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Won't someone think of the children? A charity event thread


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Okay.. I'd noted that I would try to start another thread to go in the place of the one that had to get, well, retconned for various reasons.

After checking for approval, the notion is this:

The Emissary has been doing some talking (briefly in the Christmas party for one thing) about setting up some scholarship programs/trusts for the kids of Freedom City, particularly in South Freedom. He's spent some time since talking up potential donors, doing some socializing, making pitches to various people, and the like.

The end result? Promoted through flyers and some television and radio spots, the Ocean Heights Amusement Park will be hosting, for one day only, a sort of super hero exhibition. Flashy displays and feats of power and skill, good natured spars, the Freedom League having brought out some of their own training room tech to help enhance either. Much of the proceeds of the day's ticket sales will be going to charity, and the various donors the Emissary has hooked in will be presenting their big checks that day as well.

Among the things he needs to make the day happen are, well, superheroes. And so he's put the word out for those of a like mind to come and speak with him about taking part in the day's events.

Anyway, that's the idea. If you're interested in taking part, respond to the thread with that interest and all.


The players of Velocity, Dr Archeville, Captain Wonder, and Mongrel Angel have first dibs, as it were, for taking part in the thread that had to come to an end as it did.

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A chance to run a Mr. Wizard's World-like booth for the kids, showing the wonders of super-science? Count Doc in!

Plus, once he gets his finances & patents straightened out (i.e., he earns enough pp to pay for Benefit [Wealth]), he'll be a generous donator to various science scholarships.

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Alright, cool.

Room for one more person or so, if anyone is interested.

Pick me, pick me! (ala Donkey from Shrek)

Gossamer would be more than happy to do this; even though she is no longer wealthy, she is an experienced fundraiser and really needs to get more comfortable in her superhero role.

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Hah, I'll try to work that in.

And since Rusty the Mighty Mite provides another pl 6 hero to be able to set stuff up for Mongrel Angel with if need be, I'll take in him and Gossamer both.

That's the cut off point though.

Okay.. watch this thread, I'll have links up to the ooc and ic threads in the next couple of days.

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Okay, I'm quasi-managing a couple of other threads right now, so I'm going to start this one up come June 1st, so as to also have it double nicely as a thread specifically for that month people can get some participation done in.

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