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Sounds Like a Sequel (OOC)


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Will Save: Results 1d20: 2 [1d20=2] So he's all calm.


Melee attack check: Results 1d20+3: 9 [1d20=6] So she misses.


Tona's going to wriggle out of the grip with Escape Artist. That makes a check higher than the guy can possibly make, so she gets free. Then she attacks the businesswoman growling at Sam, who is a minion so Tona can hit without rolling and the woman takes 10 on her Toughness check and fails. That's buttkicking by the numbers.




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Well, I'm not gonna try and hogtie the guy while he's crying and trying to call his mommy.


Instead, I'm gonna knick his gun.  If he has an obvious sidearm, I'm going to take that, too.  Skill mastery for a 22 on Sleight of Hand.


To notice a sidearm...


Notice: 1d20+6 24


Another take 10 for 22 on Sleight of Hand to take the sidearm.

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Okay, Kit's Illusions has a DC 16 Save. Since these are mooks, they'll take 10 on the save and not pass it. They believe the Illusion is real, but now they're ready for things to come through that door. Kit gets a HP.

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The mooks shoot at the Illusion and get another chance to save at it, with a +1; they'll still take a 10 and get 12, so they don't pass. Jay will use Volley Fire and take 10 to hit, making it and doing max Autofire damage for a DC 25 Toughness; the radio mook takes 10 on its Toughness and gets 14, so he's down.


Dinosaur does not go down and will go after Jay since she's in front. Results 1d20+10: 14 [1d20=4] Doesn't hit.

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It's not a tie; the guy controlling the dinosaur rolled a 20 and got a result of 30. I'll give you that HP back, because there's just no way for Kit to actually beat him. Okay, it's Initiative time.


Blue Jay: Results 1d20+15: 17 [1d20=2]

Dinosaur: Results 1d20+8: 18 [1d20=10]

Cultists x3: Results 1d20+2: 17 [1d20=15]


Well, Jay will go before the Cultists, at least.

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