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((Starting out somewhat slowly perhaps, but I gotta start somewhere.))

Exile's thoughts on various entities

Alex "Mongrel Angel" Dhalzind-Laharen

Not much to say yet, what with so little contact made as of now. Given the responsibility placed on me concerning her, such as it is, this likely to change. I have a nagging suspicion I will end up as her instructor in some way, I can only pray that if this comes to pass she won't be too bothersome and inattentive a student, or too curious for that matter. The world doesn't need yet another dabbler in the mystic arts liable to overextend his, or in this case her, capabilities.

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May 19th 2008

Went to an interesting lecture held by Doctor Victor Archeville earlier today. The tale he told was at its core not unfamiliar to me, though draped in the trappings of high-end science. But it is not that which has made me grab a pen and start this account, but rather what transpired due to an unexpected event which transpired just as the Doctor took to the podium.

Through focusing my magic into enhancing my senses, with a particular focus to detecting magical activity I stumbled upon an interesting bit of knowledge. On the off chance that someone might get a hold of this without my permission I won't transcribe the exact nature of my discovery.

I has however made me realise a few things. First of these is that I might need to take a more active stance in regaining my memories and mental faculties.

I do believe I can recall a ritual to increase the speed at which my mind copes with the world, though it is rather lengthy.

Secondly I could certainly benefit from a bit more research into how to repeat my little trick, and how to improve upon it.

Thirdly, it might be worth my time to try and see if I can't gain an audience with the good Doctor. Seeing what he makes of magic could be interesting and/or amusing, among other things.

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Since it's been kicking around inside my head for a long while now, and everyone else is doing it, here's at least some of the tropes that can be applied to Exile. Starting kinda small but the list will be expanded as time goes by.

Dimension Lord - What he once was, kinda.

Geometric Magic - A number of rituals involve this, part of the reason they take such time.

Hellfire - One of the many kinds of power he can call upon, nice if he's making an effort to appear as a demonologist or fighting foes immune to ordinary fire and he wants to be showy.

Hermetic Magic - Again something which shows up mostly in ritual magic, particularly when he's doing something based off the works of Hermes Trismegistus himself.

Instant Runes - Something he quite unashamedly adds to a number of his quicker spells, for the look of things.

Kill It With Fire - A popular element of offensive magic, and sometimes more effective than just a pure blast of magical energy.

Ley Line - One of the reasons he keeps living in Freedom City; the place is something of a magical nexus. Of course Master Adrian has positioned his house on the best spot, so no relocating the mansion there using magic.

Magical Incantation - Rarely necessary for him, but for the sake of appearances he always makes sure to intone/say/chant/mumble something suitably mysterious and arcane; dead and/or forgotten languages are a favourite here.

Magical Gesture - Like the Incantations these are unnecessary for such a highly skilled mage as himself, but he likes to use them both for the look of things as well as the feel.

Technicolor Fire - Magic can do a lot, a different coloured flame is child's play compared to some of the stuff can Exile do.

Wizards Live Longer - Oh yes indeed.

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