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Major Events in Downtown Freedom


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This thread is a listing of the various major events that have occurred in Downtown Freedom that would most likely go unnoticed. Players are encouraged to check this thread and to incorporate reactions to the events in their own thread.


The Waterfront -- The city's waterfront is located along the southern tip of the peninsula, line with piers that handle Freedom City's shipping traffic, along with warehouses that store goods being shipped in and out of the city.

Riverside -- Riverside features small parks, tree-lined streets, and brickwork buildings. There are vegetarian restaurants and bistros, craft boutiques, pagan, New Age, and gay and lesbian bookshops, comic book stores, game stores, and so forth.

Wading Way -- Wading Way is the center of Freedom's business district. It is flanked by brokerage houses, banks, investment companies, and other businesses.

City Center -- The heart of the downtown area rises around Centennial Circle, a traffic circle where the city's diagonal roads converge. The city center is home to the Federal Plaza and governmental buildings including the towering Federal Building. It is also home to the new City Hall and Freedom Hall, the headquarters of the Freedom League.

Midtown -- Midtown is the largest downtown residential area and features a number of high-rise apartment buildings and condominiums. Midtown is also home to shopping with the massive Millennium Mall, along with numerous other stores.

The North End -- The North End lies north of Liberty Park and the monorail line. Freedom City University is the center of the North End, along with high-tech companies like ASTRO Labs.

Parkside -- Parkside is home to a number of high-rise apartments and condominiums overlooking Liberty Park.

The Theatre District -- The Theatre District is a neighborhood of small apartment buildings clustered around a number of local theatres and clubs featuring some of the finest nightlife in Freedom City.

The Fens -- The Fens are home to sleazy porn theatres and adult bookstores, a large number of waterfront bars, and relatively cheap housing.

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Taking inventory :

The sounds of gunfire and what could only be the loud, thudding crunch of bodies being hurled about took over the waterfront for a few hours one evening, leaving a gang held warehouse riddled with bullets, bodies, and blood. The Pincer and the Army declare a personal war on the city's crime.

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The Colour of Magic :

Nightrival, Hub and Sen begin an epic journey to rescue the missing master mage, Adrian Eldrich, that will take them from his foreboding sanctum through the dizzying dimensional corridors to the strange pirate city of Freeport. Y'arr matey!

A Pirate's Life for me :

Nightrival and friends' quest to find Earth's Master Mage continues..

A New Day, a New Way :

The Millenium club sees excitement well beyond the usual throng of dancing bodies and periodic efforts of the underage to score booze with a fake id. Kizzy, Doctor Archeville and Star fend off an attack on the nightclub by a confused looking Dryad, then later fall into conversation with, of all things, a roman Legionnaire in full battle panoply. Whether this kind of notoriety will attract or scare away business from the Milennium, only time will tell.

The Date :

A Valentine's rendezvous gone awry as Grimalkin and Nanowire find themselves faced with a metahuman girl gang intent on robbery and mayhem, driving them off after several close calls. Romance manages to survive the evening's battle, though significant chunks of the restaurant it took place in does not.

Touring the City, part 2 :

Johnny X-treme cajoles Velocity into a team up, or maybe just an apprenticeship, as the two zoom about the city and the more polished speedster imparts what wisdom she can, stopping a bank robbery in the middle of the brightly coloured blurs they decorate the streets of Freedom with in their wake.

Another Road

The triumphant return of Captain Wonder! After decades in retirement, the sight of a family in peril as the Next Gen fight agents of SHADOW drives the good Captain to take back up his costume and powers. The arrival of the Emissary sees the very public battle wrapped up in short measure, and shows the Captain's abilities to a new generation of heroes and Freedomites alike.

Triple Murder in Riverside

*takes off sunglasses* Looks like this was three... for the price of one *puts on sunglasses* YEEEAAAAAHHH!!!!

Sen and Dashel Mason are drawn into investigating a brutal multiple murder in Riverside, crossing each other's paths as they do.

Fire and Brimstone

Sirus Vulpes and Jos Terhune are pleased to meet you, won't you guess their names? Let them introduce you, to the, nature of their games.

Blephegor and the Ember Paw establish an infernal alliance through the backdrop of an especially bloody week.

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A Bridge Too Far

The devastating debut of Collateral! A new villain arrives to make his mark on Freedom City with a display of random and shocking brutality that is apparently his signature style. The arrival of the hero Earthbender eventually causes his flight into the skies above, with Earthbender remaining to repair the damage to the city, and tend to the innocent bystanders that have been harmed.

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A Friendly Sparring Match

With a crowd of spectators and the initial participation of some of Freedom City's violence afficionados for warm up, Shinken and Nightrival engage in a prolonged and dazzling training spar. While the mortal martial artist eventually falls before his power armour wearing opponent, he gives a shockingly good accounting of himself.

Tech Terrors!

Velocity, Hybrid, Emissary and Raindance continue their investigation into the machines that ran amok on Halloween. Acting as the agents of the Freedom League, they drive off an attempted raid on Astro Labs. With more devices obtained for study in the aftermath, the heroes can only wonder where the trail of these mechanized assaults will lead them.

Merry Christmas from the Freedom League!

The Freedom League held their annual Christmas party for their fellow heroes, spreading good cheer among them and celebrating their accomplishments. Fun was had, carols were sung, egg nog was drunk.

The Unlikely Duo: Part 2

After meeting during a bit of a travesty of a training session, the Emissary and Celestial share in a patrol across the city, with the Emissary hoping to give his companion a bit more experience at the hero game. Crimes are stopped, lessons are learned, and a confrontation with a giant squid at the docks sees all of its victims rescued, and the beast itself put down.

Fly Me to the Moon

The heroes of the Halloween rampage are called together once again by the Freedom League and sent forth to track down the master of the malevolent machines. Velocity and Raindance destroy the factory where the robots are being assembled and shipped out from, while the Emissary, with the help of Valkyrie, takes on a space platform where inside the culprit is revealed to be the evil enfant terrible, Toy Boy. (okay, so I like alliteration sometimes)


Meanwhile, in the Hall of Justic- er.. Freedom. Emissary is inducted into the Freedom League in a proud moment for the young hero. The joy of the event compensates for there being neither punch, nor pie.

Training Day

Freedom Hall's advanced training facilities are opened to the general use of the city's superhero community for a day. Captain Wonder, Doctor Archeville, Velocity, Mongrel Angel and the Emissary find things go awry when they're forced to deal with Legionnaire's definition of the term extreme sports. Hint: it does not involve Mountain Dew in any way.

Casting Call

In what might be the unholy lovechild of a job interview, beauty pageant, and rugby scrum, the Freedom League hold a day of tryouts to get a closer look at some of the city's newer heroes. Emissary and Velocity are on hand to put Sentry, Mystic Raven, Archangel and Arrowhawk through their paces.

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The Midnight Society

The Midnight Society throws another of its renowed parties, the attendees a who's who of the city's social noteworthies, including several heroes in their secret identities, from Velocity, to the Freedom Eagle and Shinken.

La la Land

What to wear

What to say

What to do on a sunny day

Who to phone

Who to fight

Who to dance with on a sunday night?

It's another night in Freedom City's clubs, with the Millenium seeing noted socialite Megan Howell heading off to a VIP room with NASCAR driving star Duncan Macguire. Scandal, scandal!

A Distant Thunder

Captain Wonder comes face to face with the culture shock of an apparently new and heroic Valkyrie. His follow up investigation into the matter draws him into a battle with a returned Donar, as evil as he ever was. Though the Captain emerges victorious, something doesn't seem quite right..

Galleries R Us: Contour

The Freedom City debut of the new hero, Contour! Who after landing from on high.. spends some time talking art with Ghost in his civilian ID, mostly, as they tour a gallery. So this is more the Bravo channel presents the Freedom City debut of the new hero, Contour.

Chance Meetings

Girls, girls, girls!

Girls who could kick the crap out of me if I use the rest of that song to describe them or this thread, so let's just say that Velocity meets Archangel and Mystic Raven in the wake of a supervillain takedown.

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The Heist

Heavy and Nanowire attempt a museum robbery that goes off far less smoothly than planned when Velocity and Valkyrie arrive on the scene. A fast, ugly fight ensues, but amidst a flurry of property damage, the villains get away with what they hope will be valuable enough loot to compensate for the attention they've drawn on themselves.

To be or not to be- stolen!

Not quite coming in at 11, Collateral, Imposter, Dryad, Ghost and Red Queen attempt a still complex museum heist all the same, running into problems both with its high tech security system, and the arrival of the Next-Gen.

We are Legion

Kizzy, Legionnaire and Doctor Archeville's misadventures in the Millenium Club continue as they fend off an attack by a group of strange armoured warriors.

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A Strange Visitor

A wide, even confusingly numerous variety of heroes and villains arrive on the scene of a downed alien spacecraft. Wary examinations, confused pokings, and reckless investigations alike soon reveal the presence of warring alien factions, and their conflict threatens to spread out and engulf the entire city.

Parkside Angels

Velocity, Kizzy and Grimalkin engage in some superhero girl talk. Lives are discussed, costumes are inwardly sniped at, boys are ogled.

Hazing the New Guys

It's like pledge week, if pledge week consisted of a superintelligent teenager and his fembots waylaying new Freedom Leaguers Velocity and the Emissary.

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Trick or Treat!

Freedom City's Halloween festivities are interrupted by a rampage of mechanical monsters built to resemble classic creatures of horror. Fortunately for the Freedomites in the path of a giant robot mummy, the Emissary, Hybrid, Freedom Eagle, Raindance and Velocity are on hand to effect a timely fight and rescue.

On the Eve of All Saints Day

More Halloween mayhem as Celestia finds herself squaring off against a pack of mechanical werewolves.

A Night on the Tiles

Flirting, Firefighting, Emergency Rescuing. Just another night on the town in Freedom City for Lullaby and Arrowhawk.

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Bad, Bad Boys and their Dirty Money!

Crime feeds on itself as Pincers and Ver-man successfully rob a truck carrying money earmarked by the Driogano syndicate to pay for drugs.

I have a bullet with your name on it!

Hub prevents Death Eye from adding another successful murder for hire to his notoriety, and finds that in the face of ingratitude, sometimes heroism has to be its own reward.

The Hunt

Cold Blood and Maelstrom party like it's 1999. By which I mean, they try to kill the bloody hell out of each other. Foil embossed alternate covers not included.

Slow Night

Velocity, High Note, Grimalkin and the newly christened Icarus find that a typical superhuman brawl ends up being anything but, as all four are sucked into a mysterious portal leading who knows where? (continued in another thread)

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