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Since October is set for both The End and 10th Anniversary vignettes, for the month of September I suggest this one:




You take your base character concept and change everything else. Radically. Everything about their wider context changes, from their personality to their supporting cast to how the world reacts to them.



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My idea for an October Vignette;


Ten Years Gone. Where will your PCs be in ten years? If they're not active anymore, what about their legacy? Do they have a legacy, or are they enjoying retirement? What's the world of 2027 like for them?

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I have three possible vignette ideas to bring in the New Year.  


Let the Balls Drop (Okay title it something else).


One of the strangest traditions that many partake in at the start of the year is watching a giant ball drop in the middle of Times Square.  What traditions does your hero hold to?  Tell a tale of them partaking in some sort of tradition they hold dear.  Be it a family tradition, some sort of secret fraternal initiation, or even just a weekly dinner night with a friend.  Giant metallic props not included, or maybe they are.  You do you.


New Year, New Me


In with the new out with the old, every year many a person makes a resolution to change something about themselves.  But, sometimes our current status is someone else's ideal.  Imitation can sometimes be the sincerest form of flattery.  Of course when you put on a mask imitation can also be the sincerest form of creepy.  Write about a time a character found themselves being imitated. It could be a younger family or a fan dressing up as the hero (or attempting to become a hero in their own right) in question, a villain imitating the hero, or even the hero going up against a villain with a similar powerset/abilities having to essentially face themselves!




When the clock strikes midnight, two hearts beat as one and have that ever romantic to kiss to bring in the New Year together.  Or perhaps, Cinderella doesn't get that kiss right there and then as she has struck.  And who can forget the year that there was 10 seconds left on the clock the home team was setting up for a Field goal, all the while the Raven had to disarm the bomb left by conundrum underneath the stadium ground of the Bowl game.  The point is, the start of the New Year is the end of your last deadline for that year.  Write about a time your hero was under a deadline to complete a task.  Whether it was disarming a bomb, or even turning in a test paper after a stressful day of beating up bad guys.




I'm sure the pitches could be written a bit more verbose.   But, in my defense....


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For February:


For reasons beyond their control your PC has been roped into some aspect of Superbachelor/Superbachelorette, or they've started following it thanks to rumors about the shows being covers for illicit activity. Is it? Is it the kind of illicit that needs superheroes to deal with? Will they find true love, and if so how will they justify it to the enraged legions of fans who had figured out their real soul mate fifteen seconds into the first ad campaign.


Does the fact that the producer and hostess, reformed Silver Age supervillainess Miranda "Madame" Joy, is using the media empire to bolster business for her nation-wide line of meta-friendly clubs and hotels have a darker side? Does her secret past as a prole in the Terminus have any significance to this circus of love? 


Will there be a Vignette for Space?

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Summer vignette?


Summer Vacation!  


I mentioned my intention to run a possibel road trip thread for Kimos move to Emerald city and it was mentioned the idea might make a good vignette.  So yea.  Road trips, Camping, travel to exotic locales etc.  What is summer vacation for your character or are you more the Staycation type?

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Okay! So, idea, partially inspired by seeing Into the Spider-Verse


January Vignette


Your Best Self


Somehow, some way, your character discovers someone or is discovered by someone who epitomizes everything they want to be. Someone who did better with the same hand life dealt the PC, someone who succeeded where the PC failed, in some clear and inarguable way a better person than the PC. 


The drama can come from any way you like, maybe the meeting comes from a fight with a supervillain who's torn some rent in reality, potentially forcing one or the other to sacrifice themselves to protect their home dimension. Maybe it's just a chance meeting with a stranger whose life story mirrors yet exceeds the PC's in some way. In any respect, the point is to force an examination: are they who they want to be, and why? What's the significance of someone who can literally be you and be you better? Is it just luck? fate? Could the PC be more like that, and if so do they really want to, now they see what it means?




The Me beside of Me


It's a time of new beginnings! Endless possibilities and roads yet to be taken, which is why it seems fitting how in January of 2019, dimensional duplicates of random started popping up, and heroes and villains from other worlds briefly stumbled into their doppelgangers for hilarious misunderstandings, brutal combat, nights on the town or just solving an everyday doomsday crisis.


Some were nasty, some were nice, some were another sort of spice, but all together they helped make the first month of the new year an exciting time to be alive! Or at any rate, self-aware.

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