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Question regarding Seika, languages, complications


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So my character Seika has a complication where her race (a reptilian alien species) isn't considered a sentient race. I have been toying with part of why. However I am not sure if it is something I need to spend PP on or can just run with.

Part of my idea is that her native language doesn't have a typical language structure. They have no 'word' for I or me and have trouble really grasping the idea. Also, their language is based on words but also sounds and ticks. Some of which they can emit on sub and ultra sonic frequencies. So to anyone without ultra hearing it sounds incomplete. And those with the ability to hear it won't find an immediate structure because certain pitches have meaning.

My question is do I need to represent this using powers at all? I already gave her ultrahearing. Do I need to spend PP to give her to ability to speak that way? She has it as her native language already.

Though its a language I would say only her kind can fluently speak.

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Gizmo's Rock, a semi-molten rock monster guy with literally NO vulnerable spots, can say one word: "Rock." Yet, as a Drawback, this can be successfully interpreted by others making a DC15 Sense Motive roll. Not saying that's exactly what you should emulate, and I readily acknowledge that Seika and Rock are rather different in tone, but maybe it might hold an inspiration.

Otherwise it could be a thing only those close to her and those who own universal translators can really understand, with Seika having to use actions and body language to get her points across to those less familiar and prepared.

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She knows galactic standard so she can communicate with others just fine. As a complication for her, her race isn't considered sentient. A combination of too few of them around, a primitive culture and their language slipping them through a loophole. If the Lor really took the time to study them they might be classified as otherwise but they have bo reason too so right now she's basically an animal. No rights.

Most look at her being able to speak as teaching a dog a trick or that she's abnormally intelligent for her kind. When their language is just too complex and out of the range of normal hearing for people to even know they have one.

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The funny thing about the sample Super-Senses is it seems that if the fluff is there, you can emit the medium your sense takes in if you have an Accurate sense I guess.  At least judging by the sample senses.  Some examples being.  Radar is technically just Radio with Accurate on it.  Sonar is just Accurate, Ultrasonic Hearing.  So with Accurate Ultrahearing, you could say she's able to send out ultrasonic tones.  Of course that's not the same thing as speaking in it, but that's what the language is for.  Though the sample senses may not be the best basis as they're essentially Super Senses equivalent of Ultimate Power's Green Chapter and all that implies.  For example X-Ray Vision is just Vision Penetrates Concealment with an optional complication for it to not be affected by a certain substance which is not required by just taking Penetrates Concealment.  


Though speaking of features.  That's all that would be require if you wanted this to have a mechanical effect.  A feature that covers requiring just ultrahearing (not accurate or anything) to hear Seika's native language seems feasible to me but would need a Ref's confirmation.  Though then comes things like telepathy, comprehend, etc, where in the end if the fluff is right they'd understand.  So maybe it's iffy.  I can't say it's a drawback or complication as she can actually speak in understandable Galstandard.  The best answer, imo, would be to say that it's just a descriptor for the Communication Effect maybe limited to speaking in that language if you really wanted to have it.  


Now, as to whether you actually need something to cover this bit of fluff? Probably not, I honestly believe just having the language bought should be enough to simulate understanding/speaking the language.  It honestly isn't likely to be the sort of thing that makes frequent use, again with her being able to speak Galstandard.

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