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Hoa Lung - Panthera

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I'd think starting a thread on your own would be a good start and idea, if only to flesh her background out more and give any potential takers something to work with.

Right now, info on Hoa Lung is a bit sparse: A female monk of Vietnamese descent who runs a Pao Pat Mei dojo for women and has earned an honored place in her community.

For what? Friends, Family and/or Enemies? Activities?

Don't expect anyone to run your PC's whole life (Instructor by day - Hero by night) in its entirety. Especially not in one thread. Starting with a specific (and limited) scenario might also make it easier for someone to commit to helping/running, for example Hoa getting into trouble with the local crime organization (Triads/Yakuza) or the "classic" ruthless investors throwing people out of their houses to build ...

As a starting point, here's what the FC sourcebook has to say on the "Asian community" which seems to be centered in the West End quarter of West Freedom (Seems nothing like a Chinatown per se exists.):

Percentage of people with Asian racial background in FC: 6.7%


Flowing down from Lantern Hill toward Greenbank is the West End of Freedom City. The West End was originally a number of small ethnic communities settled around the end of the 19th century. Today, they have blended together into an overall community, although pockets of the original cultures can still be found, along with a number of newcomers to the area.

It’s a boisterous, mostly lower middle-class, area. Row houses and apartment buildings are common, along with garden-style apartments with common courtyards. Due to cheap housing in its infancy, the West End became home to Irish, Italian, Greek, and Jewish immigrants. African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asians followed in later years. The West End features the best ethnic restaurants in the city, particularly delis and pizza places.

Unfortunately, the West End still sees a fair amount of crime, particularly from gangs, and organized crime retains a stronghold here, despite the best efforts of the FCPD. Culturally, the West End is squeezed in between Parkside and the new developments like Ashton. This leaves the area with little room to grow, and some feel Freedom City’s growth will eventually mean the end of the older neighborhoods as they’re torn down to make way for new developments.

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Sorry about that. Sometimes it gets hectic around here, and it's likely your thread got lost in the rush.

Anyway, to my knowledge, there's no Chinatown equivalent in FC, but Master Lee's School of Self Defense is a good hangout for martial arts - inclined heroes. You might also trying to get in touch with Shadowboxer, who plays Nightrival, the best-known example of that on the board.

Hope this helps out.

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