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Frostguard (PL 10) - Celestine

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Player Name:  Celestine

Character Name:  Frostguard

Power Level:  10 (150pp)

Trade-Offs:  -2 Acc / +2 Dmg, -2 Def / +2 Tou

Unspent Power Points:  150

Progress to Bronze Status:  0 / 30

In Brief:  Ice-Projector in a containment Battlesuit trying to keep in touch with his humanity.

Residence:  "The Icebox" a specially designed suite build into one of ASTRO Labs's research facilities in Freedom City's North End.

Alternate Identity:  Christopher White

Identity:  Public

Birthplace:  Freedom City,

Occupation:  Test Subject (joint venture between ASTRO Labs and the Albright Institute).  Former Janitor for ASTRO Labs.  Former US Army Rifleman (Private First Class).

Affiliations:  ASTRO Labs


Alicia Winters (Ex-Fiance) - Alicia and Christopher were deeply involved, and Christopher had intended to marry her when the SHADOW attack put him on ice.  No one knew how long Mr. White would be frozen, for all intents and purposes he was dead, and so Alicia grieved and moved on with her life.  Alicia is still afraid of Christopher after his initial rampage, though he still cares deeply for her.

Cpt. Victor White (Brother) - "The Good Son", Victor stuck with the military career track that his older brother shunned and earned a commission.  Victor and Christopher were always trying to outdo one another, but they've also always had each other's backs when the chips are down.  Vic is currently deployed overseas however.

Col. Jacob White (Father) - Though "Battling Jack" has left active service in the United States Army, he's never been the shy and retiring type.  He's recently been making inroads into Freedom City's political scene, playing the role of the old war hero as he drums up conservative support in Freedom City's traditionally liberal political climate.  He's made no particular statements regarding the role of superpowered heroes in the city, but more than a few of his supporters fondly recall the years under Mayor Moore.

Sarah White (Mother) - Sarah was a school teacher when she met her husband, though she eventually left the profession to focus on raising her family.  She learned a long time ago to be a gentle guiding hand to contrast Jack's firm authoritarian tones, and is largely responsible for how well a family of hard-headed men have managed to stay together all these years.  She was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer earlier this year, though so far she hasn't told either of her children.


Age:  28 (December 21, 1986)

Apparent Age:  24

Gender:  Male

Ethnicity:  Caucasian (Skin tone is now a frosty blue)

Height:  6'3"

Weight:  165 lbs

Eyes:  Solid white

Hair:  White (Shaven bald, he thinks it makes him look old)

Christopher White is a young man with a solid physique that suggests a great deal of weight lifting.  His flesh is a shade of pale blue and is cold to the touch, his breath carrying a fine mist of ice with it.  His eyes are solid white making it difficult to tell in exactly which direction he's looking.  His head is normally smooth and clean-shaven; however occassionally bits of white stubble betray the color of his hair.  Chris actually dresses warmly in situations that permit him casual clothes, with a fondness for dark colored turtlenecks, though it rarely does anything for the preternatural chill in his bones.

As Frostguard, Christopher wears an ergonomically designed suit of white power armor.  The metallic collar rises high to protect the flexible material of the neck piece, and there's a rounded backpack and broad shoulder guards that make him seem broader than he really is.  Through the seams in the armor, one can see a cerulean underlayer that faintly glows in low light as specially designed coolant fluid runs armored the armored plates.  Frostguard's helmet is similarly white with a deep blue face plate white his ghostly eyes are visible through but not his face.

Power Descriptions

To protect his cold-adapted body from the ravages of warmer temperatures, Frostguard inherently projects a field that slows molecular activity and causes objects to flash freeze.  This is normally apparent by the moisture in the air drifting to the ground in impromptu snowflakes, as well as a thin layer of ice forming on objects around him, though normal people rapidly show signs of suffering from exposure and frost bite in his presence.  To protect others from his powers, Frostguard wears a suit of white power armor which is cooled internally to his powers from activating this protective ability.  If the suit is badly damaged, however, his powers once again kick into overdrive and he's unable to prevent this aside from extreme measures like encasing himself in ice.

Naturally, Frostguard can create sheets of ice create slipper hazards or leech the heat from others bodies.  His armor, however, includes a reservoir of coolant fluid which he projects from ports in his palms, which allows him to create ice at will.  This can be something as simple as a barrage of icy shards, bonds of frost, or large and intricately detailed structures which can be built in seconds.  His power armor also included linear motors giving him strength far beyond a normal man, and is made of specially treated materials which allow him to withstand even missile impacts relatively unscathed.

As one might imagine, Christopher is immune to the effects of cold on the body, and though he is no longer in suspended animation he doesn't seem to be aging either.  He also seems to have a strange, natural ability to walk on ice without slipping.  Though his powers are capable of resisting temperate climates, extremely hot conditions cause him immense discomfort and he's wary of foes with fire-based weaponry.


Christopher White was once just another of America's aimless young men.  Out of highschool, he'd joined the Army to follow in his father's footsteps, but the tightly regimented life style didn't agree with him at all.  Of course, the Army would pay for him to enroll in school once he completed his tour of duty ... but he really couldn't decide on what to major in.  Ultimately, he ended up a janitor, mopping the floors of one of ASTRO Labs's local research facilities during the graveyard shift.  It wasn't glamorous, but it paid the bills, and he was saving up for an engagement ring for the woman in his life whom he'd met back in basic training.

Christopher's life, however, was changed one night when the terrorist organization SHADOW attacked the lab in the middle of the night, intent on stealing some rare scientific equipment for their own nefarious schemes.  Seeing them threatening his co-workers, Christopher leapt to their defense, though ultimately all he managed to do was get himself exposed to an in-progress cyrogenics experiment.  Once the SHADOW agents were repelled, the ASTRO Labs technicians were able to confirm that Christopher was still alive, though apparently in a state of suspended animation.  The problem was that they were uncertain how to get him out of that condition.

Years passed with Christopher stored as a lab sample in a back room, preserved in a tube that regulated the temperature he'd been frozen at.  However, what noone could know was that a painstakingly slow change was taking place in Mr. White's body at the molecular level.  It was changing at the molecular level, adapting to his frozen state, and one blustery winter day he woke up.  He was disoriented, still half dreaming, with a body that seemed unfamiliar and strange new powers at his finger tips that he could only barely control.  The rampage of the Abominable Snowman was short-lived, but down by a handful of untested heroes, though not before Christopher reached his old fiancé and saw her with another man.

After the criminal charges were waved, Christopher returned to ASTRO Labs who believed that his cells contained the secret to resuscitating normal humans from cryogenic slumber without the catastrophic cellular damage that normally followed.  Christopher lived in a specially designed chamber that provided the chilly environment his body craved, however, though he was not under arrest he couldn't brave the outside world without being a danger to others.  Television, the internet, and routine exercise could only do so much to distract his mind ... finally, he took the college courses he'd been able to decide upon before.  With nothing to distract him from his studies, he took online courses and acquired and engineering degree, focusing on refrigeration and cooling technologies surprisingly quickly.

With a bit of help from the ASTRO Labs staff, Christopher White constructed a battlesuit that could contain and release his powers as he desired.  Dubbing himself Frostguard, he took the first steps out of the Icebox he'd taken since his earlier rampage intent to make the most of his abilities and rejoin the human race.

Personality & Motivation

Frostguard feels very alone.  He has to experience the world looking through a sheet of glass, whether it's a television, a computer monitor, or the faceplate of his containment suit, his powers have physically isolated him from the rest of the world.  it doesn't help that he's pretty creepy, between the blank eyes, cold blue flesh, and the dull inflectionless tone of his vocal cords, working to overcome people's impression of him after his initial rampage has been an uphill battle.  It's given him a fairly bleak, dark sense of humor overall.

That said, Christopher is not without positive traits.  His family raised him with a high regard to service for his country and his people, leading him to have a certain selfless nature.  His brush with death and the loss of his old life have done much to teach him the value of life.  His military training has also given him a resolute sense of purpose that allows him to pick himself up and push on even when it hurts to.  These traits have helped propel him into the role of a hero, rather than allowing self-pity to drag him down into loathing for the rest of the world and a more villainous life.

So, he shoulders on, intent on finding a place for himself in the world at large.

Powers & Tactics

Frostguard is primarily a battlefield control character.  He likes to use his Create Object power to reshape the field to his advantage, primarily making certain that fliers and speedsters can't dart in and out of the battle at their leisure.  His primary attacks are to fire concentrated bolts of cold  to stun enemies, or to freeze them in a layer of permafrost.  Against particularly tricky enemies, however, he's not above summoning a concentrated blizzard to confuse them with treacherous footing and poor visibility, then use his thermographic vision and sure footing to close with them and employ his battlesuit's enhanced strength.


Creepy Looking

Armor Breached

Abilities:  7 + 0 + 6 + 4 + 4 + 0 = 21PP

Strength:  17/35 (+3/+12)

Dexterity:  10  (+0)

Constitution:  16 (+3)

Intelligence: 14 (+2)

Wisdom:  14 (+2)

Charisma:  10 (+0)

Combat: 16 + 10 = 26PP

Initiative:  +0

Attack:  +8 Melee, +8 Ranged

Grapple:  +22

Defense:  +18 (+5 Base, +3 Dodge Focus), +13 Flat-Footed

Knockback: -0

Saving Throws:  5 + 5 + 6 = 16PP

Toughness:  +12 (10 Impervious) (+3 Con, +0 [9 Protection])

Fortitude:  +8 (+3 Con, +5)

Reflex:  +5 (+0 Dex, +5)

Will:  +8 (+2 Wis, +6)

Skills:  40R = 10PP

Computers 8 (+10)

Craft (Mechanical) 4 (+6)

Craft (Chemical) 4 (+6)

Disable Device 8 (+10)

Notice 4 (+6)

Knowledge (Current Events) 4 (+6)

Knowledge (Technology) 8 (+10)

Feats: 5PP

Dodge Focus x3


Precise Shot

Equipment 1PP = 5EP

The Icebox - Headquarters

Diminutive (Apartment-Sized) -2ep

Extreme Cold Generator 1ep

Communications 1ep

Computer 1ep

Living Space 1ep

Gym 1ep

Workshop 1ep

Power System 1ep

Powers 80PP


Frosty Disposition (Mutant, Cold; 12PP Container; Extra: Duration (Continuous); Flaw: Permanent -1) 12pp

Elemental Control 4 (50' radius Extreme Cold; Flaw: Range 0; Linked to Elemental Control) 4pp

Elemental Control 4 (50' radius Hamper Movement 1/4th Rate; Flaw: Range 0; Linked to Elemental Control) 4pp

Obscure 4 (50' radius Total Concealment (Visual); Flaw: Range 0; Linked to Elemental Control ) 4pp

Immunity 10 Cold Effects (Mutant) 10pp

Special Movement 2 Sure-Footed 2 (Mutant; Flaw: Only on Ice) 2pp

Device 14 Containment Suit (65PP Container) 52pp

Enhance Power: (Remove (Flaw: Permanent) from "Frosty Disposition"; Extra: Alt. Powers x4) 16pp

Alt. Power 1) Ice Blast 12 (Technology, Mutant, Cold)

Alt. Power 2) Create Object 8(Technology, Mutant, Cold; Extra: Continuous)

Alt. Power 3) Snare 12 (Technology, Mutant, Cold)

Alt. Power 4) Trip 8 (Smooth Ice, Extra: Burst, Sustained)

Speed 3 Skating (50mph) (Mutant, Cold) 3pp

Super-Senses 2 Battlesuit HUD - Infravision, Tracking (Technology) 2pp

Immunity 3 Life Support Systems - Heat, Suffocation (Technology) 3pp

Protection 9 Winterized Impervium Carapace (Technology; Extra: Impervious 10) 19pp

Enhanced Strength 18  Linear Motors (Technology) 18pp

Super Strength 2  Powered Actuators - Lift a lear jet or subway car (Technology) 4pp


Vulnerability (Fire; Frequency: Common; Intensity: Major [x2]) -4pp

DC Block


Unarmed      Touch        27 Toughness

Cold Blast     120'          27 Toughness

Snare            120'         27 Reflex

Smooth Ice     80'          Str or Dex vs Power Check

Cold Control Personal   DC 10+1 per check Fort every Minute

Totals:  Abilities (21) + Combat (26) + Saving Throws (16) + Skills (10) + Feats (5) + Powers (76) + Drawbacks (-4) = 150 Power Points

Edited by Celestine
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Hey Celestine, Frostguard looks interesting, have a few comments for you:

Stats: look good, though I would note that the 1 extra pp in Str is sort of wasted (all it does is effect your carrying capacity). Totally your choice though if you want to keep it that way of course. Also, you should list your Enhanced strength when in the armor as well (ie: 17/35 (+3/+12)

Saving Throws:
There is a problem with your Toughness. You have +3 from Con, the pick up +12 Protection in the armor, that equals +15 total, which would violate the caps. You should change the protection from the armor to +9 (you can still get the 10 Impervious, the extra point is just applied to part of your Con toughness.

The other saves are a bit low, but that is your choice.

I am counting 10 pp worth of skills, not 9.

Feats and Equipment look fine.

Container: well, there is a bit of a problem here, but might just work itself out. Containers by default are sustained in duration. To make a container permanent, you first need to apply Continuous (+1 extra) then the Permanent flaw (-1), so those cancel each other out, meaning it still would cost 24 pp.
As for the three powers in the Container, I assume those are centered on Frostguard, and not something he can project at range? If so, they should all have the 0 Range flaw, which would lower the cost of each down to 4 pp, meaning you only need 12 pp in the container (and it will only cost 12 pp).

For the array in the suit, hmm, so the idea is the suit contains the otherwise permanent effects of his nature, and takes that and uses it to produce other powers? Hmm, I believe that can work, though not sure this is quite the right way to reflect that. Will have to think and talk to some of the other refs a bit. But, can you list that you have 4 alt powers as extras, instead of just saying “alt powersâ€.

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Thank you very much.

Attributes:  Yeah, the one extra point of Strength is there just to better sync up with the Super Strength levels.  It's a bit annoying to essentially waste a pp, but I'd rather it be clear when I have cause to flex those powered actuators.

Saving Throws:  They are a little on the low side, admittedly.  It's been a while since I did a power-centric build in 2nd Edition so I might've misjudged the points needed to fill out the concept.  Still, after my adjustments, I'm a measily 5pp from where I want the Saves to be (low Reflexes is there as a character thing.  I sort of want Frostguard to be a little plodding in his movements).

Adjustments:  I made all of the adjustments you suggested, which lead to a few other adjustments on the side.

-1 to Device (-3 Protection, -1 Super Strength): -4pp
+4 Skill Ranks (no change, just accurately reflecting the number allocated previously): 1pp
+2 Fortitude Save: 2pp
+1 Reflex Save: 1pp

As for the array, yes, that's what I'm trying to get across mechanically.  I could also swear that there was another way to that such things were supposed to be built, but I couldn't find it while flipping through the core book and all I could actually remember was how to do it in Hero System.  Not really useful here :P

Edited by Celestine
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Okay Celestine, just a few minor things here now (mostly things that were missed in the edits).


Combat: We just list defense as +8 (+3 flat footed).


Equipment: Could you please add the equipment tag to the stuff for the HQ.



The other refs are fine with having the suit draw points from the container for the array.


You still list the total points spent on powers as 80, when it should be 76. Also, if you could please list out all the powers separately (ie: 12 + 10 + 2 + 52 = 76 pp).


You still list the suit as Device 14, when it should be Device 13 (the other stuff for it is right).


For the array, could you please note in the first line (Enhance Power) that it is a 12 pp array + 12 pp from the Container.

For each alternate power, could you please list the cost for each slot compared to the points available in the array: ex: for the Ice Blast it would be {24/24}.


For the Super-Senses: what sense it the tracking for?  Need to pick one.


For the Super Strength, could you please list your effective strength (ie 45) and the heavy load for that strength in tons.


That should be about it.

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