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Avenger Assembled

Kount Every Klan Vote (OOC)

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Phantom will use her Eldritch Blast



BEBlast 16 (Eldritch Blast; Extra: Affects Corporeal; PFs: Accurate 6, Affect Insubstantial x 2) {56}


1d20+12 = 23

If that hits its a DC31 TOU Save

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White Knight: 

Standard Action: 

Shifts his Flight/Super-Strength array to Flight 1/Super-Strength 8 

That gives him 16+8 = 24 DMG vs the snare, which means he can break it automatically as a standard action. 


He'll surge (and take fatigue next round) to get another standard action. 


Standard Action x2: 

He'll throw fire at Hellbinder! http://orokos.com/roll/370563 = 16 and misses 


Move Action: He'll fly 100 ft in the air 

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Power Stunt/Extra Effort? I am uncertain of how this power would be constructed. But I was told Emotion Control: Despair by the chat. What are your thoughts?

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That just baaaarely hits. 


Whoops, lost the roll - but he failed by 1, so he is slowed. 


(This basically means he can take either a standard action or a move action - so he can either run or fight, he can't do both! 


Phantom is up.

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Phantom will switch from blasting to going to snatch the White Knight up with her Move Object:



APTelekinesis 22 (Str 110; PFs: Accurate x6, Precise, Indirect, Subtle, Affects Insubstantial x2) {55}


To Hit: 1d20+12=22

If that hits, she'll initiate the grapple: 1d20+34=46

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