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Dead Presidents [OOC]

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Nice hit! The player who suffers knockback can calculate the results him / herself, that's how I've usually done it in the past. I should point out that characters cannot move and attack in a surprise round, they can only perform one.

Twister is Stunned and Bruised, and is knocked back 250 feet! He's currently right in front of the washroom on the right hand side. The results are in the IC thread.

Twister's initiative is 10. :(

It's your turn. :)

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I should point out that characters cannot move and attack in a surprise round, they can only perform one.

Ah! I'm sorry! I completely over looked that! I still fall back on DnD sometimes. Suprise round = full round. Would you be willing to say it was an Extra Effort / Hero point spent situation if that's okay?

I'd also be okay if you wanted to hurl invectives and call a mulligan. - Twister lifts his foot to brush a piece of lint from his costume, unware that five inches of anger only narrowly missed sending him through a wall...

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No problem. :) Don't worry about burning a Hero Point or using Extra Effort, Rusty can stay where he is and we can continue duking it out.

And since that was a pretty spectacular hit, I'll leave Twister right where he is. I mean, getting thrown through a wall is all kinds of awesome. Just give him a chance to get up so he can retaliate. ;)

I'm going to use a Hero (in this case Villain) Point on my turn to recover some damage and throw him back into the ring.

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Sounds good to me. :)

I failed miserably on the Toughness save so now I'm burning that VP to negate damage. I used a move action to get Twister back on his feet, a free action to activate his power and a standard action to use Air Control.

Twister is trying to trip Rusty Nail. The power is Perception range so it automatically hits, and Rusty gets a STR or DEX save (whichever is higher) against DC 16, adding your bonus from Immovable.

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DC 16 for a trip? I thought it was the total of your moving STR PL 6 X 5 = 30

vs my total Strength & immovability bonus. Immovable 5 X4 = 20 + STR 4 + SStr 3 = 27

Alternately it would be Immovable 5 + Str 4 + SuperStrength 3 = 12 which is only a 1 point roll difference so no big deal. I didn't know which way it worked.

I'll roll the second way for now because I just don't know.

Trip Save w/ Strength & Immovable bonus (1d20 12=28)


Another punch (1d20 8=21)

Save DC 19

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The multipler (x5) only applies to lifting objects. To trip I'm supposed to make a power check (I rolled a 16, you win regardless) against your check. I knew he wouldn't win, but Twister doesn't know that.

Twister is staggered and stunned. It's your turn again; be merciful. :D

I'll be on the road until Friday so I can't post until then.

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Yeah, I rolled a 19 against DC 21, which only bruises Twister but doesn't knock him back. I guess I didn't make it clear in my IC post that Rusty actually hits and hurts him. Sorry about that! :oops:

Twister's Toughness bonus is now at +4 and he's staggered.

Once Rusty Nail leaves the bank the effect wears off; it's visually based.

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interesting indeed. Full round to get back to you I think. I would have moved away from you for the entire round = double movement at top speed. zooom

Should we assume that you take the round to fill up your pic-a-nic basket?

Actually you have all the time in the world at this point.

It will take Rusty 3 or 4 rounds to bust into the vault either by pummeling the stone or busting the door.

What does Twister want to do?

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Twister is greedy, so he's going to fill two bags with as much money as possible. That will take four rounds at least: one to search for the cash and the other to stuff it in a bag, done twice. By the time Rusty returns to the bank, Twister will have just started collecting the money. Once he has what he came for he'll try to make a break for it.

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