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How common are battlesuits in FCPBP?

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Welcome, IM #9420! ;)

Speaking/writing from memory we have currently (at least) two PC battlesuit wearers, both villains: Icarus and Malice (to be found in the character bank).

I don't know any from the heroic side at the moment, but it could be possible that any of the recent arrivals has one. Can't really say.

Plus the Freedom City 'canon' battlesuit users like Deadalus, etc. ..., of course.


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[plug] The final draft of the ArcheTech Special Report on Powered Armor has been sent to the publisher (Cracked Mirror), and should be available for purchase soon (within a couple of weeks). [/plug] ;)

And Folkert's quite right, there are no Battlesuit Hero PCs (and only one real Heroic Battlesuit char, Daedalus), at least none active (there may be some that are retired/inactive); there's just the two active Supervillain Battlesuit chars, Icarus/Heavy and Malice (plus folks like Devil Ray and Doc Otaku and Downtime and Overshadow and the Power Corps and Star-Khan).

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