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Looking for interested GMs


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I have just launched a thread for Velocity’s summer vacation to Europe.

I am hoping that a couple of GMs would be interested in helping run some small things for her during the course of the trip. I wouldn’t expect anything too soon, but figured I would put this up for any GMs to see if any of the stops along the way would be of interest to them to plan something for.

Right now, the tentative itinerary for Velocity and her friends is as follows:

England: Bath (and the surrounding countryside- which includes Stonehenge and Avebury Circle)/London

France: Paris/French Riviera

Spain: Barcelona and the countryside


Italy: Milan/Rome/Naples.

Greece (maybe): Athens and some of the Greek Islands

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The thread in question is one that I will very likely be working on all summer, so it will be a long project for me. I am basically looking for possible multiple mini-adventures as Velocity travels to each area. I figured it might be easier on the GMs if they did one (or more if the felt like it), instead of trying to get one GM to try to commit to the whole time.

Plus, one GM might be interested in one location more than another. I talked with Barnum last night, and she will likely be interested in running the part for when Velocity gets to Greece.

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