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Colton Browning - VideoGeek - PL11

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Players Name: VideoGeek

Power Level: 11 (152 pp)

PP Unspent: 2

Characters Name: Colton Browning

Alternate Identity: CK-045

Origin: Mutant

Height: 5'11â€Â

Weight: 190

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Description: Colt is a stocky, muscular man in his late 20's. He wears his hair brushed back, and parted in the center. He has a somewhat sullen demeanor, and is not especially social. He usually dresses in simple, casual fashions, such as loose blue jeans and bunched up long sleeves, on the rare occasion that he is not dressed in his personal black body armor. Colt's favorite fashion accessory, however, is guns. Lots of them. Not a fan of energy weapons, Colton sticks to conventional arms whenever possible. He carries various ammunitions, lethal and non-lethal, as fits the situation. He tries to avoid innocent deaths, but does not obsess over them. Colton's stated objective is key, and he will not stop until it is accomplished, or the goal changes.


Colton has always been hard to pin down. In school, he was a troublemaker, a vandal, a thief, and prone to fighting. He wasn't a bully, however, he reveled in a fair fight. As school wore on, he continued this way, his conduct preventing him from ever really being involved in school activities. As his inevitable scrapes with the law began to build, Colton was approached by a military officer working with UNISON. Upon graduation, Colton would be trained and employed by UNISON as an independent undercover peacekeeping operative, in exchange for a clearing of his criminal record to date. Colt proved to be a natural for his position, dedication and a knack for precision combining to make his assignments go off consistently cleaner than expected (his teleportation ability also helped greatly, but his superiors need never know about that). He was eventually promoted to Solo status, and found himself with much more free time between assignments. He took up residence in Freedom City, wagering that there, of all places, there would be no shortage of mercenary and freelance work to stay in practice and pad his resume, and his pocketbook.


Belief: Personal Freedom and Responsibility, i.e. self-reliance, and the freedom to make your own decisions, and mistakes.

Organization: Unison


Str: 16 (+3)

Dex: 18 (+4)

Con: 18 (+4)

Int: 14 (+2)

Wis: 14 (+2)

Cha: 8 (-1)


Ranged: +10 (+5 base, +5 Attack Focus (Ranged))

Defense: +6 (Flat-footed +3)

Initiative: +4

Grapple: 8 = +5 attack +3 Str


Toughness: 14 = 10(Device) + 4 (Con)

Fortitude: 9 = 5(base) + 4 (Con)

Reflex: 9 = 5(base) + 4 (Dex)

Will: 6 = 4(base) + 2 (Wis)


Acrobatics 9 = 5 ranks +4 Dex

Bluff 4 = 5 ranks -1 Cha

Climb 8 = 5 ranks + 3 Str

Computers 6 = 4 ranks + 2 Int

Diplomacy 4 = 5 ranks -1 Cha

Disable Device 7 = 5 ranks + 2 Int

Disguise 6 = 7 ranks - 1 Cha

Drive 9 = 5 ranks + 4 Dex

Escape Artist 9 = 5 ranks + 4 Dex

Gather Information 7 = 8 ranks -1 Cha

Intimidate 7 = 8 ranks - 1 Cha

Investigate 10 = 8 ranks + 2 Int

Knowledge (Streetwise) 7 = 5 ranks + 2 Int

Knowledge (Tactics) 7 = 5 ranks + 2 Int

Notice 10 = 8 ranks + 2 Wis

Ride 8 = 4 ranks + 4 Dex

Search 10 = 8 ranks + 2 Int

Sense Motive 7 = 5 ranks + 2 Wis

Sleight of Hand 9 = 5 ranks + 4 Dex

Stealth 10 = 5 ranks + 4 Dex

Survival 7 = 5 ranks + 2 Wis



Attack Focus 5 (Ranged Attacks)

Equipment 24

Move by Action

Precise shot 2

Quick Draw 2


Benefit (wealth +4)


Cellphone (w/ camera & GPS & PDA Built in), Laptop, Binoculars, Mini-Tracer, Night Vision Goggles/ Flash Goggles, Rebreather, Multitool

Utility pack contains: Stun Gun (Stun 7, electricity), Taser (stun 5, electricity, 5ft), Bolos (snare 4, 40 ft), Explosives (blast explosion 5, 50ft, reflex 15), Pepper Spray (dazzle+stun 5, chemical), Power Knuckles (strike [mighty] 4), Sleep Gas Pellets (fatigue explosion 4, 40ft, reflex 14), Smoke Pellets (obscure [visual] 2, 10 ft), Flash bangs (dazzle burst 4, 20 ft, reflex 14), Tear gas Pellets (dazzle 3 and nauseate explosion 3, 40 ft, reflex 14).


Knife: +1, crit: 19-20, piercing, 10 ft

Sword: +3, crit: 19-20, slashing

Light Pistol: +3 dmg, crit: 20, ballistic, 30 ft, w/ suppressor

Heavy Pistol: +4, crit: 20, ballistic, 40ft, w/ laser sight & stun ammo

Machine Pistol: +3, crit: 20, ballistic, autofire, 30 ft, w/ stun ammo

Assault Rifle: +5, crit: 20, ballistic, autofire, 40 ft, w/ laser sight & stun ammo

Sniper Rifle: +5, crit: 19-20, ballistic, 250 ft, w/ suppressor & targeting scope

Vehicle: Motorcycle (Str 20, speed 5, defense 10, toughness 8) w/ caltrops (DC 15), hidden compartments (capacity 26 lbs), Navigation System (+5 to navigate), Oil Slick (20ft x 20ft, DC 15), Smokescreen (10ft x 50 ft)


Teleport (Mutant) 3: Extras: Accurate (+1), PF: Change Velocity, Turnabout

Device 2 (Armor, Hard to Lose)

-Protection 10




Secret: Colton's teleportation ability is a secret from all but his immediate family (none of whom live in Freedom)

Responsibility: Colton's employment with UNISON occasionally calls him away, sometimes at short notice or when he's not expecting it.

Temper: Beneath his callous surface, Colton harbors a highly developed sense of fair play. When he sees the strong (especially the super-powered) oppressing the weak, he becomes extremely agitated, and will step to their defense almost compulsively.

DC Block:


(Name of Attack) (Save DC/Type) (Type of Damage: Bruise/Injury, or other)

Stun Gun 17/Fortitude Stun

Taser 15/Fortitude Stun

Bolos 14/Reflex Other

Explosives 20/Toughness Injury (Explosion)

Pepper Spray 15/Reflex/Fortitude Other

Sleep Pellets 14/Fortitude Other

Flash-Bang 14/Reflex Other (Burst)

Tear Gas Pellets 13/Reflex/Fortitude Other

Power Knuckles 22/Toughness Bruise

Knife 19/Toughness Injury

Sword 21/Toughness Injury

Light Pistol 18/Toughness Injury

Heavy Pistol 19/Toughness Varies

Machine Pistol 18/Toughness Varies

Assault Rifle 20/Toughness Varies

Sniper Rifle 20/Toughness Injury

Costs: Abilities (28) + Combat (22) + Saves (14) + Skills (30) + Feats (37) + Powers (19) - Drawbacks (00) = Total Cost 150

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Toughness: 10 = 6(base) + 4 (Con)

You cannot buy Toughness directly like you can other saves, though you can accomplish almost the exact same thing by buying the Protection power. You just need to move these down to Powers and add a descriptor. The problem with that, however, is that equipment bonuses (from your Armored Jump suit) and bonuses from powers (Protection) don't stack. If I were you, I'd drop the armored jump suit and the Protection and buy Device 2 (hard to lose) [Protection 10]. It will cost 8 PPs, be the suit of armor you are looking for, and bring your total toughness up to its current max +14.


Attack: +5 Melee: +5; Ranged: +10

This should be Ranged: +8 (+5 base, +3 Attack Focus (Ranged))

3. We need descriptors for your Teleport power (and Protection if you decide to go that way), and a bit of origin story for your powers would be good too.

4. Everything else looks okay to me. BUT are you sure you want to have a character with no Defense bonus? You are going to get hit every time someone swings. That might not be much fun. With your toughness at +14, you can have up to +6. You can get this by buying it direction (2 PPs/rank) or with the Dodge Focus feat.

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Wow, I, uh, really cannot believe I forgot to include my defense stats. That's more amateurish than even I thought I'd been. Defense is 10, and I'll probably do the device, I'll need to have a look at it, buy it up to 10. I opted for a balance between the two, rather than specializing in one. The idea being, that he's good, but not super (except for the teleporting, of course). And I just included the descriptor/origin with his name, he's a mutant, born with the teleportation, and the predilection for firearms, as well.

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Okay, those are fixed, and I'm probably gonna move some more points into defense later, bring it up to 6, but I don't have time to do the math just this second, so I'll get to it soon. Probably take the points from skills, and maybe get rid of benefit: wealth, or a couple more pieces of equipment.


Alright, I think that's all my edits for now, hopefully that's a finished character.

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1. It looks like you are one skill rank short of 30 PPs. I count 119 skill ranks.


Device (Protection) 2: Hard to Lose

For clarity, go ahead and write this up like:

Device 2 (Armor, Hard to Lose)

-Protection 10

Or something similar. So long as it is clear how many ranks of Protection you have.

Everything else looks good.

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