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Major Events in North Freedom


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This thread is a listing of the various major events that have occurred in North Freedom that would most likely go unnoticed. Players are encouraged to check this thread and to incorporate reactions to the events in their own thread.


Hannover -- The largest area in North Freedom, it covers nearly as much area as downtown. Much of Hanover is focused on small high-tech business, particularly internet "e-business". Hanover Institute of Technology is located here, and is one of the nation's most prestigious schools for technical education.

Kingston -- Tucked between Route 4 and the Garden State Parkway, Kingston is more upper middle class than Hanover, many homes owned by professionals. Despite being close to the city, Kingston retains a very suburban feel.

North Bay -- A posh district of expensive waterfront homes and historic mansions owned by some of Freedom City's wealthiest families. North Bay features exclusive yacht clubs and beachfront property, with few stretches of public beach.

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Master Lee's School of Self Defense : Liam, also known as the street hero Nightrival, returns to Master Lee's school for a short visit when nearby an explosion draws the hero's attention. A fight with ninjas follows.

An Example Must Be Made: Kat Allens, the villain knonw as Cheshire, is called to a meeting about a job. A company is interested in finding a killer before they strike again. Can Cheshire find the killer before the company decides to harm her family?

Crime Never Sleeps [New Year's Vignette]: Shadowjak makes his move on Delphic Industries. Nicolas Gythen extracts punishment on one of his workers for failing to producing a wanted item. What is the billionare after?

A New Student at Master Lee's: Kevin, the hero Hub, visits Master Lee's dojo for some training. There he runs into Liam, the hero Nightrival, who offers to show Kevin a few moves. While the two work out, Sen arrives to see Master Lee for help. Laim pairs with Sen to help him meet Adrian Eldricht.

It's For A Good Cause: At the 3rd annual Prostate Cancer Awareness fundraiser, the rich and famous of Freedom City rub elbows.

Party Crasher: Heavy, also known as Icarus, continues his search for Adam Kirk.

Gathering at ASTRO Labs [Elseworlds/What If?]: A trip to ASTRO Labs is just what the doctor ordered as a group of young people sseek a way back to their own world.

Keeping Science Fair: At the Hanover Institute of Technology, a field trip goes awry when the exhibit demands for the patrons' possessions. Two attendants, Liam, aka Nightrival, and Megan, aka Velocity, respond quickly to the demand using their heroic abilities.

Meet the Parents: Emissary visits Mrs. Hanks, the mother of a young man who was murder. Emissary explains that he was still looking into the matter.

Shiny Plastic People (A Vignette) Estelle de Havilland, also known as Grossamer Glitter, examines the prototypes of her new line of figures.

HIT Science & Engineering Lecture Series: Mathematician, chemist, physicist, and all-around "science hero" Viktor Archeville will share his insights and expertise as part of this year's Hanover Institute of Technology Science & Engineering Lecture Series.

The Creeping Killer(s): (IN PROGRESS) A number of heroes respond to the news of gruesome muders committed by unknown assailants.

Forceful Ops: (IN PROGRESS) While out shopping, Nightrival and Hub encounter a couple bickering over their shopping list. Of course, the noise is more than enough to draw the attention of a few other nearby heroes, noteably, Arrowhawk, Red Star, Shade and Spartan.

Business & Technology: (IN PROGRESS) Continued connection from HIT Science & Engineering Lecture Series.

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Touring the Town: Velocity speeds through Kingston on patrol only to meet another speedste, Johnny. Johnny has just recently learned of his powers and looks to the experienced hero for advice.

A Merc's Life is a Jolly Life: Trap-Door hires the supervillain Badb for a job. Her task was to destroy a building and make it look like someone else had destroyed the building. During the job, Badb comes into contact with Culchulainn but manages to escape. Later she learns that the weapon, a spear known as Gáe Bulg, was the real threat. It seems that Grant Conglomerates controls the spear in some way.

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Halloween Party: Megan, the speedster Velocity, enjoys hanging out with friends at a party.

North Bay Academy: At the North Bay Academy, a high school for the rich, Seth, aka High Note, leaves cryptic messages to Megan, the heroine Velocity. The notes hint that he knows of her alternate identity and that he shares in a secret life as well.

House Call: Heavy and Satori enter the mansions of North Bay during Christmas. The go in search of Mr. Adam Kirk to kidnap him. The plan goes south as Satori kills three of the household staff. Now it's become a race

to find Adam Kirk. Who will win?

The Mondsee Household: Victus Orcus makes an attempt to enter the Mondsee manor.

Zoom Plus: Mega, aka Velocity, finds that the drug Zoom has invaeds her school. The speedster attempts to find those responsible for the drug.

Collateral's HQ: Collateral meets with The Ghost, Red Queen, Imposter, and Dyrad to discuss their plan to steal the Aurora Diamond Collection.

Deaths Door: Captain Wonder, Red Queen, The Emissary, and Star find themselves facing a demonic invasion. Each fight for their own reasons to stop the invasion.

The Yamaguchi Job: Badb, Void, Exile, and Ironhinde head to North Bay to steal a number of boxes for Mr. Yamaguchi. Mr. Yamaguchi contacted the villains in the Arena and offered a very high price for their participation. After breeching the shipping warehouse, the group find that robots are the second line of defense against the group.

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