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Rice's New Character (PL 10)


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This is the WIP character sheet of my first character on the site. Any help with the crunch is greatly welcome appreciated. I am aiming for a melee tank/damage dealer kind of role.

Player Name: Rice

Character Name: Dragonknight

Power Level: (10) (150/150PP)

Trade-Offs: None

Unspent Power Points: 0

Progress To Bronze Status: 0/30

In Brief: By day, Will fights for justice as a lawyer in the DA's office. By night, Will is the Dragonknight, an honourable and virtuous warrior who patrols the streets of Freedom City's most dangerous neighbourhoods.

Alternate Identity: William Storm

Identity: Secret

Birthplace: Svalbard

Occupation: Criminal Lawyer

Affiliations: Freedom City's DA Office

Family: Will has three siblings. He and siblings are estranged, and his parents have both passed away.

Description: Will Storm is a slim, young, male with blue eyes, black hair, and a healthy complexion. A believer in good hygiene, and almost always seems clean and polished. His hair is usually cut close to his scalp, and his facial hair is likewise kept very short. Will's eyes can best be described as inquisitive, especially when he seems excited. His eyes are a polished white. When working, Will wears moderately expensive suits, giving his appearance a sharp and edgy feel. He looks fairly fit, and it is evident that he takes care of himself, but Will is not extremely built or well-muscled. Play-by: Richard Madden

Age: 11/24/1989

Apparent Age: 25

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 165 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Short black hair.

Power Descriptions: Will is fire-blooded, meaning that he has the blood of dragons running through his veins. Will's skin seems warm to the touch. The heat in his blood gives him increased resistance to poison, disease, and frost-based attacks. He is also immune to fire-based attacks.

The majourity of Will's power comes from his mystical suit of armour. The armour is made up of a unique steel alloy, and forged in dragonfire. It covers Will from head to toe, protecting him from the majourity of his enemies' attacks. Because Will is fire-blooded, the armour's other mystical properties activate when he wears it. The armour greatly increases his strength, along with several other physical attributes. The armour also grants Will all of the fighting skill of those who wore it before him, making him a deadly warrior. On a final note, ever since Will first put on the armour, his nights have been filled with wild dreams showing him the history of the armour and his people.

History: The Dragonknight's legend begins thousands of years ago, on the Norweigen archipelgio Svalbard. Svalbard was a cold and unforgiving place ruled by fire, blood, and sword. Several noble families waged bitter wars against each other, fighting for dominance, honour, and the hope that one day their exploits would be remembered in legend and song. To top things off, Svalvard was also home to greedy and blood-thirsty dragons.

It was not long before the Storm family took a position of power among the other ruling families of Svalbard. An alliance was struck, and the people of Svalbard united together to hunt down the remaining dragons. The human pact was successful, and most of the dragons on Svalbard were killed or wiped out.

Aric Storm, a legitimized bastard of the Storm family, viewed wiping out the dragons as an act against nature, and believed that the people of Svalbard would be harshly punished by the gods if the dragons were completely wiped out. He tried to help one of the dragons go into hiding, but that was a temporary solution at best. Aric resolved to absorb the dragon's essence, becoming the first of the dragon-blooded as he did so. As a parting gift, the dragon breathed fire hot enough for Aric to forge a powerful suit of enchanted armour.

Time went by, and Aric soon became the head of the Storm family. Aric his sons, and their sons became renown for their spectacular fire magic, while remaing unbeatable in battle thanks to Aric's enchanted suit of armour. Yet as time went by, the fire-blooded bloodline became more and more diluted with the blood of none fire-blooded. Eventually, the ability to generate and manipulate fire faded, and the stories of Aric and his sons became stories of legend and song. When feudalism was replaced by democracy, the Storm family changed from lords to merchants. The need for war disappeared, and the suit of armour became a decorative family heirloom.

In present day, the Storm family was a wealthy family that owned stocks in several large corporations. Will was the second of two boys, and he had a younger sister as well. Will's parent had children later into their lives, and he had not been born until both parents were in their mid-thirties. Will did not get along the best with his family. They preferred the finer things in life, while Will found himself drawn to the regular people that he got to interact with while growing up. Will also found himself attracted to older technology, and while the rest of his family was upstairs watching television on the large plasma flat-screen, Will was downstairs, listening to old radio broadcasts. He especially liked the stories and interviews regarding Centurion.

The story of Centurion's sacrifice inspired Will. Growing up, Will frequently expressed his dreams to one day be a superhero, and help people. Will's parents did their best to crush his dream, sending him to a private boarding school when he was twelve, much to Will's dismay. The boarding school was not entirely bad though, as it propelled Will into Cambridge, where he got the education he needed to become a criminal lawyer, a profession that allowed him to fight criminals and help people.

When an early bout of cancer claimed Will's mother, and a heart attack took his father four months later, Will was saddened, but not to an extreme amount. His brother inherited the family buisness and his sister was left the family estate. Will himself inherited the family heirloom, the magical suit of dragon-forged armour.

Unbeknown to Will, he was actually the last of the fire-blooded. The armour, which had not been worn for several centuries, seemed to call Will to it. He eventually gave into the calling and tried on the armour. It fit him perfectly, and Will could feel the power inside of it.

Finally armed with the means to be a true superhero, Will moved to the superhero capital of the world: Freedom City. He got a job in the DA's office, a job that he works at during the day. During the night, Will has adopted the persona of the Dragonknight, an up-and-coming hero who stands for honour, courage, and justice.

Personality & Motivation: Will's primary motivation is his desire to be recognized as a legendary superhero. Will has a sense of persepective that human life is very short, and he wants to be remembered for a long time after his death. Will also feels the need to help people and fight injustice. He wants to be remembered as a great and inspiring hero, a paragon of virtue, and a good example to every hero that comes after him. Will's heart guides him to be a hero, and his dreams guide him to be the biggest hero in history.

Will is generally a quiet person, preferring to listen to others than hear his own voice. In the courtroom, Will would rather win a case through hard evidence than honeyed words. Social situations make Will outright uncomfortable.

As a whole, Will is very traditional and old-fashioned. He acts chivarously towards woman, children, and those in unfortunate circumstances. He is very polite and courteous when interacting with others. He also holds many old-fashioned beliefs. Will does not approve of same-sex marriages, and while he is polite to woman, he also believes that woman and men do not stand on equal grounds. Another thing that Will does not support is change. He is more likely to follow tradition and routine than embrace new things. Will likes to keep his life organized. His office and his home are clean and tidy, as is Will himself. Will is very disciplined, and runs his life efficiently and orderly.

Even in high stress situations, Will is able to remain relaxed. Will's lack of nerves is mostly derived from the fact that he almost always has a plan for his current situation, and even if he does not, he is capable of thinking rationally and can improvise a plan on the spot. Will's strong self-discipline and control are also strong factors that keep him calm in the face of great danger.

The four best words to describe Will would be duty, loyalty, courage, and conviction. Will's has a great sense of duty, and he understands that work and sacrifice are important for the benfit of all. Will is loyal to his friends, family, and allies, and expects the same from everyone he works with. Will is not afraid of doing what he needs to do, and cares to little about his own mortality to worry too much about his own life. Will also possesses great conviction. He does not waver easily from his beliefs, and can be very stubborn. In the past, Will's bull-headedness has helped him as much as it has hindered him.

Powers & Tactics: Will's fighting style is derived from the tactics used by the ancient warriors of Svalbard, which is that the best offense, is a good defense. Will's strategy is based on the belief that any enemy of Will's will eventually need to engage Will in close-range. When Will's opponent closes the distance, they will run right intoba wall of shield and spear, breaking themselves against Will's iron defense. In combat, Will prefers to fight at a close-range, where he can use his strength, almost impervious armour, and his weapons to wear down and break his opponent. In case Will is forced to enageg in ranged combat, then Will's options shrink down to either throwing his spear, or charging forward to close the distance.


: Will can be depended on to never kill, resort to underhanded tactics, or try deceived someone. He also believes that everyone else will follow these rules as well. His tragic flaw is honour before reason.

: If Will's secret identity were to be discovered, his credibility as a lawyer and as a hero would be in danger.

: Will is a lawyer in the DA's office. If he is unable to regularly attend work, he would lose his job and primary source of income.

: 3 + 2 + 5 + 7+ 8 + 5 = 30 PP

Strength: 13 (+0)

Dexterity: 12 (+0)

Constitution: 15 (+0)

Intelligence: 17 (+0)

Wisdom: 18 (+0)

Charisma: 15 (+0)
Edited by Rice
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Rice, something has gone dreadfully wrong with the formatting of the mechanical half of the sheet. You need to get that sorted out at your earliest convenience. Also, you ought to separate your various sections in the story half of the sheet.

"Yet as time went by, the fire-blooded bloodline became more and more polluted." <Thaaaat's a bit iffy a choice of words. 'Polluted' in terms of being made unclean also seems to be less the issue than the magic fading as the dragon's soul infused successive generations with power. I'd advise adjusting the wording there.

If he's all about normal people, has a strong sense of personal justice, and has the benefit of such lengthy historical perspective, why is he still more traditionalist than progressive?

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Thanks for the help man. I separated the story sections, and am going get as much of the mechanical stuff set up as I can tonight. I changed the wording from "polluted", to "diluted". I hope that's better.

As for Will's personality, he is a traditionalist for multiple reasons. One of the reasons is that the suit of armour grants him the fighting ability and tactical intelligence of his ancestors. Wearing the armour kind of causes some of Will's ancestors' beliefs to bleed into his mind and change his opinions on certain matters to reflect the opinion of the past. Another reason that Will is generally opposed to change is that when he looks back at his family histoy, he sees that change has negatively impacted his family. His amcestors were heroes, but now the members of his family are primarily concerned with money. His ancestors used to have powers, but those powers have faded. The final reason Will is a traditionalist is that I wanted to give him some personality flaws. If he was more progressive, he have almost no vices, and I though making him traditionalist would add a nice twist.

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