the mist, though their eyes could not peer through it. No more than 2 minutes had passed when the sounds had ended. The mist began to roll away as fast as it had come in, leaving but a single figure standing before them.

The man now known as the Norseman stood before them. The demons lay dead on the ground at his feet, turning to ash and floating away in the wind. He spoke to them and brought a calm to their village. "I am the Champion..." He said as the people walked out from behind the towns walls, "I now protect these lands."

First Appearance in Freedom City

TBC~ once A Very Unlikely Assembly concludes.

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Origin: Before becoming The Champion

The exact birth date of Ullgir Wulfsbane has long since been lost in the winds of time. In the time of his conception the Nordic folk did not write such frivolous things down. The runes, past down to them by the Gods themselves, were used to scry, predict the future, ask questions to the Gods or the Norns, or record important facts. The birth of a child was none of these occasions.

Superstitions were abound in these times. When Ullgir was born he was branded as a half-giant, his size at birth already appalling. His mother, who had been weakened by numerous hours in labor, and father were ran out of town, knowing that if they did not leave their son would have no chance to prove his worth. For many nights they wandered before finding a location suitable for building a small home for themselves. There they stayed for many years.

Ullgir grew up a happy life, tending the small field they had and raising what animals his parents could procure from neighboring villages. Though his life held him no hardships he was not permitted by his parents to leave their land. His father and mother raised him with love, telling him of stories long past. Among these were stories of his fathers exploits in war, which much to his happiness peaked Ullgir's interest much. At that moment Ullgir decided that when the time came, he would go to war and bring honor back to his family.

Three more years passed before that opportunity came to him. As spring broke and summer drew close Ullgir took hold of his fathers bearded axe and left home, leaving on the journey that would change his life forever. Days passed as he walked toward the only town he knew of, the village of Skildfar. He hoped that once he entered he would be able to barter passage onto a ship for the summer only to find his plans dashed. Skildfar lay before him, a few buildings ablaze and their warriors fighting for their lives against warriors from two long ships.

Ullgir took hold of his fathers axe and ran to battle, picking up a shield along the way from a dead warrior. The battle was long and hard, with many dead at Ullgir's hands. The day was not meant to be his though, as the Norns had already decided his fate on this world. With his final blow Ullgir brought his axe down on a warrior, leaving his back exposed. With a quick thrust Ullgir found himself looking down at a sword protruding from his abdomen. With his final breath he turned, yanking the sword from the warriors hand while still leaving it in his own body, and struck down his attacker.

The battle was over and Skildfar was saved. Yet the boy they had shunned so long ago lay dead by their dock, trying to stumble his way toward a longship. The villagers thanked him that day, though his ears would never hear their praise. Ullgir Wulfsbane was no more, dead not 15 feet from his only desire. They placed him on a ship that day and set it ablaze with a funeral pyre, leaving nothing but a stone carved with runes on the beach.

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And the Gods Intervened

Ullgir did not arrive in Odin's hall of Valhalla as he had always imagined. Instead he awoke in a courtyard, the whole of Asgard around him in all its' glory. The buildings were all that he had hoped, far surpassing any city on earth in size and beauty. As he looked he could see that Asgard was populated by more than the Gods he knew from his fathers stories. The Norse Pantheon was large, at least larger than the 10 or 12 he had been taught. In addition to these were Einherjar, the chosen warriors who waited for to fight at Ragnarok.

His exploration of Asgard was cut short, as the Gods came before him and bid him join them in a private chamber. As he followed he noticed that they were not unlike him in stature. He knew they far surpassed him in power, yet they were just like any other person in stature. The stories his father told portrayed them as 10 feet tall, and the realization of this fallacy made him more at peace here. This feeling would be brought into question as they entered the room. Ullgir was asked to sit with them at a long table as they spoke and ate.

Odin looked at Ullgir and spoke with pride in his voice. "You have been chosen Ullgir, for a purpose beyond that which you believe to have been given. You are meant to be more than an Einherjar Ullgir, you are meant to be the Champion of the Aesir. Troubled times are ahead for Midgard, and we need you to be there. We give you this choice to make, become an Einherjar or become the Champion."

Ullgir respond after a moment of thought. He knew that he could do good here, but if the Gods themselves believed he was needed on Midgard, who was he to argue. He made his decision, taking the path of the Champion. He was told that this was not an easy path to take, and like Odin who had to sacrifice his eye for greater wisdom, so would Ullgir have to make a sacrifice. To represent his willingness he too sacrificed his eye, proving his worth and gaining the ability to wield the power of gods.

He was given 6 items of power from 6 different gods. The sacrifice of his eye was used with magic to grant him immortality and regenerative powers. With these abilities he became The Champion of the Aesir and sent back to Midgard to fulfill deads of honor and good.

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The Centuries did Pass

For centuries Ullgir stood by his people. All who held the Aesir in their heats, no matter what name their language had given them, would be protected by the Champion. His life as a hero started in Scandinavia as wars between clans arose. With his help many clans were able to put to rest their differences, some even bridging the gap between them and creating a larger, more protected society. This was to please the Champion, for the monsters in the wild waited not for a worthy opponent.

Worthy opponents were what Ullgir found, more often than he would have liked. In these times Giants and Demons were setting up in the Norse world. He spent centuries culling their numbers down, protecting and securing early Viking settlements for the future. Numerous times Ullgir was badly wounded by these creatures of evil, as they did not fight honorably. Yet this seemed only to spur Ullgir further and to greater heights. Victory was not always meant for Ullgir though, and more than a handful of times did he fall in battle. Yet always he awoke in Valhalla, standing before his lords and ladies, and did rejoice with them for a week's period before returning to the world of the living.

Upon his returning to Midgard, Odin's words always echo in his mind. Troubled times are ahead for Midgard Centuries passed as he moved through the world, stopping by to see those who worshiped the gods. His travels took him down through Scandinavia, through Germania, into the land of the Celts before finally resting in Iceland. Odin's words never left him though, and his sleep was troubled always by dreams of Ragnarok. These words would ring in his mind, always coming forward when times of danger where close. These words above all else brought a hint of doubt and fear when Omega came down on the lands.

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