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Site Down Saturday (4/26)


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The site was down today from ~10:00AM EST until ~5:30 PM. There was a problem with our Domain Name Server, but it is now fixed (thanks EF!). For the next day or so you may encounter sporadic outages as the DNS info re-propagates around the world. Sorry for any inconvenience.

I have restored the patched files and reactivated the chat.


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I'm glad the site is up and running. Following the emails was exciting (will the Freedom City PhP be closed forever? Stay tuned!) then I thought of all those posts I wrote getting devoured by the intrawubbs. :(

Have no fear, true believers! FCPBP will never die. Our site was built with:

Regeneration 2 (Resurrection) [Extra: True Resurrection, Power Feats: Diehard, Persistent, Benefit 2 (Backup Plan, Test Site).


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