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Of Swashes & Buckles (OOC)


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Alright. Since everyone's made the roll, you can hear a sound building in the distance, similar to the sound a mortar makes as it approaches the ground. Everyone except Stinger notices that there are three of these things incoming. The notice roll gave everyone a chance to act before impact, so everyone's reactions will take place at generally the same time here.

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Free Action:  Activate -  Create Object 18 (Hydrokinetic Barriers; Flaws: Source [Water]; Feats: Selective, Tether) {20/20} Slot of his Hydrokinesis Array


Standard Action:  Use the above power to erect a protective dome over as much of the targeted beach as he can.  18 5' cubes is 450 sq. ft. total volume arranged in a couple inch thick dome should offer plenty I think?  Barrier has Toughness 18.


Free Action:  Realize he's REALLY bad at this secret ID thing.

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