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My name is David Norris, but you can-should, call me Ironhide-an apt name considering I have yet to find anything that can consistently damage me-and that I can weight up to 3,000 pounds despite being only five foot eight..how did I get these powers you might ask? I was'nt born with them, nor do I have some super advanced piece of technology..it was, belive it or not, aliens-yes-I said aliens..no,they are'nt little green men, they're about five feet even with blue grey skin and pupiless grey eyes.

If your curious on how exactly I came into contact with them..well, it was pure chance, I was out camping with my friends Seth and Kevin-great guys and both pretty powerfull supers in thier own rights-anyways, it was my twenty-first birthday and we were all out camping,having a good time..ya'know? When theres this insanely lound noise,followed by a bright ass light and what seemed to be a sonic boom.

So, being..ourselves, we went to go investigate-little did we know what life had in store for us..

We came upon a crashed..somthing, A real life U.F.O apparently..and it had peopleish sorts of things around it, most looked pretty dead, but a few were crawling around..anyways-the little men things wer'nt important, but the ship was still glowing a vile green color. We were slightly worried, but none of us seriosly had much left to lose, so we went towards the ship anyways..and as we neared it, it exploded-sending us flying.

When we woke up, we could just tell somthing was diffrent-Seth was complaining of what sounded like growng pains, Kevin could'nt sit still-and I was having trouble moving..I just felt so damn heavy, so we get to thinking."Hm..whats up with this alien radiation..and why we all feel sick, but in diffrent ways.

So we test out our powers (It was kinda obvious by then) Kevin now bore superspeed and inhumaly fast reflexes, Seth could..grow, I think 30ft was the maximum, and I was just dense (I figured out the flying bit later-has to do with gravities pull on me) so we each started on our own little career with our powers-Kevin decided to become a vigalantee and a one man delivery service. Seth went on to be his own construction company, with part time hero work for pr..I tried the hero thing, but as it turns out, it's a thankless job and I have temper..needless to say, I failed

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After I found my powers, and failed in the hero gig-I went into villany, not the new, hardcore blodthirsty kind, but villiany none-the-less.

I soon found myself in the employ of chicago's mob as a guard primarily, but on occasion I also fought other meta-humans for cash,and-thankfully rare actual super fights-primarily against guys like Palladin and Captian victory

However, the good times were not to last-during a fight with a rival villian-one Lazerator, a former electrician now baring light controlling powers, a stray beam of super-heated photons killed a small child-and, even though it was'nt my fault the newspapers blamed me, soon after this fight, I tracked down my glow in the dark adversary and killed him-thats when the proverbial crap seriously hit the fan.

The papers labeled me a psycotic killer and two-bit thug, the mob, wanting to keep thier "favorite" meta-human in buissness, sent a hit squard to the home of the C.P.D commisioner-an apparent lesbian, they managed to kill her,her partner, and thier adopted daughter. When I later found out about this attrocity, I decided on the spot to leave town-but first I needed to make a statement.

I quickly organized a "meeting" between myself and several mob bosses-the meeting went well for me, and they soon found themselves in the hospital facing prision time, the mob-furious with me, sent its remaining super's after me, and not only did I win hands down, but managed to avoid any deaths along the way.

After I'd finished with my one man war, I packed up and left-heading out the back door even as the cops started pouring down the street.

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Wow..It's been a few months since I've been in Freedom city, and i'll admit it's an interesting town..lemme explain..

When I first got to the city, I hung out for a few weeks, not using my powers-y'know, just being a "normal" guy..somtimes it's nice to fit in..eventually though, I got tired of being "henchguy #?" and managed to find out about a secret-ish meeting place for the less reputable supers..by getting my boss bashed outta his mind on some good liquer.

Soon enough I find the place.."The arena" they call it, and I can see why..it's built on an abandoned oil-rig and as far as I can tell it's part bar & grill, part motel (though the rooms suck) Anyways, it gets it's name from the huge courtyard on it where various supers go at it, training, grudge matches, ect..that's where I met my first real opponent..an irish radiopath by the name of Badb..and for a tiny little woman she can fight! I 'bout went blind fighting her, but eventually my thick skin paid off and was able to land a couple of punches to her head-and honestly, in hindsight I should've pulled them..it's not like I LIKE killing-I actually try to avoid any outright killings unless it's the only way to dispose of someone.

So, after my first little taste of Freedom as a super, 5 miniutes later I get hired on by some weird japanese man along with others to sack his rivals warehouse-and TA-DA, we show up, pummel the guards, and come face to face with some rather well made 'bots-and I know they're well made since they took a punch from me and kept working, needless to say, the job went fine.

After I got paid a couple Mill. in cash for the job, I laid low for a few weeks and bought a nice little apartment in the fens..mind you, my apartment is nice FOR the fen's.

I wonder what my neighbors are like? All kindsa interesting folks here.

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It's been a long time since I had any doubts about my path-one does what they have to after all, but recently i've begun to wonder if my choices were what they should've been. I look on tv and see other villians like Dr. stratos & white knight killing & maiming..and I shudder to think that people would group me with them. I'm no freedom leaguer, but maybe..just maybe I can be a hero of a sort again. Time to move back to the fens, where I first started my life in freedom city..and to get a new suit so nobody recognizes me..but what to wear?

Considering how I tend to act, I might try to get ahold of that one foreshadow guy for some tips on what a new costume should consist of..it's been a long time since I cared about what I looked like, or did..but I think this is for the best, I can be scary & fight fire with fire without being classed like that raging headcase white knight..hope I can fight him someday, show him what a real man can do as opposed to going after people who can't fight back.

Regardless of what happens though, the fens-my home will not be home to these malcontents & monsters for much longer if I have anything to say about it-after all, I am Ironhide

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