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Maggot - Affliction - PL 11 Villain

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Player's Name: Affliction

Power Level: 11 (152 pp)

Unspent Power Points: 12

Characters Name: Maggot

Alternate Identity: None

Height: 130 lbs

Weight: In humanoid form about 5'5"

Hair: None

Eyes: None

Description: Maggot isn't actually a person. It is a semi-sentient collection of all kinds of bugs (especially maggots). When it wants to masquerade as human, it dons the school girl uniform of Trish Stephens (shoes, stockings, skirt, hoodie, scarf, and gloves), the life that was consumed when Maggot was created.

History: Trish Stephens was slowly adjusting to her new life in Freedom City. She moved there to live with her father and younger sister after her parents divorced. She was a freshman at Joseph Clark High School in Lincoln when the school year began, and things were going pretty well. She was popular and getting good grades. When spring arrived, Trish and some of her friends decided to skip school and take a shopping trip downtown. They were getting coffee when a fight between the Collective and the Atom Family spilled out into the street. Several bystanders were injured in the ensuing battle, and Trish was apparently killed when she was covered by the swarm of cockroaches. Nothing was left of her but her clothes. Trish, however, wasn't killed...exactly. Her flesh was entirely consumed, but her life force lived on, forming an insect collective of its own. Trish was reborn as Maggot several weeks later in the sewer. The Maggot retains some of Trish's memories, but it is now an entirely alien hive mind, trying to make sense of its new existence.


Str: 10 (+0)

Dex: 14 (+2)

Con: 20 (+5)

Int: 8 (-1)

Wis: 12 (+1)

Cha: 6 (-2)


Attack: +0 (+10 w/ Strike)

Defense: 18, 12 flat-footed

Initiative: +2

Grapple: +0


Toughness: +12

Fortitude: +12

Reflex: +7

Will: +6


Notice 12 (+13)

Search 4 (+3)

Stealth 12 (+14)

Survival 4 (+5)


Dodge Focus 4


Luck 3 (for power stunting the Nauseate Array. I'll eventually start cashing these in for more alt powers for the array)

Power Attack

Sneak Attack


Immunity 15 (mental powers, critical hits, disease, poison, suffocation) (As a collection of insects, Maggot is immune to all of these things)

Insubstantial 1 (Perm) (As a collection of tiny, moving insects Maggot is essentially "fluid" and not solid)

Protection 7 [impervious 7] (Maggot isn't really tough, just hard to injure due to her insect form. Most "normal" damage passes right though here only killing a few bugs)

Super-movement 1 (Wall-crawling) (Again, bugs. Maggot can climb walls)

Super-Senses 4 (Spatial awareness) (Though a combination of millions of eyes and the insect ability to detect sound and motion, Maggot has functional Spatial Awareness)

Array - Nauseate 8 [Perception, Alt Powers 3] (Maggot can summon swarms of bugs to attack, suffocate, blind, or just gross out its enemies. It can also elongate its bug form, separate into more than one part, and deliver a vicious, awful stinging blow)

alt - Suffocate 8 [Perception]

alt - Strike 9 [Accurate 5] + Elongate 6 + Anatomic Separation 4 [Variable]

alt - Dazzle 8 (Visual, Auditory) [Alt save: Fort/Will, Perception]

Regeneration 21 (Bruised 3, Unconscious 3, Injured 5, Staggered 5, Disabled 4, Resurrection 1 (Fire) ) (By adding new insects to the collective, Maggot can easily regenerate itself. It is very difficult to kill)


Power Loss (Impervious) vs Fire (3 pts.)

Power Loss (Regeneration) vs Fire (3 pts.)

Vulnerable to Fire (very common, minor) (2 pts.)

Regeneration is Noticeable - bugs swarm to her (1 pt)

Costs: Abilities (10) + Combat (8) + Saves (17) + Skills (8) + Feats (10) + Powers (96) - Drawbacks (9) = 140 PPs

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First off, EWWW! (I love it!)

Secondly, is she going to (primarily) be a hero or a villain?

I'm getting 98 pp on her powers, not 97. You do know you have to buy Insubstantial's duration up to Continuous before you can apply the Permanent flaw, yes?

I'm also not sure if you can do the Power Loss on just the Impervious part of her Protection.

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1. villain. she/it is gonna be a villain for the freaky barney and little miss veiled alice. ;)

2. it should be 96 pps :( I only wanted 1 rank of the super movement (2 pps not ranks) and i had another alt power on my sheet that i dumped it. so i'll just up the unspent to 9.

3. let me know what you decide.

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more changes made

Everything checks out okay. When you decide to spend your extra PPs, you will need approval for those purchases, and if you plan on adding some alt powers soon, it would be best to start by cashing in the luck.


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