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Need help with a character concept.

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I'm new to play by post, and I am unfamiliar with the rules for this gaming style. I want to play a 10th level hero based off of m&m's sigularity character (UP page 148). I would like comments and ideas before I post for approval.

Name: Idalistak Vertomianox

Super name: Blackhole

Str: 10 -

Dex: 10 -

con: 10 -

int: 14 +2

wis: 14 +2

cha: 12 +1


Toughness: - + 13=13

Fortitude: - + 5= 5

reflex: - + 5= 5

will: 2 + 5= 7


Attack bonus 12: melee +6 ranged +6

def: base 10 + ranks 5 = 15 flat-footed = 13 (10)

Feats: inventor, accurate attack, improved aim, ultimate aim, fearless,

percise shot x2, diehard. skill mastery 1- diplomacy 2- kowledge tech 3- knowledge physics 4- craft tech. (9)

Skills: notice 10 ranks, search 10 ranks, gather info 10 ranks, diplomacy 10 rank

knowledge tech 10 ranks, knowledge physics 10 ranks,

knowledge star systems 10 ranks, craft tech 10 ranks.


Powers: dimensional pocket 3pts per rank 10 ranks (50)

extras: area +1, duration continuous +3

flaws: uncontrolled -1, side effect (sever) -2

feats: progression ( lbs held) x20 ( 12.5 million tons)

immunity: life support, age, starvation and thirst, sleep (12)

Device hard to loose (containment suit) 4per 3 ranks (15pts)

morph 1 per 1 rank

-metamorph (single form, harvesting power from the blackhole to power

the suit).

protection 1 per 13 ranks


metamorph taking the 50 pts from the black hole


Cosmic energy control 2/ 14 ranks

feats: persice x2, affects insubstantial, homing, imporved range(280 ft),

indirect, reversible, selective.

dual alternate powers:

boost flight

boost space flight

create object






I have a limited back ground story for this character involving the star knights and aliens, but its not finished yet. I would like help with this character from anyone and tips on playing would be helpful. Thank you.

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The basic background of this character is that he was a lab assistant on an alien planet studying blackholes and other spacial disturbances. There was a problem with the device they where using to harness blackhole energy and it released a blackhole onto the planet. The leaders of the planet thought everyone was dead and a blackhole was eating their planet. They called the star knights to come and help contain the blackhole, and that was when they found out that the blackhole was a person, this character. The star knights contained the person and took him out to space where could harm no one. After some time they found a way to contain the person in a suit.

the character survived as a gateway into another dimension on the other end of the blackhole. The star knights thought, with the help of the character, that they could one day rescue the people and buildings in the blackhole dimension. They allowed the character to mod his suit to harness the power of the blackhole and recycle it into the suit's systems. After much debate, they allowed the character to train as a star knight and go to earth with a star knight trainee named Maria Montoya, the star knight in the freedom city book.


That is what I have so far to explain this character. The "blackhole" is a side effect of a lab accedent and it has caused him much greif. He hopes to one day fix the problem that he is the cause of and save the people he has trapped. The suit adds a new complication to the game, if the suit is broken then the blackhole is released. Until he releases the people and stops the blackhole he will use his new power to save as many people as he can.

I have no idea about complications or drawbacks yet, mainly because I don't know if this character is even applicable. Please comment with suggestions or criticism.

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Just a few quick thoughts . . .

1. Your saves are way too low (as are almost all of the Archetypes, NPCs, heroes, and villains in nearly all of the printed M&M books). I try to shoot for my saves to average PL.

2. You can't buy Toughness directly. You can, however, buy the Force Field power, the Protection power, Constitution, or the Defensive Roll feat to improve your Toughness.

3. Your Defense bonus is only about half of what it should be. You'll be hit almost every time someone tries to hit you. It is good to try to get Defense, Attack, Save DC(s), and Toughness up to PL (trade-offs notwithstanding).

[Edit, actually it's only 2 pts short of your cap.]

4. If you buy your attack bonus up to +12, that bonus applies to all of your attacks (for 2 PPs per rank). The only way you can buy Melee and Ranged attacks separately is with the Attack Focus feat.

5. We try to steer players away from the "Uncontrolled" flaw because many of the threads you will be in won't have a Ref all of the time.

6. I'm not sure why you want to buy your Dimensional Pocket up from Instant to Continuous, and since it is also an attack power, the Refs will probably say "no" anyway. To date we have never approved a non-instant attack power.

7. I know you are only buying the minimum Morph to support the Metamorph Power Feat, but be careful, at only 1 Rank your Morph/Metamorph is going to be super easy to nullify and counter. That could essentially shut down (with very little effort) your fat Cosmic Power array.

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Okay, so going point by point:

1- the saves are low because he is an average "human" put into an extreme situation. He needs time to "buff-up" and basically go from book worm to superman. I did that for character growth perposes. I can rearrange some point to get them up to atleast 10 but I don't want any of my characters at pl lvl for all their saves. That makes for cookie cutter characters and every super has strong points and weak points.

2-I didn't buy toughness directly, the toughness comes from the protection power the suit gives me.

3-agian he was average and now he is not. It is a character growth thing.

4-attack bonus is bought 2pp per rank, I have 6 ranks +6 melee +6 ranged for a total of 12 power points.

5/6- This character is based off of the singularity character in up book. I started off of what they had for her, and she is a living blackhole. You have to understand that this is based off of my character concept and history. uncontrolled I understand b/c there will be no gm, uncontroled was taken b/c he has no control over it. It can be changed to permenant but that will interfere with your ruling of no continuous damage. Secondly for your continuous, it is on b/c he has no control over it, and that is how singularity is in the book. Regardless, In my opinion both of these points are moot. The morph power you mentioned is so low the metamorph is only taking the 50 points from the blackhole you don't like and putting them into the fat cosmic power array. This "could" all be avoided by just taking the cosmic power array. but I don't make characters that just work, I make characters that work and follow the history I have setup for them.

7- yes, it could. I could take more ranks of morph, but that is pointless b/c he is not changing physical apperance. Metamorph is only changing the end result of the 50 points from the dimensional pocket to the power array. In character this represents transferring the power of the blackhole into the cosmic energy he uses through the suit. I have a point floating around I could , with your permission, make the morph innate. That way it will only deactivate when the suit is taken off or broken.

The character doesn't use the dimensional pocket, it is there b/c it was there in his history. The only thing he is using is the suit and therefore the cosmic energy control. He is a starting hero, he will get hit alot to start with. In his history he was sent to freedom city to train with maria montoya (the star knight int he freedom city) to beome a hero.

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Sorry. On a few of those I just misread the notation on your sheet. You'll definitely want to clean that up before you post to the Character Bank. At least cite things like rank, cost per rank, and PP cost consistently from one part of the sheet to another. You can look at the approved character sheets for some examples.

Also, you are perfectly free to have your saves and attack bonus at whatever level you like as long as they don't break PL. Just think ahead to what you want to do here. If you want to fight villains, just know that you won't last very long. As it stands right now, average opponents will be hitting you ~75% of the time and you will be failing your Fort and Reflex against their attacks about ~75% of the time. You will also only be hitting them about 25% of the time. If you are fine with those odds, then have at it. If you don't plan on fighting villains, then you should be fine, but do give some thought to what you will do. You are free to do what you want obviously. But you ask for tips, so you got 'em. ;)

And the mechanics of the Dimensional Pocket isn't moot, because that power is attached to a device and a power within that device than can be countered with a good hard sneeze (the DC to counter/nullify a Rank 1 power is 11). Counter the Morph 1 [Metamorph] and you no longer have access to the Cosmic Power Array :) Also, if you have a hard to lose device, rest assured you are going to lose it. That's what you got the discount for.

As for your repeated references to m&m's sigularity character (UP page 148), I can't help you there. That "UP" isn't Ultimate Power, and there is no Singularity in any the books I own. If you don't really want the "black hole" to come into play, I'd just not stat it, and buy my Protection without the device, using "the suit that contains his black hole and that will never come off during game play" descriptor. :)

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Ok, so please note, I realize that my tone in the post made me sound standoffish, but I am not. The singularity character is in the ultimate power book page 148 as an example of dimensional pocket power. she is not an actual character though she is an official representation of the power from the m&m creation team. I am ok with the 75% but I will increase the ranks in saves. The low attack is showing that he is weilding a great power that he doesn't have experience to weild, 6 atk and 14 damage. I have taken your suggestions into consideration, Thank you for your help. I will work on this more and put it into the character bank, when the fine details are hammered out. I am also not used to this medium for character creation, I am not familiar with your people's style of typing characters up. I typed it up like a charcter sheet and also I am so used to using notebook paper, I will study your styles and type it up accordingly.

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