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Crash on Volturnus (IC)

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Starshot's kick connects solidly in the pirate’s stomach, sending him flying to the side where he struck the electrified fence, jerking as the electrical current coursed through him.  He then collapsed in a slightly smoking heap at the foot of the fence, out cold at least, if not worse.


Outside the fence, Soreen shouted over to Laark and the Kurabanda.  "Get down!"  As she tossed a grenade toward the corner of the fence.  She then dropped down behind a nearby sand rise, ducking down as she waited for the explosion.  Laark and the Kuraband followed suit, diving to the ground near where they were.


The combat robot continued forward, firing its built in blaster at Starshot once again.  But once again the canny hunter managed to roll to one side just before it shot, coming back quickly to his feet to face off with it once more.


A loud explosion echoed to the south of him, as Soreen's grenade blasted a large hole in the corner of the fence.  The electricity of the fence flickered and sputtered, and then ceased its crackling as the circuit was broken, taking down the entire electrical current.

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Starshot gave a quick smile of satisfaction. 


"Shocking" he quipped. Not a characteristic trait of his, but he could not resist the grim humour. 


He ducked down quickly and turned away from the explosion, again feeling more positive. This was going well, much better than he had expected, although the solider in him knew things could change very quickly, and the longer this went on the more chaos was introduced. 


He spun around again and took a swing, but a little too fast - or too slow. The robot moved out of his fists admittedly rather telegraphed pole. 


He resolved to stop spinning. It didn't do his balance any good....


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