GM   Sunday, 14th December   The High Steaks Casino / Restaurant   Early Evening   Sasha Shots was dressed to kill. And that was her aim.    Not a shot through the heart. At least not the ballistic type. Her target was Geckoman, and she was dressed to make him swoon. It was a simple matter - she had poured herself into a hot little black cocktail dress of high expense, adorned herself with a few choice expensive jewels and jewelry, and applied her face paint.    Sasha Shots was a journalist of average capabilities. What did make her valuable was a body to die for and a face to weep over. She was the new "face" of media, sweating pure sex appeal.    And the corner of High Steaks, overlooking both the ground floor eating, and the raised area where gambling of all sorts took place, was hers. It was an opera booth of sorts.    She checked her watch.    Would Geckoman be late?   The Daily Herald has publically invited him here today to give his "side" of the story, under the headline "Geckoman? Has he the Geckoballs?"   The crowd below were packed, both gamblers and diners (and a large number who were both), all craning their necks to catch a glimpse of the "Rogue Reptile!"