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Babe in the Woods

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Saturday, November 15th 2014


Two figures slipped into existance in the quiet woods, as if they appeared out of thin air. But nothing in this place was as it looked, as this was the mysterious, ever-shifting realm of the Fey. Truth told, a keen eye would spot the faint shimmering air that signalled the portal the girls had walked through.

Again, the same observer would notice that one of the figures brought only a general resemblance to a woman. While the general shape was right, human girls didn't have the large, luminous eyes and the unnatural grace this woman possessed. Nor the strangely resonant voice she spoke with, as soon as the portal closed behind them.


"And this is it, the Fey realm," Angie said, staring around. Even if she'd been here many times before, each of them had felt subtly different; bizarre and strangely familiar at the same time.


"As much as I've been told, it's a sort of limbo that exists close to our reality, and yet a little out of synch with it. I can travel through here to any other place in the material plane, and open a portal back through a door or archway on the other side."


A ginger cat - or at least, that's what it looked like - strut along with grace, slightly preceding Angeline.


"I wil take a look around and check for any danger, milady." the cat said. It spoke with a voice that could only be described as... well... sly and cunning, and it looked extremely pleased to be able to roam the place freely.


"Thank you, Oliver. But don't get too far away," Angie told her feline bodyguard, as Oliver sprinted ahead into the undergrowth.


"So, what do you think of it? Isn't it beautiful?" asked Angie, twirling around and looking at her companion, her roommate Haukea.

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Stronghold looked around- she'd chosen to wear her costume for this, partially to project an... um... certain image.  After all, she'd read the fairy tales.  Not the Disney ones, the Brothers Grimm ones.  She hadn't entirely been expecting the offer from Angie- or Trailblazer, as she was also starting to be known- and didn't entirely know why she'd made it.  Maybe she wanted someone to be able to share stuff like this with?  Haukea could understand that.  


"It is beautiful, Angie... and thanks for bringing me here.  But... um... okay, how to put this.  The really old stories about fairies I've read, they can be... beautiful, but dangerous.  Not that that applies to you.  Um.  Half-applies, anyway.  You're beautiful, but you're nice-"


Haukea cut off, blushing.  "Er... you know.  Anyway, what I mean is, is there anything I need to... um... look out for while I'm here?"

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If Angie's fairy-form skin could blush, she probably would have done so too.


"Well... thank you. But I can be dangerous too!" she giggled. Good work, Angie. She's flirting, ad you're flirting back. What would Mike say? she thought, he'd want to see your superhero cape, was the disappointing answer.


Angie sighed.


"If Mom's right - and I used to think she's completely insane, mind you - not all of the Fair Folks are as connected to humans as my father and... well, I... are. Many of them think in a very different way from humans and all of them are very unpredictable. But we won't be staying here long anyway, and I can gate us back any time. Also, Oliver is out there scouting for danger. Father gave him the task to protect me, and he takes it surprisingly seriously for a Fae. In short, we should be safe."

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Stronghold blushed again.  "Sorry, not saying you couldn't be, I... sometimes just let my mouth run away from me, say things that are a bit awkward."


She looked at Angie as the other girl sighed- something seemed to be up, but she didn't want to press her roommate on it.  It'd probably make things awkward, and she was a guest here anyway.  


Speaking of... "Ah, okay.  Most of the stuff I read was mostly stuff about how it's a bad idea to make a bargain you're not sure you're prepared to keep, stuff like that.  It's a good thing you're here as a guide, is all I'm saying.  So... where are we headed?"

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"Nowhere specific, unless there's somewhere far off you want to emerge at on the other side. We could reach everywhere in the world with ease, I only need to find the right path," Angie replied, "Now that I think about it, it's a wonderful way to escape curfew... you want to spend a night in Vegas? A morning in London? Just ask Angie!"

She giggled, "I bet I could make a bunch of money out of it. 'Angeline Ross, Travel Agent. One hundred bucks for a trip through fairyland!"

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