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Major Events in West Freedom


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This thread is a listing of the various major events that have occurred within West Freedom that would most likely go unnoticed. Players are encouraged to check this thread and to incorporate reactions to the events in their own thread.


Ashton and Grenville -- The bedroom communities of Ashton and Grenville are fairly new, having grown up over the past twenty years. Both are clean, modern suburban communities only barely keeping up with the demand for new homes.

Greenbank -- Greenbank is a fairly depressed area, filled with mostly abandoned rail yards and old warehouses. It is a haven for criminals and organized crime.

Lantern Hill -- The north side of the peninsula along the Wading River rises to a hill that is the site of some of the oldest settlements in the Freedom area. Now it is home to a number of historical locales, including Lantern Hill Cemetery and St. Stephen's Church.

West End -- Flowing down from Lantern Hill toward Greenbank is the West End. Over the years a number of small ethnic communities have blended together to form this boisterous, mostly lower middle-class area. Row houses and ethnically oriented places of worship like St. Sebastian's church and Temple Ben David along with Ashton Mall and Trinity Hospital form the backbone of this community.

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The Hole

Trapped by the mafia's latest efforts to end the shadowy vigilante's war on crime, Nightrival and Grimalkin face off against a warehouse full of death traps arranged by the sinister genius of the Warden. The Warden would also like to let the audience know that he's coming for that guy from Saw once this is over with. Amateur. Who uses a puppet. Seriously.


Villains! Whether forming a secret society, leaguing together for injustice, collectively mastering evil or.. um... insert vaguely clever wordplay involving the legion of doom here. Either way, when Ironhide, Blephegor, Ember and Maximus Grey get together, it doesn't bode well for Freedom City.

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Department 32: The Mysterium

Another thankless day on the job for that much maligned and ignored red headed stepchild of the Freedom City police department, the Mysterium. No callous quips, frequently adjusted justice shades or blaring Roger Daltrey vocals here, just the ever thinning blue line between Freedomites and the occult horrors that would tear at their souls.

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The Hunt

Captain Wonder clashes with the demon Stygwyr in the name of truth, justice, and the Heliopolitan way.

Silvered Thunders

The Emissary and Captain Wonder make their way through West Freedom on a city patrol. Superheroing is discussed, children are dazzled, criminals are... something that begins with d that involves them being beaten the crap out of.

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