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A Very Unlikely Assembly

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Colton sat in the spartan room, with its cinder block walls, steel table, and lone light bulb, completely non-responsive. His armor, his keys, and a sizable portion of his arsenal on the table in front of him. His helmet stared back at him, the black flash goggles reflecting the light above his head. His hands were cuffed behind the chair, but that wasn't what stopped him getting out, it simply wasn't the smart thing to do right now. Officer Powalski sat across from him, examining Colton's sword, its rather unique form intriguing, and very unfamiliar. Hoping he'd stalled long enough, Officer Powalski looked up, trying to meet Colton's eyes directly and seriously. He was surprised to find, however, that the man he was trying to interrogate was paying him no mind, and sat quietly, staring at his helmet, as it stared back at him. By the time Colton lifted his head to meet the officer's gaze, his serious gaze had drifted into an exasperated, weary stare.

We've been over this, officer, and I can't make myself any more clear. The anonymous tip went unanswered, and something needed to be done. They were selling drugs to anyone who would take them, and extorting everyone else. Something had to be done, and you weren't doing it. So I did.

That's not your job, and that doesn't excuse breaking and entering, murder, and aggravated assault. We have you and your bike on the scene, some limited camera footage, and more than a few eyewitnesses-

-All of whom have extensive criminal records and most of which have logged some serious jail time. And if anyone died, it was from their comrade's bullets, I only used riot ammo and sleep gas. Oh, and flashbangs, but only a couple of those. I didn't kill anyone, and I snuck in behind them, they had broken into the place to begin with. But I digress, that's not what we're here for.

So, you say that anonymous tip, and all the alleged evidence, is no longer anonymous, that was you? Then where is all this evidence?

In that helmet of course. Why do you think I've been staring at it, genius? there's a memory stick on each side of the rebreather. One contains all my research on those boys, the other is a recording of their meeting, and the fight. You want evidence? There you have it.

You really did plan all this out, huh? Handing us all this evidence, and these boys, on a silver platter? That's awful noble of you, being as it got you arrested.

I didn't get caught, you realize this, yeah? I gave myself up, so you'd get this, and so you would see exactly what I did, and not have to live as a fugitive. I've got a reputation to upkeep, you know?

So when I see this, I'm just gonna let you go, huh? Proves your innocence, does it?

Only if this is still America, and I still have the right to self defense, and to enter a public building.


That building is public property, I checked, it's not been in use for years, but the deed is still in the city's hands. Now, if it were posted that one could not enter, or that it were condemned, or even locked, then yeah, trespassing would certainly apply. But seeing as I basically just walked in the door of a public building, and was shot at upon my entry, I'm pretty sure I was fully within my legal rights to do exactly what I did. Go ahead, have a look. The password to the left one is "Conquest" and the one on the right is "Little Room"

You're serious? No, of course you're serious. You wait here, we'll have a look at those.

Two hours later, Colt waited outside the precinct house, with a couple of police issue duffel bags containing his belongings, waiting for a taxi home, which was only a short walk from the impound where he could retrieve his bike. Luckily, no one had found the rather illegal modifications to it, and he would be allowed to just leave with it, with the thanks of the FCPD. Thank the stars he hadn't started recording until after he beat the location of the meet out of a couple of goons. Now it's time for a beer and a bath, and hopefully his exploits will be apparent on the eleven o'clock news.

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Ullgir walked down the street of the strange city in front of him. The buildings filling the landscape rivaled the height of those in Asgard. The worlds rate of advancement has startled even him over the last 20 years alone. When last he slept in wait he did not expect to wake to motorized vehicles and flying aircraft. These were just the more obvious things he would have to adjust to. The more important change was the massive increase at those with the ability to change the world directly, referring to people with powers or technology. These people worried him, as he was afraid that mortals did not yet possess the responsibility needed to wield them.

This opinion changed when the Terminus Invasion happened. He battled alongside heroes and some villains alike, fighting back the invaders where they could. He saw these mortals, who he had spent so long protecting, sacrifice themselves to protect others against a force much more powerful than themselves. Most of them were indeed responsible enough, at least to protect their own. Others, these super powered villains and technologically powered thugs still held his attention strong in this regard. Odin may well have seen in the runes that his champion would be needed here, in this time. Maybe the centuries past were only training, preparation for the present where he would really be tested.

All these thoughts rushed through his mind as he walked down the street, paying no heed to the civilians who seemed to be moving away from him. His appearance obviously brought around distrust in the populace of this city. He knew that was to be expected, and had prepared himself for this. He knew that it didn't matter what they thought of him, only that he do what he needed to protect those who couldn't protect themselves.

He knew they would want to be away from him, but he expected they would at least do it in a polite manner. Just because he was different than the others didn't mean that they need to make their beeping noises behind them. The road was big enough for the both of them.

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Aaron wandered down the street slowly, he couldn’t help but give a chuckle only a month ago he would never have been wandering around south side at this time, but than a month ago he wasn’t melded with a dragon either.

Aaron didn’t mind having Shui around, if anything Shui made his life more interesting, although he just wished his eyes would revert back to normal, it was getting rather annoying having to ware sunglasses all the time, even late and night.

Walking up to the police station, a man sat on the steps with a bag, and a somewhat sullen look. Aaron sighed and continued walking, he hoped the stranger wasn’t apart of the local mob, after their last encounter at the family business Aaron wasn’t looking forward to seeing them for a while.

To make matters worst there appeared to be a giant heading coming from the other side, dressed in what appeared to be Norse clothing.

Aaron decided to keep walking and try and pay the no attention, crossing the street like some of the others would just draw attention to himself, and Aaron really wasn’t in the mood to get into trouble, least not in front of a police station.

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As Colt sat on the Precinct steps, his eyes couldn't help but be drawn to the giant viking causing such commotion walking down the sidewalk. Until he saw the boy, of course. Wasn't gonna budge, was he? Colt thought for a second. "One kid, alone, in Southside, not reacting to this very unusual fella' coming towards him at all? He's either got balls like asteroids, powers, or he's high as a kite. Bad thing about this city, is all three are equally likely."

After the boy gave him a cursory glance before looking away, Colton hopped up off the steps, and headed for the youngster, calling as he went, "Hey! Isn't it a bit late for a kid your age to be wandering around Southside all alone? I mean, I know the police station's right here, but who's that stopping in this city?"

Colton came to an abrupt halt about ten feet from the boy, not wanting to seem violent himself, and also realizing that there was the ever-rising possibility that the kid was both high as a kite AND a super. Colton cursed the number of metas, or supers, or whatever in this city for the thousandth time in the week he'd been here, only briefly dwelling on the hypocrisy.

"I mean, look at this fella'. He could take us both apart and be gone before the cops realized he'd been by, most likely. Shouldn't you be gettin' home anyway? Don't you got cab fare? Hell, I'll loan you a fiver or two if you need it." Colton thought about what his mother told him last week on the phone, "You know, stopping gang violence doesn't always have to mean using more violence. Help the community, and the community will stop the violence itself." "Well, mom, hope you're happy, I'm trying it your way." Colt thought.

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"I mean, look at this fella'. He could take us both apart and be gone before the cops realized he'd been by, most likely."

The statement catches the attention of the Viking, bringing him to a halt. He looks at the two of them from behind his helmet. He means them no ill intent, and attempts to look as friendly as possible, though for a Viking that can be harder than for others. Vikings have gotten a very horrible reputation with how history has portrayed them, and the Nazi's didn't help by using their vile magic to trap a version of Thor inside of an evil minion.

"Nay, to take action against two who pose no threat to me nor provoked me would be dishonorable. I walk a different path than those of indiscriminate slaughter, though death in the glory of honorable battle is the greatest of achievements for my people."

He looks down at the boy and then back at the man. Each of them seemed out of place to Ullgir. The boy was young, yes, but not that far off from when he had seen his first battle. Back then there was no such thing as a "super hero", at least not as many as there are now. Back then there were just hero's. Some may have had abilities far beyond mortal comprehension, but it did not change the fact that you had to fight for what was right.

That desire, the desire to do what is right, seems to be waining some in these days of "motorized vehicles" and "Super Villains".

"Nay, you need not fear death by my hands lest you cross me. You ought fear these metallic carriages more than I, as you are more likely to be struck by one of these than the edge of my sword."

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Colt cocks his head at the Norseman's antiquated speech. "'Carraige?' You been under a rock awhile, friend? It's a car, or a truck, or van, or, well, you know what? It is kind of confusing, isn't it? Regardless, you are far from the only fearsome fella' in Southside. Hell, one a' these bags is full a' guns and live ammo, and no one has any idea. Don't look at me like that, it's not like I'm gonna start shooting people, I'm on my way home."

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Aaron stops and looks at the stranger from behind his sunglasses. “Depends on your definition of old I guess?†Aaron says with a faint smile. While it was true he was only sixteen, the same could be said that he was also over six thousand years old as well.

“I only live a few blocks away, it would be a wast of money for a cab, but thank you. And as for danger, I’m more than capable of dealing with anything.†Aaron says with a shrug to the strangers comment.

Looking up at the big feller as he spoke, Aaron was reminded of a statue he saw in the museum the other week on a school excursion. “You know, if a cop walks out that station at the moment, you two would probably be arrested.†Aaron comments, as he crosses his arms.

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Colt gives the boy an exasperated look, he hasn't had to deal with the younger generation much, and forgot what that kind of faith in law enforcement was like. "For what? A friendly conversation? Well, more or less. Fella's well within his rights to dress as funny as he wants, long as he's dressed. And they just released me with no charges, I doubt they're keen on arresting me again within twenty minutes. Oh, I think that's my cab down the street, anyone else want a ride?" Colt hoists his bags up over his shoulders and sticks out a hand and whistles at the cabbie, still a block or so away.

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Ullgir looked down the street to where the man had drawn his attention. He look at the obnoxious yellow machine drawing closer. Ullgir realized at this moment just how lazy the world had become. There were reasons for these creations, of course, and he understood this very well. Human civilization had expanded to the point of nearly destroying itself from sheer growth. A city now is the same size as a country when he was born, thus the need for technology was born.

This was not what left a horrible taste in his mouth, it was the fact that humans abused these creations. No longer did man walk to get somewhere anymore, or because they wanted to, only if they had to. No longer could you step from your home with your bare feet and feel the grass under your toes, not unless you worked extremely hard for it.

"Nay, if the Gods had meant for me to ride on a "cab" then they would have provided one for me. Yet my words leave me before I could catch them, my name is Ullgir Wulfsbane. Being the first souls to speak kind to me in his city of marvels, would you honor me with your names?"

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Aaron shrugs, “I just meant for the fact that two adults talking to a minor at this time of night. As for the cab, thanks but no thanks I can get home faster than that thing could drive me.â€Â

Looking over to Ullgir Aaron gives a formal Chinese bow, “Aaron shui, nice to meet you.â€Â

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The distant cab finally notes Colton's presence and begins moving to pick him up. As the cab stops, the doors of Police building bursts open and police men begin running towards the parking lot. A few of the men are carry what seems to be riot gear, helemts and large shields. A few large caliber rifles are also seen as the men rush pass the small group.

The cabbie looks out of the passenger window, wondering what had caused all the ruckus. A few of the officers speak to each other as they pass by the trio. None of the officers seem to even notice the strangeness of Ullgir as they rush to their cars.

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Colt laughs to himself a little at the Norseman's comment. "Well, it is a bad neighborhood, and I've got things to carry. But I suppose it is bad manners not to have introduced myself. Colton Browning, Paramilitary Specialist and part-time Troubleshooter." Colt sets down the bag in his right hand and puts it out to shake, hoping it won't hurt too much.


Edit: Notice Check (1d20 10=25) [VUA]

Did I do that wrong, as far as the tag? Should I have done that on Invisible Castle? I have no idea what you meant.

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Ullgir shakes Colton's hand, bowing his head as he does so. Meeting these two, even if they would part ways, pleased him, as he had met nobody since he had awaken. He was about to speak again as the police rushed out of the building. His eye followed them around the corner, and as a few more passed him he listened carefully to what they were saying.

"When I was young, city guards rushing like this was an omen of a great battle to come."

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Police stream by heading to their cars in riot gear. As they moved passed, the trio catch snatches of their conversations.

"....Damn Skinheads again!"

"They've hit a Cesium shippment! Be careful where you shoot."

"I haven't heard of so many out in such a force! What's going on?"

"Hope you paid your life insurance Jack! Your wife might be cashing in!"

"Head down to Moore and California! And get the civilians out of there!"

It isn't long until the police have piled in their cars and headed out to the scene. A quick look at the street sign shows that the location isn't that far away, only about ten minutes by car. Of course, by some other means, it might be much faster.

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Aaron suddenly becomes agitated, "well, I guess your right, it is defiantly well past my curfew. Nice meeting you guys..." Aaron says hastily before heading off at a fast paced walk.

Once out of sight, Aaron will change into his costume and head out to were the trouble is.

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Colton glances at his wrist (despite not wearing a watch). "Uh, yeah, I really should run, myself." he says, and takes off in the opposite direction from Aaron, heading for the nearest dark corner. As soon as he is confident no one is watching, Colt teleports directly to the roof of his house, and using short teleports from one out of the way spot to another, makes his way to the impound. After a brief and uneventful exchange with the man behind the desk, Colt reclaims his bike, and heads home. He grabs his sword and knife, stocks up on rubber bullets, refills the utility bandoleer across his chest, and straps the sword and assault rifle to his back. After ensuring everything is thoroughly attached, Colt sets the GPS to direct him to Moore and California, and pays little mind to the traffic laws on the way.

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Meanwhile, in another location about the same distance away from the disturbance, a man hovers 50 feet above the ground. Encased in a shining blue suit of fitted plate mail, Icarus listens to the chatter over the police scanner with his headset.

"Did one of them just say cesium?" he asks himself. "...somebody's trying to steal what I was going to. Dagnabbit - now I've got to get there before every hero in Freedom shows up, and fight off whoever it is they are too." Absent-mindedly, he taps the helm covering his head, just to make sure it's all there. It wouldn't do if someone got a picture of him. No one's ever photographed him out of costume, and he isn't about to start now.

Of course, he has a faster way to travel himself. Concentrating in front of him, Icarus opens a portal a mile away from he hovers now. He's been able to open gates five times as far away before, but it seems as he grows more powerful, he grows worse at being able to bend space this way. It would bother him more if he were the introspective type, but for now, a mile is good enough. After all, he can always chain them together, and that makes it even harder for someone to track him.

Icarus floats through the portal and lets it close behind him. He's on his way.

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Aaron quickly ducks out of sight, changes into costum and takes off at a very fast pace. His quick reaction allows him to arrive on the scene first. And what he sees before him, is worse than anything he could imagine.

A large number of Skinheads with massive weapons stand on the various nearby buildings. They fire down on the few police cars placed to block the road. Four red muscle bound Skinheads are on the street laughing at the police officers that fire at them. The bullets seem to bounce off of their thick skin. Of course, the weapons the police presently have are all light weapons. The heavier artillary, as Aaron knows, won't arrive for a while yet.

The Skinheads all seem to be concentrated around a truck at the end of the street. The truck had a biohazzard sign on its front, warning others that its contents were dangerous. The Skinheads seem to be trying to get inside of the vehicle at the moment, while the others upon the rooftops keep watch for any heroes that might show up. So far, Shui has managed to arrive undetected by the thugs. It seems they were more interested in watching out for another hero* that worked the streets of Southside.

*See Take The Skinheads Bowling for which hero. :)

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Ullgir knows not what is meant by "skinhead" but by the sound he could only assume they are monsters who use the flesh of man to make their skullcaps. Coupled with the realization that there are helpless civilians in the midst of combat the Norseman prepares himself for battle. Not knowing exactly where the location, he decides to follow the city guards to the location, using his speed to keep close behind the police vehicles until he reaches the location.

"May the Gods allow me to partake in honorable battle this day!"

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As Aaron’s body re-solidified after his flight there he surveyed the scene. Just then he felt something stirring inside him.

“Hmm huh, what’s all this?†A voice echoed in Aaron’s head. Aaron gave a slight sigh "Nothing…†He replied back in thought. “It doesn’t look like nothing to me… it likes like you were going to do the hero job… were you even going to wake me?†The voice answered sounding hurt that Aaron hadn’t alerted him sooner. "Your awake now aren’t you.†Aaron replied sarcastically. Only a grunt came as his reply.

“Might I suggest some cover?†The voice egged on, “I’m working on it.†Aaron retorted as he focused on his Hidden Mist Power. The Mist quickly moved in from all around like a storm cloud…

[Hidden Mist: Obscure (Visual only) up to 20ranks, enough to cover the current map]

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Icarus opens his last portal and steps through. It's like he stepped into a cloud, and for a second, he wonders whether he had accidentally opened the portal a thousand feet too high. His radar confirms that he is where he had intended to be.

"There shouldn't be this much fog here," he thinks to himself. "Must be some other hero or villain that got here already. That Raindance guy, maybe, or Siren."

Then again, that has its advantages. If the police and the thieves can't see him, but his radar is still working, he only has to deal with whatever metahuman created the fog. First things first - he uses his radar to try to seek out where the shipment was hijacked, slowly gliding through the mist.

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Switching to the radar changes the scene greatly for Icarus. He notes teh position of the buildings as wellas the skinheads on top of them. On the street, he notes the truck with a large number of the thugs surrounding it. The police seem to have blocked off one edge of the street.

With the mist covering everything, the thugs basically panic. A few of them fire off shots towards the police and around them. The shots are wild hitting both cars and other buildings but luckily missing any of the police offiers.

Immune to his over effect, Shui can see clearly that the thugs are panicking. If the condition continues, they are bound to hit either a police officer or some civilain. Even as he ponders what to do, he notes a figure floating slowly to towards the truck at the end of the street.

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Aaron frowns as he sees the new arrival… Not sure whether it was another Hero or perhaps the one in charge of the skinheads?

“You know I’m much better at this… and well… you know it’s been a long time…†Shui whispered inside Aaron’s head. “But…†Aaron responded with little use, before he knew it his mind was closed off from the outside word, viewing it as if watching TV. “Its for your own protection.†Shui whispered. Utilizing the water in the mist, Shui sent a Blast of water to the nearest thug [L9]…

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The jet of water is shooting out from... a small boy? Icarus sighs. A new hero, it looks like. Based on bitter experience, he has learned that size doesn't always matter, and the unknown always makes for a harder fight than the known. Besides, what can he do to that kid? He doesn't look like he could take a single punch, and he'd feel like a bully if he did.

"Maybe he can transform into a dragon or something and make me feel better," he thinks to himself ruefully. In any case, it's time for him to clear out some of the resistance. He wants to be ready to fly off with the cesium as soon as he can, and maybe he's lucky enough if he doesn't recognize the hero that the hero doesn't recognize him in his new costume.

He swoops down, unleashing a gray beam of energy on one of the brute skinheads. It goes awry, distorted by all of the water in the air. "Forgot about that," he thinks. "I have to compensate for the mist."

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