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Major Events in Other Areas Around Freedom


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This thread is a listing of the various major events that have occurred in other areas around Freedom that would most likely go unnoticed. Players are encouraged to check this thread and to incorporate reactions to the events in their own thread.


The Skies Above Freedom -- It's a bird, it's a plane...it's the flying heroes and villains of Freedom City! Includes the breathable atmosphere as well as outer space.

Sewers and Subways -- The dark and wet sewers of Freedom City hold many unseen dangers. The subways appear more safe, but are they?

Rivers, Lakes and Oceans -- The various waterways in and around Freedom City.

The Lands Beyond -- Occasionally the heroic endeavors of Freedom's finest take them beyond the city's boundaries into other cities, other countries, and even other dimensions.

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An Introduction to Freedom: Agnes, aka Celestia, has an unexpected encounter with Lady Liberty. The situation worsened when Captain Thunder came on the scene to help his teammate. Luckily, the situation is quickly resolved without any further damage.

Reporting In [New Year's Vignette]: Emissary reposts to his father Sarlyn about his new life in Freedom City. However, not all of the members of the council share Emissary's optomistic view on the situation.

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Ready to work its way up!: A strange creature known only as Clyst arrives in Freedom City. His first contact is with the young hero, Hub, who decides to take Clyst to meet the Atom Family. Hub's gesture of goodwill turns into a fight for his life as he stumbles into an attempt by the Grue to impersonante Telsa. Once he frees Telsa, the two heroes embark to rid the building of the other Grue in the area.

Where the Rats Run Free: The Ghost enters the sewers below the city to escape a Vigilante that is out for his blood.

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The Autum Beach: Sunan enjoys a day at the beach.

King of the Hill: Nanowire and Heavy, aka Icarus, proceed to have a practice match at the Arena. The duel leads to a business proposition that has an impact on a different section of the city.

The Arena: The Ghost, Collateral, Dyrad, Imposter and Red Queen meet in the Arena after receiving a strange invitation for work. Though the supplier of the invitation never arrives, the villains decide to form a pact to take steal the Aurora Diamond Collection being held at the History musuem.

The Arena (Secondary Thread): Wilhelm, also known as Exile, makes a visit to the Arena.

The Arena: Sparing can lead to Work: An impromtu sparring match between Ironhide and Badb leads to the two villains being approached by Mr. Yamaguchi for a job. Ronin, Exile, and Void also decide to join in on the job.

The Journey back to Freedom City: The Demon Stygwr, after being defeated by Captain Wonder, returns to the city of Freedom.

A day at the beach [Vignette]: Sean Parker tries to enjoy a day out of the Icarus armor only to have his relaxation disrupted.

Getting in Shape: The Ghost heads to the Arena to improve the skills of his profession.

The Arena: Brimstone & Fire: Belphegor and The Ember Paw mix it up at the Arena. Icarus, just returned from acquiring a container of Cesium, decides to enjoy the entertainment.

Ghost: The Birth of a Ghost (Birthday Vignette): Teh Ghost remembers when he first got his powers.

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An abandoned auto factory: An old abandoned factory once home to a supervillain of Freedom city.

Waking up: Daisuke awakens after a three month period only to find that his form had changed and the doctors had come to a very final decision.

Over the River and Through the Woods: Lucy and Agnes face demons as they become more aware of their own angelic powers.

Disco Fever [1972]: Icarus, Nanowire, Grimalkin, and Seth travel back to teh year 1972 by Icarus' errant portal. The group encounters the greatest Freedom Leaguer ever, Centurion. As the group try to find a way back to their own time, they ecounter the villains of old. Their story continues in Back to the Present [AoO]

Arrowhawk: Turning Thirty (Birthday Vignette): Arrowhawk travels from bar to bar on his Birthday.

Velocity: Growing up fast (Birthday Vignette): Velocity gets a phone call from home on her Birthday.

Summer Vacation: (IN PROGRESS) Velocity takes time off to travel around the world.

Back to the Present [AoO]: (IN PROGRESS) Icarus, Nanowire, and Grimalkin return to the present timeline only to find that things have changed. It seems the trio has returned to an alternate timeline. Centurion has killed Omega and is now ruling the world with an iron fist. However, the situation is worse then first thought. Omega had somehow assumed control of Centurion and in his name have begun to destroy the supers of the world. Foreshadow recruits the three to help stop Centurion.

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