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I want my money back

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I just saw "No County for Old Men".

I want my freaking money back, and then I want to physically harm the Coen brothers for making a movie without an ending, along with every single person who reviewed it and gave it an awesome rating like the good little paid for automatons they are, and every single person who passed this drek along by word of mouth. I will hunt each and every one of them down, should it take the rest of my life, and tell them it is not acceptable to laud this... pathetic excuse for a film as the best thing ever.

I want my money back. :evil:

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Sorry dude, but I saw No Country for Old Men, and it was awesome. It has an ending; maybe you don't like it, but that's the ending. He lives. Evil Prevails. The world is a terrible, dark place, and that's why it's not a place for "old men". The sheriff realizes this, and retires.

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