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Yeah, I hope this one's good -I've been a fan of the trailer for several months, and I'm especially happy about the presence of Jason Bateman, a modern master of naturalistic understated comedy. Just they way he say's "Greenpeace does" cracks me up. Also the concept of a somewhat incompetant superhero really appeals to me, the same way The Tick does.

Between this one, The Dark Knight, Iron Man and Hellboy 2, looks to be a better superhero summer this year :D

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I've recently seen a another trailer that paints a slightly different picture of the movie. It's still great stuff, but Hancock becomes more of a misunderstood savant than a purposefully destructive incompetent.


Unfortunately, it seems like it's not loading as fast as other videos. You might want to give it a few moments to buffer before you watch.

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