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Freedom League Auxiliary

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Okay, folks. 


The Freedom League Auxiliary is many things - 


a backup to the 'main' team with people you call in for specialized situations - like magic specialist and thermovore Comrade Frost! 

a team of relative 'part-timers' who have commitments elsewhere - like Comrade Frost, who works for the Russian government and is actually paid by them

a team of people who for whatever reason the Freedom League may want to keep away from the main publicity - like Comrade Frost!


Comrade Frost is their commander! 


Ideally other people on the team will check off the above list too. 


Who else do we need? 



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Well, Jann already has a few ties to the Freedom League at whole (they're his legal guardian!), and has more important, other commitments, namely school.

He doesn't have a specialized skill-set however, and with him being rather weak, he'd probably be in more of a "Hey, it's school holidays. Let's bring an intern along." type of situation.

Plus, there's the whole issue of bringing a teenager along on these missions, which might be frowned upon!



I could also see Bonfire as a sort of auxiliary for the auxiliary, with him being acquainted with enough people to probably be available if a stand-in's needed but not much more than that, at least for the time being.

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Hrrrm. Maybe? 


As a T-baby with a history of misfiring powers, a chip on her shoulder with regards to government organizations and some plans developing elsewhere, Warp has some problems that check that list. And she can breach dimensions and/or ferry people anywhere on earth in a matter of moments. That might be an asset if the auxiliary wants a sardonic bus.

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Dunno if this is still looking for people but:


Well, Hyperactive is on his way to being a multiversal wanderer and explorer. Might make him useful as far as if the league needs to deal with things in other parts of the multiverse than prime.

He's a member of the Waco Warriors so he has other commitments. 

Finally he tends to have low key publicity issues with the fact that he's fairly dangerous with his potential to... explode like a kinetic bomb if he's significantly incapacitated. Also the Warriors would not be too happy with him being a part of another team publicly, seeing as he is the most committed long term member of the Warriors and in charge of recruitment. 

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Bumping! We're reopening this for potential interest. If you have been on the list from before, please let us know if you are still interested in a Try Outs thread for the FL Aux! Here, just put your info here, like this below:



Identity: Public

Interested in Team Membership? Yes! (Put 'No', if you're interested in trying out but not making the cut!)

Specialty (if any): Catastrophes and Natural Disasters

Issues with PR: Accidentally set a beach on fire when powers emerged. (Feel free to include things that the Freedom League might ask questions about given your hero's identity)


Optionally, add a little synopsis that your character might submit to the League in their efforts to join, maybe they have a mentor who's reference they'd put forward or notable exploits! 

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Character: Facsimile 

Identity:  Secret

Interested in Team Membership? Yes!

Specialty (if any): hazardous materials and locals, dangerous artifacts 

Issues with PR: Sister works for the Freedom city herald and is unaware of heroic alter ego.


May seem largely unknown due to the use of his powers to assume different forms and suits of abilities.


Something of a showman may be criticised for drawing things out longer than strictly nesicary.



been to space twice.


Partook in rescue mission during 2018 terminus invasion (and survived)


Good working relationship with FCPD


Works well with others.

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Character: Salvo

Identity: Secret

Interested in Team Membership? Yes

Specialty (if any): Magic rituals and artifacts, technomagic (not publicly known). Mechatronics engineering. Engineering physics.

Issues with PR: Broad-based collateral damage, NSA-style hacking and monitoring, dabbling in darker magics and familial ties to criminal enterprises (not publicly known)



Fought in the heaviest fighting during the Terminus Invasion.


Personally (with assistance from the hero Terrifica) disabled the Terminus Invasion portals.


Claremont alumna (not publicly known).


Fought off Giant Krampus (not publicly known).

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Character: Fulcrum

Identity: Public

Interested in Team Membership? Yes

Specialty (if any): Hostile environments, Search and rescue, Cosmic-level threats

Issues with PR: Living Terminus reactor (now public), Relationship with former Auxiliary Member Dr. Viktor Archeville, Vocal ally for T-baby rights


Resume: Long-term active/reserve member of the Interceptors. Nigh invulnerable, super strong, flying brick. Destroyed Cthulhu (Archeville's R'K'Vll aka Dokthulu ).

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Character: Terrifica

Identity: Secret

Interested in Team Membership? Yes! 

Specialty (if any): Detective work, Science and Technology. Though honestly, I do everything but magic and large scale disasters.

Issues with PR: I've been told my people skills need work. I'd prefer to call it not suffering fools gladly. Or at all, honestly.


Notable Achievements: Helped push back Communion invasion of Earth


 Personally (with assistance from the hero Salvo) disabled the Terminus Invasion portals.


Done significant damage to weapons smuggling into Freedom City.


On excellent terms with many FCPD detectives. Not all, unfortunately. See Issues with PR.

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Character: Miracle Girl

Identity: Secret

Interested in Team Membership? Yes!

Specialty (if any): Catastrophes and natural disasters, but also has surprising skills in stealth and investigation.

Issues with PR: None that she can think of, to be honest. MG gets along with most people, and works well with public servants!


In addition, MG has worked well with some of the other applicants in the past.

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