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Incursion: Blood in the Water (OOC)


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The freighter obviously wasn't designed to support half so many breathing bodies at once, especially not on a long trip like this. The crew did their best to compensate by rerouting power and cranking the filters up to their maximums but the Either Ore probably hasn't been capable of its stated upper limits in many a year. These guys are doing their best to put out the literal fires but they're maintenance workers, not engineers. Ana's going to need to get creative if she wants to get the drive core back up and running.

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There isn't one in this group of guards, anyway, they're all Lor. The issue really isn't his species so much as they've just been through something hugely traumatic and they've never heard of the Praetorians before. They're collectively feeling a little more 'shoot first' than they might normally.

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Paradigm's Power Reserve will be set to boosting her Enhanced Strength for now.


Paradigm will fly up alongside one of the ships and punch it (she will try to position herself so that if she achieves knockback, the ship will crash into another ship and hopefully damage both).  She gets a 28 on her punch, sooo close to a critical.


So, that is at least a DC 30 toughness save for the ship.  If it is considered an object so that she can add her super strength for breaking it, then it is a DC 38 toughness save.

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I'm going to say no on the Super-Strength since the ship are effectively operating as character here and actively fighting back. DC 30 is nothing to scoff at, however, and she can always try grappling them if you want to take advantage of her Super-Strength!
Communion Ships
Toughness Save vs. DC 30: 1d20+10 24
That's enough for Knockback! The needle ships are Huge, however, so that only sends it back a few feet, not enough to hit one of the other fighters.

Space Battle
26 - Communion Ships x2 - Uninjured
26 - Communion Ships x1 - Bruised x1, Dazed
19 - Paradigm - Uninjured, 2HP

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