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Incursion: Backwater (OOC)


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Alright, you're all in the same ballpark, so:


You get the impression that at least part of what Zaul is saying is true; you'd be willing to bet that Tigg really is dead. How that happened is a little more up for debate. Zaul's not even really trying to convince you that he's being truthful there, he just wants to make it clear that in this town the facts are what he says they are. He's pretty relaxed for a guy dealing with this influx of refugees but he's not too excited about the idea of a bunch of heavy armed professionals sticking around. He wants you gone.

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Sheesh, hit a Broan when she's down why don't you. Since she's bound an helpless you could have also gone for a coup de grace, for the sake of argument.
Broan Guard
Toughness Save vs. DC 25: 1d20+11 23
23 - Bliss - Uninjured, 3HP
20 - Broan Guard - Staggered, Grappled, Bruised x1
16 - Ruby Voxx - Uninjured, 2HP
5 - Roulette - Uninjured, 3HP, Master Plan +2 (2 rounds)

Somebody should probably answer that comm, by the way, hint hint!

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Hmmm who should that someone be?


Now, I'm not sure.

Move Action:  Move to the stabby fray

Move Action:  Answer Comm.  (Though also want to ask if he can also just take the comm without a sleight of hand what with grappled and all.)


I assume an Interaction skill will be in play soon.  But, ye shall see which.

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Roulette can totally grab the comm, the guard isn't in any position to object. You should roll an interaction skill but which one is up to you! If he trying to trick the person on the other end of the line with Bluff? Talk them down with Diplomacy? Scare them off with Intimidate?

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