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Avenger Assembled

No Fortress So Strong (OOC)

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Whelp, fightin' time already! Set's done listening to this jerk.

Move Action: Environmental Control [Distraction, Hamper Movement]
Standard Action: Darkness Snare. That's a DC 17 Reflex Save:

  • AP: Snare 7 (Extras: Area [General, Shapeable], Selective, Power Feats: Obscure Senses [All Senses], Variable Descriptor 1 [sand or shadows]) [34PP] (darkness aspect/desert aspect)

Not much chance to actually catching Horus, but hey! Gotta start somewhere!

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Edge: 20 

Monsoon: 12 

Set: 12 

Sekhmet: 11 

Horus: 9 

20: Edge Inspires Set and Sekhmet and gives an HP to Monsoon. 

12: Monsoon stunts Enhanced Flight 5 (Extra: Affects Others) {24PP] off her array and carries herself and Sekhmet to the scene of battle - she then aids Mark's next attack. 

Set is up, as soon as I post IC> 


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Move Action:
Taunt Fake Horus: 1d20+16 34
Standard Action: Lightning Bolt vs. Fake Horus; Inspire 5: 1d20+12 32

That's a DC 15 + 7 + 5 Crit + 3 Autofire = 30 Toughness Save.

  • Damage 7 (Extras: Autofire, Linked [+0], Ranged, Power Feats: Accurate 1, Affects Insubstantial 2, Homing 1, Indirect 2) [27PP] + Drain Toughness 7 (Extras: Affects Objects, Linked [+0], Ranged, Flaws: Limited [Electronics, -2]) [7PP] (lightning bolt; chaos aspect, storm aspect, electricity)

Free Action: Shift to lioness form.
Move Action: Run! Leap!
Standard Action: Charge Fake Horus; Inspire 5, Power Attack 5: 1d20+9 19
Hero Point: Charge Fake Horus; HP Reroll: 1d20+9 21

That's a DC 15 + 7 + 5 Power Attack = 27 Toughness Save.

  • Leaping 4 (25x) [4PP]
  • Speed 2 (Rank 3 Total; 50MPH; Power Feats: Move-By Action) [3PP]
  • Vampiric 4 (on Unarmed Damage) [4PP] (battlelust; warrior aspect)
  • Penetrating 3 (on Unarmed Damage) [3PP] (claws and teeth)

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Horus throws a hammer at Set and misses! http://orokos.com/roll/322859 = 12 in toto. 

He then flies 100 ft up in the air. 


Edge attacks Horus! 

http://orokos.com/roll/322864 = 16 and misses! 

Let's HP that. 


That 22 just barely hits. 

Tou vs DC 35

http://orokos.com/roll/322867 = 21 

OK, two bruises and he's staggered. He'll be shaking the dazed, of course, and Mark will get that HP back. 


Edited by Avenger Assembled

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Move Action:
Feint Fake Horus: 1d20+16 26
Standard Action: Lightning Bolt vs. Fake Horus; Combined Attack: 1d20+7 18
Let me know if the Feint works or if he needs to reroll that attack.

Move Action: Demoralize Fake Horus: 1d20+18 28
Standard Action: Unarmed Attack vs Fake Horusl; Combined Attack: 1d20+7 11

Alright, well... nuts. Anyway, Horus probably just no-sells that with his Impervious regardless.

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He is feinted 

The 18 hits him flat-footed! 


http://orokos.com/roll/324873 = 21

He rolled a 1 and he is demoralized again! Hard day to be Fake Horus. He's certainly gonna get hurt by Mark again. 

OK. He is currently bruised x3, dropping his total Tou to 15. 

His Impervious is 15, so yeah, I think he soaks that? 

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Horus throws his hammer at Sekhmet! He would really rather target Set because of the voices in his head, but she's really going for him! 

http://orokos.com/roll/325719 = 18, which is 16 with the demoralize, so that misses. 

Have an HP for him acting despite the dazed. 

New round! 

Monsoon is up. 

Being a people person, she chooses to Aid Set's Defense. That works automatically, so he gets +2 next time. 

Edge is up.

He crits vs. Horus

http://orokos.com/roll/325723 = 20 

Horus is unconscious. 



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