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Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Freedom City, New Jersey.  I went to prep school in a limo every morning.


How would you describe yourself, physically?

Broken, and reforged.  Olympic athletes have to train for hours a day to maintain my body's default state.  I'm built like Rambo.  I can still feel the scars lining my face like cracks in a broken window around the place where my eyes used to be.


Do you have any distinguishing speech characteristics or recurring mannerisms?

When talking to civilians, police, or other vigilantes, I speak as little as possible.  When talking to criminals, I say as little as I need to in order to scare them.  I try to let my actions (and fists) do the talking.  I don't like to waste time on idle chatter, or give people more information about me than I have to.


What is your motivation?

Redemption.  Revenge.  Leaving the world looking a little better than I found it.  And a little bit of sadism.


What is your greatest strength?  Your greatest weakness?

The same thing: My heightened senses.  I can hear and smell and feel everything.  It's overwhelming, exhausting, and disappointing for everyone's dirty laundry to be right up in your face.


What/Whom do you love?  What/Whom do you hate?

I loved my brother.  I loved the people I thought my parents were, who they tricked me into thinking they were, and I hate who they actually are, who they were the whole time.  I love Dina, though she'd probably never believe that, because of the way I left her.  I didn't say goodbye.  I love the feel of a snakehead's bones splintering under my fists.  I love smelling the urine in his pants when he realizes that his sins have caught up with him.  I hate crowds.  Too loud.  Too many smells.  Too much vibration, shaking me to pieces.


How would you describe your emotional state?

I don't have enough scar tissue to keep my emotions buried yet, but I'm working on it.


What do you fear the most?

Dying before I can repair the damage my family inflicted upon this city, and this world.  Becoming like my father.


What is your greatest ambition?

To erase every trace of Frank Brubaker from the face of the Earth.


How do you feel about the state of the world, and your place in it?

The world is a pile of dung, and most of the people writhing in it are pigs who want their slop, and who will gladly eat each other if getting that slop is even slightly inconvenient.


Do you have any prejudices?  How do you get along with others?

No prejudices that I know of.  I'm less indulgent of crime and criminals than most vigilantes.  I don't make excuses for bad people who do bad things.  I'm too busy helping the people they hurt, and making sure they can't hurt anyone else.  I don't get along with others.  I prefer to work alone whenever possible, and when I'm forced by circumstance to work with others, I speak to them as little as possible.


Where do your loyalties lie?

To the abstract concept of "justice," then to my own desire for redemption and revenge.  I've tried to cut ties with any actual people who might complicate my mission.


Do you have a lover or a partner?  What is that relationship like?

I had a girlfriend in college, Dina.  When I left the country after my brother's death, I didn't say goodbye.  I didn't have the guts to face her.  I hope she's forgotten about me and moved on with her life.


Do you have a family?  What is that relationship like?

I had a family.  Not anymore.  My father used to be my idol.  Now I know that his self-starter narrative is bad fiction.  He's a monster, preying on the weak and defenseless.  My "doting, loving" mother was just like him.  My little brother Wade was the only decent person in our whole family, and he died, caught in the crossfire when my parents sins tried to catch up with them.  Dad dodged his karma.  I won't let him do that again.


How would the people closest to you describe you?

No one is close to me.  Not anymore.  My father always said I was "A chip off the old block."  Thinking about that now makes me throw up in my mouth.  My little brother wanted to be just like me.  I don't even want to be like me.  Dina said I was the nicest guy she ever met.  That guy died with his family.  I'm just the ghost walking around in his body.


Are you a role model?

Absolutely not.


How spiritual or religious are you?

Mom and Dad gave lip service to Christianity because it was good for business.  They never believed in anything.  I never bought into it.  The monks in Shambala Vale can do things that science can't explain yet, but like the old man said, any sufficiently advanced tech seems like magic.


Are you part of a team?  Would you like to be?  Why?

No.  Never.  Other people get in the way.  Other people lack the fortitude to do what needs to be done.  I'm trying to get rid of my liabilities, not accumulate even more.


How do you feel about the place of metahumans and aliens on Earth?

They can help, and we'd be stupid to turn that down.  But nothing is free.  You can't even trust the people who don't have powers, let alone the ones who do.  There's always dirty laundry.  If something seems too good to be true, it is.


If you could give one piece of advice to Kingsnake, what would it be?

Get into some counseling.  Try to see the best in people instead of just the worst.  Try to see things from their point of view.  Stop thinking that you're special, or different from everyone else.


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