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Malicious Intent (OOC)


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Huh. This may be a short fight. When I accepted the fight, I didn't know Emissary was basically the most powerful PC hero, whoops.

Toughness save vs Emissary atk 1 (1d20=13) That gets me a nice 26 total, so I fail by 5 exactly so I take a stunned and bruised. I have a total knockback modifier of 11, so if my math is right, you also just knocked me back 25ft too boot.

I'll keep my stunned for this round, and my regeneration will take care of the bruise with no action.

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yeah if my math is right, my toughness is 1 point higher than your damage sans PA. IC post is up btw.

And I was talking in terms of total PP, Emissary has about 25-30 on me, including drawbacks, but then again, I've got a device with a metric ton of points dumped into it. I don't know, I'm just rambling at this point.

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Oh yeah, that hits. And this is why AP's are bad. I am currently in photon grenade mode instead of the standard beat stick mode, so I have a pitiful strength right now. Just for laughs, again:

Opposed grappled vs. emissary (1d20=15)

23 - 38 in other mode, so doesn't really matter either way, so I'm pinned.

Alright, for my turn:

Free action: switch to Beat stick mode

Standar make an opposed grapple attempt:

Escape from grapple attempt #1 (1d20=8) Total of 31, you'll most likely beat that, so looks like i'm going for a ride

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Yes and no.

In order to start a grapple, you need to both hit me and beat me in an opposed grapple check. Which you have done. Once you grapple someone you have a variety of choices to do instantly, and you selected to pin. Unless I'm mistaken, moving to me, and then pinning me, is your turn.

So then my turn rolls around, and as a standard action: (from page 157) Escape: You can escape the grapple or a pin. If you are grappled and escape, you are no longer grappling and can take whatever movement you get as your move action. If you’re pinned and escape, you are still grappling, but no longer pinned. If more than one opponent is grappling or pinning you, your grapple check result has to beat all of their checks to escape. You also can make an Escape Artist check (opposed by your opponent’s grapple check) to escape.

I can only attempt to bust out on my turn, if I fail to do so, then I'm out of luck until my turn rolls around again. Unless I'm mistaken, if I break the pinned condition, you can't re-pin me without using a standard action to essentially "restart" the grapple, but I'm not too sure.

Also when I'm in a grapple (or pinned), I still can use my powers, within reason. But by doing so, I forgo the opprotunity to escape the grapple. Essentially I could hope to damage you enough to stun you or the like and beat you that way.

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Checked with Barnum on that and a planned action of mine for the next round. Not really seeing a go on the stun zap. Pin meaning immobile and the power being a ranged attack.

I could personally picture blowing us both up with area grenades or something.

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Oh yeah, I forgot about the particular position, whoops. But my thinking was that stun is originally a touch power, and I brought the ranged extra in order to make it more useful, but this particular situation made it less useful somehow even though extras are supposed to be universally better, which is why they cost more. But, grenades was what I was going for next anyways. So yeah, where ever the heck my arm is point at, a grenade comes out, and prompty explodes at point blank range. DC 20 Reflex save, but I'm not sure if we can do so while grappled, me especially, so I'll skip that step for myself. And then DC 25 Toughness save, or 20 if you made the save. It's bruise by the way.

Toughness save vs. own grenade (1d20=9) 22 total, I somehow managed to get hurt by laying a grenade at my feet, who would of thunk it?

I'm also going to say that my regen does not heal that and I'm going to have to wait until next turn to regen that bruise.

Sorry for all the mix ups I've been having, but I'm still learning the system.

I'll edit my old post with the more appropriate course of action.

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Going to roll the reflex save just to go through the rules...


Hahaha, that sucked amazingly. Alright, toughness..


Bahahahar... Okay, spending my hero point from luck for a reroll.


Wow. Well, at least with the 10 added.. actually that comes to 25 exactly, so, I'm good.

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Um I thought you couldn't use luck in a PvP thread.

8. Luck is not banned or restricted beyond what is stated in the book (no more ranks of Luck than 1/2 PL limit, rounded down). However, you should be able to explain why your character has the feat, be it "natural luck" or for some other reason. If you want, you can put a limitation on Luck. For example, a character with Leadership and Inspiring might buy Luck in order to use those feats more frequently. This doesn't reduce the cost of Luck, but it can help explain why your character has the feat.

In a PvP thread (that is, a thread like the Arena or the Wreck Room), Luck does not add Hero Points to the starting total. Luck only counts when something big is on the line. The exception to this rule is that any characters without any Powers (an example in the main book is the Martial Artist) are given 1/2 their usual number of bonus Hero Points, rounded up. At the referee's discretion, this rule can be applied to characters with equipment-based powers (such as the Costumed Adventurer and the Weapon-Master), or similar characters.

Or does it not count because of the whole good vs evil thing?

Moving on:

If your base to hit is 10, then you hit exactly.

Toughness save vs Emissary PA 3 (1d20=18)

Wow 30 exactly, even with my bruise, nice. Did not expect that.

Okays so I'm up. Seeing as how you've had no problem hitting me thus far, I'm gonna go for the gold and All-Out attack for 5, and Power Attack for 3.

With the Main Laser Cannons: Atk roll (main guns) vs Emissary, finally (1d20=20) Holy $%^&! Did not expect that, um wow. That's the turning point there. So that's a 32 to hit total, so make a toughness save DC 33 (25 base + 3 PA + 5 crit) +1 for every 2 that beats your defense by because of auto fire.

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