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Thrash the Crack House [OOC]

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The current skills and feats that Reflexion have currently mimic with his Reflex Memory:

Skills: Acrobatic 6 (+10), Drive 6 (+10), Stealth 8 (+12).

Feats: Improved Disarm, Precise Shot, Ranged Pin, Stunning Attack, Takedown Attack.

Total RM PP spend: 10.

By the way, I hope that his strange quote are not ruining the feeling of the game or else I can change it. He tried to be funny because he want to hide his serious self.

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Just so you guys know, I'll be out of town until Friday. I won't be posting until Thursday evening at the earliest.

By the way, are any of you interested in fighting a super-villain? I haven't fought on in awhile and I'm itching for some action. I was thinking a villain from the Freedom City book. What do you fine people think?

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Ooh, Master P, I don't know if Nightrival has ever appeared on TV before - he's kind of a mysterious dude. However, you may well have heard his name through the criminal underworld grapevine. I will let Shadowboxer address these issues himself.

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Heritage has a good point, though I found a quick solution. No harm, no foul. :D

It must seem lame to link to my own games but I'm a sucker for continuity.

Baron Samedi is a good option for a super-villain, but you're totally right Master Pelle: he focuses on his own brand of narcotic. Other suspects I just came up with are Orion the Hunter and Wildcard from the Crime League; Dybbuk, Lockpick, Payback, Sidetrack, Tamper and Targette from the Labyrinth; and Downtime, Fear-Master and Rant & Rave from the solo villain list.

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If we are gonna use Orion, he will properly get job for hunted down heroes who tried to track down the crack house. He don´t work as guard because he will rather hunt them down.

Wildcard can be good villains and he can be quit annoying with his lucks. He can properly hired as "rabbit paw" in case the heroes are barging in.

The guys from Labyrinth could work in but Lockpick is thief type character so he don´t fit in.

Fear-Master maybe could work in but he is only interesting causing fear on peoples.

Rant and Rave could work because their background, they have taking drugs and may interesting to work for them in exchange some drugs and cash too.

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Max two of them should do fine. But who will check with the ref if they can handle the npc?

But if we gonna control npcs by ourself it may end up pretty unfair because it is very tempting to control them to your advantages. Example don´t let Sidetrack use her teleport power while fighting her at melee.

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Would you guys be willing to allow ManBat to join in on the fun? I am totally new to this board, and still a bit inexperienced with MnM2e. If not, don't worry, you won't hurt my feelings.

I am tempted to let you just because you're avatar is so freakin' cool! :D

I personally don't mind, but let's see what everyone else thinks.

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