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Who wants to beat up an old man?


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I'm looking at _you_, aspiring villians!

Fawcett and Batson Architecture is a fairly big company, with offices as far apart as Memphis, TN and Freedom City. It's a great place to take hostages, stage some terrorist activities, break in and steal some blueprints, or whatever else your wicked minds can come up with.

"But wait," you say, "won't that just make Captain Wonder come punch me in the head?" Well, perhaps, perhaps, but not necessarily. Fred Fawcett respects his secret identity. You'll have to work really, really hard to get him to speak his magic word in front of people, and all it takes is a gag to be doubly safe.

For that matter, though Cap is a pretty powerful character, a team of PL 6-7 characters could take him, not to mention PL 10s and above. If nothing else, I paid for this Normal Identity drawback, it's high time I paid for it. ;)

Lemme know what you think!

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I've been working on my PL 6 villain and would love to take part in this ^^ I still have to actually get around to you know...submitting her though. I keep making builds and histories and then get a great new idea..and make another build and history, rinse repeat. I think I've made about 5-6 backgrounds and partial builds for PL 6 villains :X

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Are you kidding? The chance to wreak some mayhem, steal some loot, and pound a helpless old man senseless? This is what Neurologic lives for. The only thing you could do to sweeten the pot would be to promise the chance to humiliate the ______ in front of cameras. (Options include the Freedom League, the mayor, the body of the Centurion, the POTUS, any celebrity, or any individual who's humiliation would involve desecrating a beloved symbol/monument/memory.)

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