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Sofía Orellana (PL 8/PL 12) - Alderwitch

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L0vel@ce / Sofí Orellana
Power Level: 8/12 (180/187PP) 
Unspent Power Points: 7
Trade-Offs:  Attack /  Damage,  Defense /  Toughness 


In Brief: Brilliant cyber-criminal, sticking it to the corrupt and cruel


Theme: Daft Punk (Pentatonix Cover)


Alternate Identity: Sofía Orellana, aka L0vel@ce 
Birthplace:  Hardwick Park, Bedlam City

Residence: Bedlam City
Base of Operations: Bedlam City
Occupation: Hacker 
Affiliations: The Fix
Family: Extended and large, Sofí's parents own their small garage in Hardwick Park and she has grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins that are all local to the area, keeping her close to Bedlam even as she keeps quiet what she spends her spare time doing.


Age: 27
Apparent Age: 27
Gender:  Female
Ethnicity: Latina
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 120 lbs
Eyes: Brown, if she's not wearing contacts to change it.
Hair: Naturally, dark brown but its rarely the same color for any week in a row. Typically, her long curly hair is dyed in some rainbow of colors. Pink usually factors in over blues and greens but she's been known to regularly switch that up. It's very thick, naturally curly and long enough to reach her hips when dry. It's a bit of a pain in the butt to take care of but it's something of a vanity. 


Short and curvy, Sofía Orellana is not the most intimidating of figures at first glance, or even second glance. Give the woman even the most rudimentary of tools, though, and she will happily reign cyber destruction like a sweet-faced, vengeful god. She likes to keep her laptop close at hand, so a shoulder bag with a small horde of colorful pins is never too far from her fingertips. Her clothing tends towards practical and fun unless she's currently working on a car, at which point, she's wearing coveralls with her hair tucked tightly under a cap. Build wise, Sofía has some toned muscle under her curves. Girl doesn't slack on the working out just cuz she's a top-tier geek.


Hardwick Park is not a nice place to grow up but its the only place that Sofía has ever called home. Her large family moved into the area with the influx of the other hispanic families as the neighborhood changed hands. Her parents weren't ever well off by the national metric, but her father owns his garage and takes a great deal of pride in that. Sofía grew up around cars and had a natural knack for fixing things, but her brothers were largely recruited into the mechanic's shop, and her sisters seemed content to staff the front of the shop part time. For her part, Sofía found her calling in fixing up the technology that was always third hand and breaking down around the shop. 


Without doubt, she's a genius but the public schools around Hardwick aren't exactly designed to help anyone find a way out of Bedlam. She was often bored in classes but while that got some of her cousins and siblings into trouble, Sofía avoided falling in with the local gang, but only because she realized that when money's largely electronic, its pretty easy to move around a few zeroes if you have the means and the know how. 


Despite her strong feelings on the public right to information and the unfairness of the financial distribution of this country, Sofí has no desire to see people suffer. She'd go full Robin Hood, really, if she wasn't well aware that most of her family, more money would really mean more problems. So, she fixes things, here and there, makes sure that there's enough windfall to keep her large extended family afloat without tipping her hand to her resources, or her skills. About half of her cousins are involved in petty crimes so she's not real eager to help them scale up to the sort of things that get a body killed. 


Personality & Motivation:
Sofí's life choices are about three parts genius to one part stubborn pride. She knows she's very good at what she does, and there's some ego wrapped up in that. Despite her technically criminal endeavors, she's not actually a bad person. Her targets are those that have more than enough, or, in her estimation, don't deserve their good fortune. If the system is inherently broken, then its only fair to change the game. The entire world is full blown Kobayashi Maru in Sofí's book and all she's doing is finding the win.


Honestly, Sofí could have left this two-bit town a long time ago but she's a fiercely loyal creature and family is important to her, even if she feels like none of them really even understand or even see her for who she actually is. So, Bedlam remains her home and in-between her cyber-antics, she tries to keep her kin from getting too deep into the trouble that winds its way throughout Bedlam. 


Powers & Tactics:
Sofí is human but can hardly be called normal. Brilliant, she can make technology do all sorts of things that look like something out of an action movie. She has a few small electronic devices that are easily pocketable and function as a small bag of tricks that allow her not only to hack all sorts of electronics, but go above and beyond. Her Multi-Tool represents a few different palm sized items that are easily carried, from a cutting torch that's no bigger than a pocket flash light to the scanning and recording devices that she's installed in her phone. 


Physically, Sofí works out regularly and trains at the gym in both kickboxing and free-running. If it comes to hand-to hand fighting, she's going to do her best to break and run. She's not a close-in fighter - or really any sort of fighter at all - but she's better off if she can get some distance and use something as a distraction to get away.


Power Descriptions:

Sofí has no actual powers, at least nothing flashy or noticeable. She's not any sort of meta-human, but she functions at peak human intelligence and has mastered multiple fields through self guided study. There's nothing super natural or magical about it, but its certainly outside of any sort of normal bell curve. The super senses that she does have are to represent her intelligence and what she can glean via her computer skills, as well as Quickness to demonstrate the speed she functions at. I should note that she doesn't possess any supernatural speed and that the Quickness is there to mechanically represent that through her intellect, she can invent devices, build objects and get things done at an astonishing pace.


Mi Familia: Sofía's large and extended family makes their home in Hardwick park so not only does she have to keep them out of her business and what she actually gets up to, she also occasionally has to try and keep tabs on their activities and try to buffer them from the many dangers in Bedlam... without any of them catching onto her antics.


Robin Hood: Her morals generally align to righting the unfairness of the social order, a little bit of anarchy and issues with authority combined with the certainty of her own course of actions. She has a code of ethics that dictates her actions.


Hack the Planet: Information should be free, if you ask her, and she's both willing and able to put her money where her mouth is on this subject. Her tendency to dump secrets out in the open has made her plenty of enemies, if they could track her down through her aliases. 


Wanted: L0vel@ce's antics are not legal by a large stretch and if connected back to her actual identity, could cause Sofí to end up in jail, or dead.


Lover not a Fighter: Sofí is more used to video games than actual bloodshed, any combat she's been in has been the result of a serious error along the way. She's not going to act like a hardened combat veteran because she's just not that experienced with it.

Abilities: 0 + 8 + 8 + 14 + 8 + 8 = 46 PP
Strength: 10 (+0)
Dexterity: 18 (+4)
Constitution: 18 (+4)
Intelligence: 24 (+7)
Wisdom: 18 (+4)
Charisma: 18 (+4)


Combat: 16  + 16  = 32 PP
Initiative: +4
Attack: +8 Unarmed, +8 Base
Defense: +8 (+8 Base, +0 Dodge Focus), +4 Flat-Footed

Grapple: +8
Knockback: 4 (2 Flat-Footed)

Saving Throws: 3 + 3 + 4 = 10 PP
Toughness: +8 (+4 Con, +4 Defensive Roll)
Fortitude: +7 (+4 Con, +3)
Reflex: +7 (+4 Dex, +3)
Will: +8 (+4 Wis, +4)

Skills:  124r = 31 PP

Bluff 6 (+10)

Computers 13 (+20)

Concentration 11 (+15)

Craft (Electronic) 13 (+20)

Craft (Mechanical) 8 (+15)

Craft (Chemical) 8 (+15)

Disable Device 13 (+20)

Drive 6 (+10)

Knowledge (Current Events) 3 (+10)

Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 8 (+15)

Knowledge (Technology) 13 (+20)

Medicine 6 (+10)

Notice 6 (+10)

Search 8 (+15)

Sense Motive 2 (+6)

Feats: 9 PP

Benefit: Wealth

Defensive Roll x 4

Eidetic Memory

Improvised Tools 


Online Research





Powers:  = 52 PP


Container 4 (Prodigy) [20 PP] (training)

  • Comprehend 4 (Polyglot; Codes, Languages (Speak One Language, Understand, Read Languages) {8} (training)
  • Comprehend 1 (Computer Savvy; Electronics)  {2} (training)
  • Quickness 8 (One with the CodeFlaws: Limited to Software Only) {3}] (training)
  • Quickness 4 (Quick Hands) {4} (training)
  • Super Senses (Speed Reading; Visual; Rapid x 2) {2} (training)
  • Feature (Video Game Historian) {1} (training)


Device 1 (Smartphone; Flaws: Easy-to-Lose; Feats: Subtle) [4 PP]

  • Communication 2 (Datalink; Radio 100' range; Feats: Rapid (x10), Subtle 2) {5}


Device 2 (Enhanced Earbuds; 10DP Container; Flaws: Hard-To-Lose; Feats: Subtle) [9PP] (technology)

  • Communication Link 4 (Other Earbuds; Radio; Feats: Subtle) [5 DP]
  • ESP (Audio Only; Extra: Simultaneous; Flaws: Feedback, Medium: Other Earbuds; Feats; Subtle) [5 DP]


Device 6 (Multi-Tool; 30DP Container; Flaws: Easy-To-Lose; Feats: Subtle) [19 PP]

Feature 1(Record and playback Audio, Video, Radio) {1}

Multi-Tool Item Array (24DP; Feats: Alternate Power x 5) {29}

  • Base Power: Dazzle 8 (Flash-Bang; Visual/Audio; Extra: Area(cone), Flaws: Range(touch)) {24}
  • Alternate Power: Stun 8 (Taser; vs. Fortitude; Extras: Affects Objects) {24}
  • Alternate Power: Damage 8 (Laser-CutterExtra; Penetrating, Linked (+0); Feats: Precise) {17} + Drain Toughness 6 (Laser CutterExtras: Affects Objects, Flaws: Objects only, Feats: Precise) {7}
  • Alternate Power: Super Senses 24 (Audio/Radio Scanner; Acute(Audio) 2, Acute(Radio) 2, Analytical(Audio) 2, Analytical(Radio) 2, Radio Sense 1, Ultra-Hearing 1, Extended(Audio 1000') 2, Extended(Radio 1000') 2, Rapid(All Audio x10) 2, Rapid(Radio, x100) 2,  Tracking(Radio) 3, Tracking(audio) 3) {24}
  • Alternate Power: Super Senses 24 (Camera Analysis; Analytical(Visual) 2, Penetrates Concealment 4, InfraVision 1, Ultra-Vision 1, Microscopic Vision 2, Direction Sense 1, Distance Sense 1, Rapid(All Visual x100) 4, Extended (Visual 10,000') 3, Hidden Awareness(Visual) 2, Tracking(infravision) 3) {24}
  • Alternate Power: Illusions 8 (Hack the System; Visual/Audio; Extras: Duration: Continuous; Flaws; Limited to Machines, Action: Full Round) {24}

Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP

DC Block

ATTACK                       RANGE           SAVE                           EFFECT
Unarmed                      Touch           DC 15 Toughness                Damage

Flash-Bang                   Touch           DC 18 Reflex                   Dazzle

Taser                        Touch           DC 18 Fortitude                Stun

Laser-Cutter                 Touch           DC 23 Toughness                Damage

Hack the System              Perception      DC 18 Will                     Illusion



Totals: Abilities (46) + Combat (32) + Saving Throws (10) + Skills (31) + Feats (9) + Powers (52) - Drawbacks (0) = 180/187 Power Points

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A +10 initiative bonus is listed, but I can't suss out the source - +4 from Dex, and +6 from where?


Likewise with the grapple; +8 base attack, but a +9 grapple. A phantom +1 from a previous iteration of the sheet, maybe?



You can probably get some points back on the Quickness by limiting it to one task (a -2 flaw, Limited: Hacking), unless you also intended it to apply to things like Craft or Disable Device, in which case...a character can train themselves to manipulate objects at 500x speed?

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Whoops! Yes, that's from a previous iteration of the sheet. She used to have a higher strength.


As to the quickness, I thought about flawing it to mental tasks only but there's a few others I want to use it, such as crafting devices and such and basing it more on how she goes about it than flying fingers. Rather than flawing it down or adjusting, I have it up and am going to not get full use from the power the way a speedster would if that made sense? Like, she can get a car fixed up fast but she does it by knowing what she's doing and being effective. The final car wouldn't look all that pretty but it'd have the stats based on her abilities, if that makes sense?

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OK, what we've come down on is: 


Quickness 8 Limited to Software (probably a -2 flaw) with the training descriptor is fine. 


Quickness 1-4 just from training is fine 


Quickness 8 (irradiated Bedlam drinking water made me a mutant and all I got was this super-brain) as a full-on superpower is fine. 


I personally think the first one makes the most sense based on what you want for the character - but what do you think?

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Thanks for the options! I went with A and B, so one to represent her software ability and one to represent her crafting speed and then stuck them all in a container so she can stunt off of that if needed. To round out the container, I gave her speed reading as well to help explain her abilities and a feature as a video game buff.


To get the extra two points, I dropped two PP from her saves, dropping reflex and fortitude to 7 from 8

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