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Crash on Volturnus (IC)

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Athru listened as Starshot gave the vague outline of his plan.  The Ul-Mor will aid Star the Shot and his companions in dealing with the sky-villains.  While others from this world may not be Ul-Mor, they are still part of the One and leave the Ul-Mor in peace, existing in their own areas the Ul-Mor similarly avoid.


Ul-Mor not good at scouting outside the sea of sands, so unsure we could be of aid in Star the Shot's investigation of the sky villains.  We could begin preparations to move to where the sky-villains are.


Athru and those with whom he is One may need to call a gathering of elders to secure passage through portions of the sea of sands controlled by other clans.


The Ul-Mor went quite once more and then added.  Is there anything else Star the Shot needs of Athru and those with whom he is One at this time?

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Frankly, Starshot was rather overcome with the generosity of the Ul-Mor. No...not quite generosity. Their nobility. 


Your freindship. 


Was all he could answer. He hoped they could sense his admiration, his emotion, as well as his thoughts. 


He relayed the assembling plan to his crew-mates. 


"The Ul-Mor will need to time to gather themselves, their elders. They are from the desert, and whilst they will travel, they are not suited to the forests and plains. I think it is up to us to scout out the pirate camp and the Edestrekai" he explained. "I think our first goal should be to find out what we can about the Edestrekai, and, if possible, their religion...."


He furrowed his brow. 


"This is outside my understanding. I am a hunter, not a psychohistorian" he muttered. "I can observe them and scout the land as good as any, but I am not sure I can understand what I observe. And then there is the matter of communicating with them...." 


He turned to Soreen and Laark. "I don't suppose you studied xenosociology anywhere, did you?"

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That you shall always have Star the Shot, for we are One.  Athru replied to Starshot's mention of friendship.  The Ul-Mor then disengaged his tentacle from the space hunter's temple and turned back toward the other gathered Ul-Mor and began speaking to them in their unusual language. 


As the Ul-Mor conversed, Soreen had exited the flyer along with Emorda.  At Starshot's question about xenosociology, she shook her head.  "I only know how to fix things, not the intricacies of alien species and their customs."


Laark shook his head as well.  "I am afraid I will be of little help there as well.  I might be able to make some observations about these Edestrekai, but they might not be very different than those you can make as well."


"Kurabanda will help Starshot as well."  Emorda stated as he moved over as well.  "We should let my father know of our victory and the danger posed by other Sky Devils.  Our tribe has heard the stories of other tribes that have suffered much more from the Sky Devils."


Soreen was looking over at the Ul-Mor as she commented.  "A pity they can only use their telepathy by touching the subject, but still might be the only thing we will have to convince any of these Edestrekai they have been duped."

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"Its not the best odds, but we will have to do with what we have" replied Starshot, acknowledging the point gruffly. Doubt would be a disease they could ill afford. 


He turned to Emorda. "We should indeed. It is only...polite" he answered. "And a great victory it was. Worthy of celebration!"


Polite it was, but also, perhaps, valuable. A little celebration of well earned victory was in order. Everything had been to rushed in the desert. Time, at least, was (probably) on their side. 


"And maybe there is wisdom and insight to be gained from your father. Those stories would be good to hear..."


A little detour before the scouting, then. And time to set the grav drives towards the forest!

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With the Ul-Mor set to start their preparations to join in any attack on the pirates Starshot might be able to coordinate, the space hunter and his crew boarded the flier once more with the Kurabanda and the pirate prisoners.  Soon the vessel was rising gracefully into the air and starting off once more over the desert sands.   

Again the travel that had taken several days passed easily below them as they flew out over the razor grass, spotting herds of the large creatures that moved through it as they went.  Soon they were carefully moving through the massive trees of the Kurabanda forest, making their way towards the village they had visited before.   

The arrival of the flying vessel caused a bit of a stir among the Kurabanda, many warriors gathering along the tree limbs and edge of the village to see who might emerge from the craft as it set down.  Emorda made his way cautiously out, identifying himself and letting the village know it was safe.   

Once it was known that the craft was not another attack by the pirates but the return of Starshot and his group, the mood of the village changed immediately, the weapons being lowered and cheers sounding out among the gathered Kurabanda as more made their way out of hiding to greet the returning war party.


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Starshot was not a warrior. He was a hunter. His time as a soldier for the Nazi's was a scar on his soul. He was dour, but less dour than he might have been. For this was a righteous victory, and the mood was of liberty and celebration rather than iron chains and wailing. He gave some effort to the cheers and salutes, but found himself withdrawing into himself. 


He found himself gazing at the night sky, his mind wandering to those times in Germany, under similar skies but different stars. Of snowy alpine mountains where he was free. 


He looked down again. Yes. As much as he loved the soil on his boots, and the sights and sounds of this planet, he must be free. And so too must its natives. 


He made his way to Emorda. "We should speak with your father. To celebrate is understandable, but the story is not ended..."


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