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Somebody get me an exterminator! (OOC)


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Alrighty, the first post is up.

The scene: a playground somewhere in the 'burbs.

The cast: two miscreant teenagers who are about to be up to no good.

Your next posts: whatever you want, but probably getting yourselves on the way to the playground would make some sense. If you could, stay off the playground until the mischief is made manifest. :D (sounds like a Harry Potter spell . . . 'Mischief Manifest!')

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You can go ahead and post enough to tell how you got to the neighborhood. I should be able to finish up the preliminaries enough to cue Maggot's grand entrance in my next post.

What I was thinking:

-Barnum sets the scene

-Affliction and VM post to get them into the neighborhood

-Barnum finishes the scene

-Maggot terrorizes the playground (for a post or two)

-VM to the rescue

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