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Jason Evans - Asteroth - PL 10

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Players Name: Asteroth

Power Level: 10 (150 PPs)

Unspent PPs: -

Characters Name: Jason Evans

(Potential Superhero Name, although he doesn't have one obviously: Catalyst)

Age: 18

Height: 5' 11â€Â

Weight: 120

Description: A young man stands alone, his eyes lingering over the passing faces. Shining black hair that reaches to his shoulders is in disarray, falling gently into his tired face. His eyes are a soft shade of green, with dark circles under them, greatly contrasted against his pale skin. He is absentmindedly running his right hand along his left forearm, his fingers moving with elegance and grace. A soft breeze drifts through the air with a delicious smell, something utterly sublime. You take a moment to breath it in, your entire body relaxing under its euphoria before returning your eyes to the teen. There's something oddly alluring about his features and entire presence, making you feel as if you've seen him somewhere before, perhaps an old friend – regardless, your breath is slightly taken away with his beauty. He glances up and is startled by your gaze, quickly pushing his sleeves down over his arms as he flashes you a warm smile before heading out into the busy streets.

Personality: Jason cares for all life and cannot bear to see anything come to harm. He has a kind heart and a desire to help those in need, using his music to inspire any who care to listen. Jason is still sheltered from many of the 'harsher' realities of life, remaining ignorantly innocent to much of the corruption that occurs everyday. His lithe frame and angelic features have led many to call him 'beautiful', but he remains oblivious to the fact that his appearance is anything more than average.

History: Jason grew up isolated from the rest of the world under the watchful eye of his mother. Recently widowed, she vowed to herself that her son would be different - she could not endure losing another man in her life. His father had been a great hero and served the greater good, at the cost of his life. Learning little of his heroics, Jason was instead forced to focus on his studies and the piano, using music to create a lyrical world to escape into. He was taught by the best tutors his mother could find, reinforcing a more traditional education that focused on etiquette and proper social interaction. He was only five when his powers first began manifesting, his English tutor helping him write legibly when his hand brushed against Jason's own. His whole world spun on contact, a surge of his own energy pouring into the tutor. Jason collapsed onto the floor while the tutor ran to get help, accidentally ripping a door off its hinges in his haste and unaware of his temporary strength. His mother knew exactly what he was when she saw her child curled up on the floor unconscious and quickly made her plans.

After the incident with his tutor Jason was no longer allowed outside without supervision due to a 'skin condition'. He dressed in clothes that covered all parts of his body, save his head, resulting in his extremely pale complexion. Unaware at the time of what was going on, Jason was reluctantly forced to keep others at a distance. His interest in the piano grew stronger as his life became a quiet piece of solitude, routinely run by his mother who grew increasingly concerned. She had to keep finding new tutors after Jason reached twelve, their fascination and almost dangerous obsession with her son continuing to appear. They only needed to be within the large house for a few moments before they lost their normal professional manner she had seen before. She couldn't deny that her son was very beautiful; like a delicate angel fallen from the heavens. Still, it was little comfort as everyone around him seemed to become infatuated with him.

By the time he turned fifteen it became unbearable and she was forced to take up the task of teaching him herself. Jason had begun to piece together that something was quite right with his situation and confronted his mother about it. She refused him at first, disregarding his questions to “things you needn't worry aboutâ€Â. To appease him she began letting him perform in select situations with small groups of people, hoping to distract him with his music. His piano playing always seemed to enrapture the audience who couldn't take their eyes off him, his fragile features becoming more and more desirable. It wasn't until several weeks ago, on his eighteenth birthday, when he was accepted into The Freedom School of the Arts that his mother was finally forced to give in. She told him everything about his father and what she suspected about his own powers, apologizing for doing what she believed was best. Jason was shocked to hear he had powers of his own, albeit no idea what they actually were, not to mention the news that his father was a great hero. His mother pleaded with him to keep away from others as much as he could and to avoid skin contact at all costs. They shared a rare hug which Jason treasured, rarely allowed to touch anyone even fully clothed, and he set about making his preparations. Freedom City was only a few hours away, but he was going to be living there and starting a new life. He pulled of his gloves slowly and flexed his fingers before heading over to the piano, a smile on his face. The sweet melody filled the house as he played, a melody that was only the beginning of his new life.


STR: 8 (-1) (+2 pp)

DEX: 10 (+0) (0 pp)

CON: 8 (-1) (+2 pp)

INT: 14 (+2) (4 pp)

WIS: 12 (+1) (2 pp)

CHA: 20 (+5) (10 pp)

Attack Bonus: +0

Defense Bonus: +1 (2 pp)

Initiative: +0


Toughness: -1

Fortitude: +0 (1 pp)

Reflex: +1 (1 pp)

Will: +2 (1 pp)


Concentration 8 – 1 (2 pp)

Diplomacy 8 + 5 (2 pp)

Knowledge (Etiquette) 4 + 2 (1 pp)

Knowledge (Music) 6 + 2 (1.5 pp)

Notice 6 + 1 (1.5 pp)

Perform (Piano) 12 + 5 (3 pp)


Attractive 2

Progression (Power Resistance) 2

Progression (Pheromones) 2


Boost (5) 8 ranks (Reaction (+3), Aura (+1), Total Fade (+1), Others Only (-1)) = 72

Pheromones (4) 5 ranks = 20

Power Resistance(2) 10 ranks (Affects Others (+1), Total (+1), Others Only (-1)) = 30


Weakness Major (Human Touch) 6

Costs: Abilities (12) + Combat (2) + Saves (3) + Skills (11) + Feats (6) + Powers (122) - Drawbacks (6) = 150

Power Explanation: Whenever Jason makes skin contact the target has all their traits instantly boosted by 8 power points each. While skin contact is retained, Power Resistance activates on up to five subjects. Unaffected by the resistance himself, any who keep contact with him are protected by his power. In addition, if skin contact is kept for over a minute the drain of the Boost and Resistance begins to kick in, effectively draining all of his attributes by one for each round of contact as his own energy is drained away. Each of his powers are fueled by his own power which he seems to radiate, contributing to his alluring looks and powerful abilities.

Any questions, comments, concerns, or criticisms are greatly appreciated!

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You're one of two things:

1) A glutton for punishment


2) A drama major (which essentially amounts to the same thing)

Okay, I don't have a ton of time here today, but here are the big things I see as "wrong". You might see them as character builders, but having a negative toughness and no upgrades to your saving throws are going to get Jason rendered unconscious a lot. You have no attacks, and no way to actually hit anyone anyway with an attack bonus of +0. I should tell you that even normal people have a +1 or +2 there. Plus, with a defense bonus of +1, you will be hit and go down each time you are.

I'm not quite sure what you expect to get out of this guy. I know you're trying to make an "off-beat" character, but I think you might have gone to far in trying to present him challenges. In fact, I know you have. Weakness (Human Touch)? With a guy geared to help people out? This is a clear example of form coming before function to me. I'm sorry I'm so blunt in my assessment here, but unless you're a very special type of person, this guy is not going to be any fun to play.

Just my two cents.

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