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[Announcement] Mini Outages


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This afternoon (5/20 EST) we have been experiencing "mini outages" on our server. None have lasted longer than a few minutes, but there have been several. I am trying to track down the problem now, but I am pretty sure it is being cause by a faulty CPU-consuming script on another site that shares the server with us. As soon (if) I know more, I will pass it along.

If you are working on a post during an outage and get the "white screen of death," after pressing "submit," press the back button on your browser. Your post should still be there if you have your browser set to cache web pages. Until the mini-outages issue is solved, you may want to highlight and copy your post before pressing submit. Just in case.

Thanks for understanding.

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You jinxed it! I've barely been able to make any posts here because I keep getting "taking too long to respond, connection timed out" messages.

The outage(s) have reoccurred this morning. I have submitted a support ticket (again). We'll see what we get on this one.

*crosses fingers*

[Edit] We got nothing. As usual, they waited until the site was back online and then emailed me saying, "We have no problem accessing your site. It must be you."


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The site was down for about 2 hours this morning: 9:00–11:00 EST (GMT -5). The half hours on the margins were touch and go, and there was an hour or so in the middle when the domain wouldn't even resolve.

Hope that helps.

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