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Claremont Academy, Front Entrance to the Quad.
November 16, 2014, 4pm


Sakurako rolled out her orange colored plastic case out on to the sidewalk outside the claremont academy. Adjusting the blazer of her favorite yachting outfit, she looked over the front of the building. "Ah... nice archetecture... looks better in person. Far more... well sophisticated."

She nodded to the driver of the minivan she was in, after grabbing a red colored vest from the back seat and what looked like a reddish orange waterproof bag. She sat on her case as the van drove off as she made a quick call on her cell phone she pulled from the vest.


"Hey, Mom.... yep made it to the Academy okay."
"Yeah I'm gonna miss things. But... I might enjoy this place. Looks like a legit castle."
"No.... I've not harassed any of the boys yet."
"Okay, I should go I gotta lug my case inside here... the light dusting of snow isn't making things easier."
"Bye bye!"

She smiled, turning off her smartphone and sliding it into the pocket of the vest, before laying it on the case. She pulled up a handle on one side and started to move the case. It was obvious the scrawny, yet determined pink haired girl wasn't into giving up very easily. Getting the case inside the main foyer, she sits on it again to catch her breath. "Okay... mental note... hit the gym."

She looked around at the old wood hall, taking in the sights of her new home for now...

Okay, people can stop in now.


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Haruko hummed as she walked in the front gate- she'd been out shopping for various supplies.  Well, mainly some good quality cloth.  She had a costume to make, and considering the mystical path she seemed to be going on... well, maybe she could go for a different inspiration, but this one seemed... right.  In a way that the Claremont standard uniform didn't.  Although she probably would have to wear that one on occasion anyway.  


As she walked in, she noticed a girl in what looked like... a sailor outfit?  Must have an interesting taste in clothes... not that she was much better.  She still hadn't tried that dress out that her friends from back in Japan had given her the idea for... still.  


Haruko walked up to the other, pink-haired girl, and paused for a moment, considering, before deciding to speak up in Japanese-accented English.  "Um, hello.  Are you new to Claremont?"

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Sakurako smiled, but then noticed the accent the newcomer produced. Switching to a Tokyoite type of Japanese, she didn't seem to miss a step.

<"Ah, Familiar with Japanese? If you feel more comfortable I'm just as good of a Japanese speaker."> She said, standing up and bowing a little. Trying to stay western while fighting against habits drummed into her over the past 4 years in Japan... <"Hino Sakurako, And I'm new here."> She said, brushing off the lapels of her blazer. <"My first classes are tomorrow, and I wanted to get moved in as soon as humanly possible. You... seem busy."> Sakurako said, looking over the newcomer.

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<"While I'm fair at English, I am more comfortable in my native tongue, yes.">


Haruko's smile lit up the room- metaphorically, at least, she had gotten the hang of not making that literal- as she returned the bow.  <"Miyamoto Haruko.  I'm fairly new as well- I only just started this school year, you see... my parents moved into Freedom City recently, and I started to going to Claremont after...">


She paused for a moment, before bringing up a slightly glowing hand.  <"Well, in my case it isn't a particularly large secret anyway.  And no, I'm not busy.">

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Sakurako kept her smile as she opened the waterproof bag, pulling out something that looked technological, sure, but it had a hint of hand-crafted class... a wooden handle with faux-ivory plastic inlays, strategically picked LED lights, and other accouterments... then again it just looked like the case of a Sonic Screwdriver modified heavily to Sakurako's needs. After all there were copyright issues involved, and if some manufacturer someday makes a toy of Sakurako's favorite gadget, well... it can't look like a Sonic Screwdriver.

Before she closed the bag, it looked like there was some folded up red and yellow material, and what looked like the classic Claremont gold and blue in material as well.

<"That's okay, I come from a pretty active family for stuff like that... well... more stuff like what I got here."> She said, pressing a button, and the case seemed to ever so slowly follow her command as if Sakurako was a conductor. <"This case isn't made of much ferrous materials, so I can pull this, but slowly... which was my intent. This wand lets me manipulate the forces of electromagnetism. That includes moving metal stuff.">

She smiled. She loved showing off without really showing off. When a student walked by, Sakurako lied that the case was remote controlled with a motor. Then things continued as Sakurako parked the case again. <"I got a flair for inventing. It's my thing.">

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<"Mmmmm. You don't need to conceal your powers here, though. The school doesn't advertise to the outside world, but it would be… hard to conceal it from all the students.">

Haruko smiled. <"As for myself… I have various light-based abilities. Possibly of a spiritual origin, I don't actually know. I'm also studying some magic to try and find out. Your inventions seem quite useful, though.">

She held up the package she held, some lengths of white and red… cloth. <"I was just coming back from purchasing some materials to make my costume, but it is a little late to start on that anyway. If you like, we could go to a common room, talk for a while.">

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Errant... was Errant. The red cord of his earbuds disappeared under the Senior's grey hood.  There was a berth of people avoiding him, 'cause he was more than a little bit of the weird guy at Claremont.  Not that he ever actively did anything negative to anyone.  Though, he never seemed unwilling to make a cutting comment, in a flat, monotone voice, with no regard to tact.  Not that he didn't have friends, but outside of them... well people tended to look askance at the dour telepath.


Of course while he tried to not pay attention to the world around him, or look very hard like that was the case, he did see Sakurako because, well... Colors.


They were on his way towards something, probably another long and boring lecture on ethics.  Something he felt he was exposed to more heavily because of his background.  And that one incident.  Well... there was that other one.  And the one time...  Okay, maybe there was a valid point for him going to ethics courses.  Either case, he looked somewhat curiously as he approached in their direction.

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Sakurako knew she had something. Magic to her was a strange new experience. Her understanding of science was left at no answer for what magic and mysticism could accomplish, and she loved that. A mystery to explore further. <"Red and White huh? Well... Tell you what... If I remember, there is a meeting room down the hall a couple of doors, Doesn't look like anything is going on. I could show you the X1 Exploration Suit I designed myself in there.">

She noticed the behooded teenager approaching, who seemingly looked interested in the goings on... or at least her.

"Oh... umm, Hello. Are we in the way?"

Yeah, always a good opener to break the ice... if his volume wasn't turned up too high. She thought. Brushing back some of her naturally pink hair.

<"Who's the tall, brooding, and musically inclined gentleman, Miyamoto-Senpai?">

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<"Oh?  That might be interesting, Sakurako-san.">


As she noticed Errant approaching, and Sakurako's greeting of the other teenager, she smiled as she switched to English.  "I have not been at this school for much longer than you, truth be told.  Although I am honored that you might consider me like that, Sakurako-san."


She then turned to Errant.  "I do not think we have actually met yet, in fact, although I think I have seen you around?  I am Haruko Miyamoto.  And this is Sakurako Hino, she has just arrived."

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Reaching up, he pulled one of the earbuds out, and then let it fall against the grey zipped up hooded sweatshirt then.  "Mm, new."  It wasn't a question, his bright, hazel eyes regards them both with a bit more scrutiny than was polite, but then, that was how Errant was apt to be on a given day.  "Summers talked to you?"  His accent was hard to pin down, despite his flat, emotionless voice.  He was from somewhere.  But what, could be a mixed bag, as was his clear ethnicity.


Then he stopped, weighing them both, though particularly the pink haired one.  "No.  You haven't.  Should do that, or you waiting on your advisors?"  As he spoke the hand that had grabbed his earbud rose and grasped at his jaw, the other hand pressing to the top of his head through the hood, and he slowly cranked at it, popping his neck loudly, audibly.

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Sakurako nodded. "I'll be meeting with him later in the evening. I got a few hours to waste." Sakurako said, smiling, scratching her head. "So for right now I'm just figuring out something to do... I got a bit froggy and came to the Academy early. Wanted to take in things. You know?"

She brushed off her skirt, standing up again, looking over at the empty meeting room. A janitor had just cleaned in there and the tables and chairs were neatly arranged. The door was still open as well. "Well... A solution presents itself! Come on, Haruko."

She nodded to the newcomer. "Besides, this cart of mine makes a poor seat."

Sakurako starts tugging along her cart, now using her EM wand to do the pulling. "And yes, I am aware of protocol, Mr. Hoodie. I've dotted my I's and crossed my T's. Paperwork is a nerd's lot in life. And what is your name, anyways? I can't keep calling you Mr. Hoodie and stuff. Seems rude."

Her tone wasn't mean, she seemed friendly enough. Joking about a bit, even. Calm in new surroundings, or more she's never really settled down. "Besides... have you eaten yet? Maybe we can talk for a little bit... use the WiFi here."

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He started to say something, and then stopped, pressing his lips tightly for a moment, letting silence settle back.


"Errant."  He watched her and what she was doing, and then glanced to the other girl.  "It would be easier to take it to your room, and then look around.  Or go to the cafeteria."  If he took affront to her words, he didn't say anything, or give much indication.  Not that she knew about him, but theynboth Sakurako and Haruko were really much in the way of hiding their intentions and for someone like them, they were kind of an open book.  So he didn't really need to use his powers.


Though he did commit them to memory, not that he really needed to try, mind you.  It happened the moment he saw them.

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"That is true..."


Haruko did find herself a bit taken aback by Errant and how... blunt he was.  Almost to the point of rudeness, at least from her upbringing.  Still, you'd get every type, and she couldn't discount the possibility that he had had some... difficult periods in his past.  He might just not open up much.  


That was his decision, if so.  She didn't want to pry.  "Well, you could do that, yes.  Maybe show me that suit of yours once we get to the rooms, perhaps?  Or..."


She didn't exactly want to shut out Errant, either.  "Maybe we could go to the cafeteria and talk for a bit."

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Sakurako thought for a moment.

"Perhaps you're right... Errant." she said, pulling out a sheet of paper from her pocket on her paper. "I'll take my stuff to my assigned quarters, then we can take it to the Cafeteria. Only logical to chit-chat there I guess." She looked down at her outfit. "Perhaps I can dress down a little too... Or actually show off my other invention... well visually, not in function."

She shook her head in flustered embarassment "Ugh... you know what I mean. Anyways..." she looked at her watch... "Should take me 10 minutes. Find a seat there and I'll meet everyone there, okay?"

Smiling she shuttled off to her dorm. Exited to show everyone her pride and joy.

12 minutes later...

Sakurako walked into the roomy cafeteria, and if there was anyone in there, she was obvious. Her yellow and red "Exploration Suit" had it's helmet in it's "soft mode" resting loosely behind her head over the sailor collar of the suit. The slight clack of the heels of her suit were somewhat audible as there wasn't many people there. She had the red vest she had on buckled up looking ready for a mission, although she was demonstrating more how her load-out looks, and had her waterproof orange bag over her shoulder. She looked around for Haruko, or the be-hoodied Errant.

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Haruko smiled as she set off to her own dorm to deposit her newly-bought supplies, before making her way back to the cafeteria.  The other girl was obviously quite proud of her invention, so it would be interesting to see what it was like.  


After finding a seat, she smiled as Sakurako entered the room- admiring the suit.  She waved the other girl over, before speaking up.  "Ah- this is the suit.  It looks lovely- and well-designed.  You look good in it, too, although I suspect you would make many outfits look good."


She paused, before continuing, a slight blush on her cheeks.  "Er... it looks like you can move a lot more than a lot of diving suits I have seen.  Do you know how deep it can go?"

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"I have seen the Titanic. First hand. Well... my parents came along... had a couple of glitches but those were more calibration of the nanotex membranes this suit is mostly made of." She said, stretching the suit a little. "This suit is actually a network of nanites linked by a graphene membrane. At depth the suit generates a pressure resistant field that keeps me in a comfortable 1 atmosphere."

Smiling she showed off the sides of the suit. On the back it had obvious cylinders and tubing. "I'm still trying to perfect a completely internal life support system. Every attempt I have had so far, it causes the suit to inflate, giving me only about 10 minutes before the suit's too pressurized to allow for movement."

She sighed as she sat down. She pulled the hood up on her suit and closed it to the neck and it puffed out into a round sphere-like form. She giggled. "In this mode I am spaceworthy too. Although my parents expressly told me to never go up there until I'm 18."

She pouted.

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Samaritan had been out on an patrol. It had been boring. Not even a mugging. To be fair, it was that sweet spot when the late night crowd had gone home and the early birds hadn’t left yet. But still. Nothing? Anyway, he jogged out of an alley, backpack slung over his shoulder, and went into Claremont. It still kind of amazed him that this place did double duty as a normal school and a superhero school. Headmaster Summers must have a lot of practice keeping his secret identity back in the day, whatever it was. A quick change of clothes, and it was off to the cafeteria. He was in line getting a snack, when unexpectedly pink hair shocked his eyeballs. “Wha? Pink?†Though, truth be told, he’d seen more outrageous things back in NYC. Buuuut that was New York, and this was Freedom. Weren’t too many people with different tastes in hair dye around here. Not even at Claremont. “Whoa. Cool.†And the chick was wearing was this cool looking wetsuit, which appealed strongly to his inner techie. And she was talking to another girl who was actually Asian, maybe even actually Japanese. This needed further investigation, oh yes it did. He stepped closer. “What’s up, ladies? Finding your way around all right?†Man…Vonnie would forever be a New Yorker, but he liked Freedom more and more every day.

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"Oh?  I would love to go with you sometime to see places like that, Sakurako-c- san."


She passed off her slip with only a slight blush.  She didn't normally slip up like that, but... ah.  Someone to distract her from that.  


Haruko smiled as she turned and looked at the young man who'd just introduced himself.  "Ah, yes, we both have been.  I am Haruko, this is Sakurako.  I have been here a few weeks, while she has just arrived."


She looked him over for a moment.  Quite friendly.  She thought he might have noticed Sakurako's hair first, actually.  Which she had certainly noticed as well.  It was... hard to miss.  "It is a pleasure to meet you.  What is your name?"

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As it stood, Vonnie appeared to be nothing more than another ambiguously brown student. Maybe a little on the handsome side, but not so much that he stood out. He wasn’t even dressed out of the ordinary. Jeans. Polo knock-off shirt. Sneakers. He directed his attention to Haruko. “Me? I’m Vonnie.†Now that he thought about it some. “Yeah…I think I’ve seen you around. I’m a sophomore, too. Think we’ve got that art class together on Thursdays, but don’t hold me to it. Sometimes I mix up faces. But you-â€He pivoted to Sakurako-“I have never seen before. Wouldn’t forget a face like that. What brings you to our fair school?†He managed to face them both with that last sentence, as if he was asking both at the same time. “Me, I’ve had some…bad breaks. Lost my mom. Still, I’ve got potential, says Headmaster Summers. So here I am.†There was a moment where his good cheer almost went out, but then it was back.

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Sakurako realized how fortunate she was. "Nice to meet you, Vonnie." She said, adjusting her suit.


"Actually, my Parents want me to start to let my inventive skills blossom." She said, looking at her EM Wand. "This Electromagnetic Manipulation Wand was the first invention I ever made. Made it when I was about 8 or 9 years old, and refined it ever since."

"I'm Sakurako... Sakurako Hino. Maybe or maybe not you've heard of Tetsuryu and Ensign Minneapolis? They're my parents. They put the powered armor and supersuit in the closet when they had me... wanted to raise me properly. Might know them as Mikoto and Hikaru Hino. I wager it's been in the news Hino Heavy Industries and Aeronautics is moving it's global headquarters here."

She leaned forward, the besailor-suited space girl with pink hair wasn't overly cute, but there was a maturity to Sakurako. "I've actually done some superhero stuff already. Although I don't like to brag. In fact... I was scared outta my mind through some of it."

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Errant was there, then.  No flash, one moment he wasn't there, and then he was there.  He was in a seat off to the side, not looking at them, both cords for his earbuds trailing up into his hood, and his head was canted to let his cheek rest in his upturned palm.  His expression was as flat as it had been before, and the way he looked at them wasn't as intrusive as one could muster.  Errant had a way about it that made it seem like he was reading you even when his mind never reached out.


"Errant."  He said, by way of inductions.

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"Oh, hey!" Sakurako said. "He met up with us earlier in the foyer!" Sakurako said, smiling.

What if he thinks my suit's weird...

Something about how Errant regarded everyone made her feel like she was being dissected. It made her feel very self-conscious. "I... I... hmm..."

Sakurako choked on her words for a moment. "I.. I know, everyone? Is there anything you guys want to eat? I can go get it for you... after all, I'm the newbie here."

She blushed. She hadn't dealt with supers like her at the other schools she's been to... although it saddened her there wasn't any geniuses she could really talk to. But there was something about Haruko...

"You want something, Haruko?"

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Haruko looked at Vonnie in sympathy.  She did know what it was like to lose a family member before their time, although she... suspected not in the same circumstances he must've, and not such a close relationship.  "I did not arrive at Claremont in exactly easy circumstances myself, although not as harsh as you seem to have had.  Mine was probably on the news, anyway."


She sighed, before nodding to Errant as he arrived. "Hello there."


After considering Sakurako's question, she smiled.  "If they are serving ramen today, I will have some... I will come with you, actually.  Help you carry the meals back."

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Vonnie raised an eyebrow. “That is cool. I’mma have to take a look at that sometime. I’m a little into tech, too. Though I wouldn’t say I’m a genius, you know? I just know a few things.†Hino Heavy Industries…Vonnie pondered the same for a moment “The name’s familiar, but not really. Sorry. I’m just a kid from Brooklyn. I don’t know that much about big tech firms and all that.†At Sakurako’s mention of heroing, “Just a little? Practically a virgin. I been at this for over a year. Yeah, all but the last couple months were up in NYC, but still. I’ll take you on patrol with me. How about it?†He flicked a glance at Haruko. “You can come, too.†Then Errant. “…I don’t know if you’d even want to, man. Heard about some of the stuff you get up to. I’m just small potatoes. You are welcome though, I guess.†Aaand back to the ladies. “If you can’t swing or fly or whatever, I can carry you. Just gotta hold on tight. I can swing faster than most cars go in this town.†Vonnie was a good kid and he had a girlfriend he adored, this much was true. However, he was still a teenage boy and thus couldn’t help fantasizing about two pretty girls holding onto him tightly and then beating thug booty with a big civilian cheering section. Because…come on, man. What lady-lovin’ teenage boy (or girl, if we’re being real) wouldn’t dream of that? Little of this, however, showed on his face. Expert level poker face. Yessir. Look ladies! Crime! Wait. D#$% it. “Actually, I shouldn’t be all cozy like that. My girl wouldn’t like it. She’s a civvie, doesn’t go here. Y’all go ahead and eat.†He indicated his own snack. “I’m covered.â€

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Sakurako looked over at Vonnie. "I was on the front lines of the rescue and relief effort after the East Japan Earthquake. Didn't even have my suit I got now at the time, had to borrow my Mom's first suit when she was a sidekick. The wisecracks of "The Schoolgirl Supergenius" I didn't mind. What I had to see... Well I'm sorted now but it was heavy."

She sighed as she stood up. "I think that qualifies for not being a "virgin", Vonnie." She said, turning to Haruko. "Although I wouldn't mind accompanying you two on a patrol nonetheless. I'm fully trained for first response. Thank you for the invitation, I'm accepting it." She said with a smile.

"So Haruko... Ramen... Hopefully it's not from a package, huh?"

She decided to take her mission vest off, setting it on her chair. It sort of thumped on the seat, obviously well loaded.

"Be right back." Sakurako said. Seemingly unaware how strange she was dressed compared to everyone else.

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