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Joining the Freedom League


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It has always been our goal to slowly replace the NPC Freedom Leaguers with PC Leaguers. I held a recruiting drive back in December (IIRC), but there wasn't much interest at the time.

Let's try again!

If you are interested in joining the Freedom League, post here, and we will start working on getting you properly recruited. :)

Players who have been around for awhile and characters who have previously teamed up with the League can take the "short path" to membership. New players will have to do a little work. But I'm sure you won't mind. Everyone is looking for fun campaigns.

So . . . who's interested?

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We should make a 'New' or 'Young' Freedom League to give you elders a run for your money ^.~. <3 New X-men and Young Avengers

We actually had a player trying to become a junior member of the Freedom League, but she quit playing. :(

You are free to create any super hero team you like. :D I love the idea.

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Ok, future plans have changed slightly.

After this thread, I will be knocking Legionnaire over to evil. He would probably detest good now, which means a very hacked off Roman.

Meanwhile, I will be completely changing Dryad, who will be saved by Dr Archville. She will be scarred from her events, and probably many wouldn't trust her. However, now she will be a tech warrior. Which means Legionnaire can not join, but maybe Dryad can.

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