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Mysterious Circumstances (OOC)

Brown Dynamite

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OOC for >this thread
Go ahead and give me a Knowledge (Arcane Lore) Check.  We'll give our Welsh contemporary a +2 Circumstance Bonus.

The dog in question was a Gwyllgi. A creature from Welsh mythology.  Like all other scary, black, ethereal canines, they are said to haunt lonely country roads and scare the living daylights out of passing travelers.


The sighting of a Gwyllgi is a dark omen.  Much like seeing a banshee before death, it is said that nothing good comes from seeing a Gwyllgi


The dogs of darkness are actually selective as to who they appear before.  Known by few as the dark hound of destiny, a Gwyllgi tries to only appear before those they feel are worthy of their attention.  Or those doomed to die by the hands of someone they feel is worthy.  If one is spotted outside of Wales, it is because they followed someone there.

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Okay, so I think these two rolls are at play:

Stealth check (pixie size!): 1d20+30=34

Search or Notice check (same bonus for both): 1d20+15=17

Let me know if other rolls are needed. Also Cerys' Detect Magic may well go off if Grim flies by her!

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So Glamazon and the people around couldn't make their Notice on their best day.  Blod can though.


I'll led Tiff decide if Blod has her goggles on.  To see a trail of magical energy or whatever she sees with them.


As for Grim's Notice well I'll cover that in the GM post, but essentially amounts to "abandoned purse."

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So DC!0 Notice To which only Glam has to roll for.

A number of pieces of furnishings and appliances have animals embroidered on them.  Specifically, a Stag, A Wolf, and a Sow.

Notice: 1d20+1 2 Sounds about right

Now, I'll let you personally decide how much or what version of the story your characters have heard.  But, equate the stag, the wolf, and the sow with the trickster god Gwydion.  Obviously Blod is familiar with tales of Gwydion, for the obvious reason (coughswordcough)!  She's even told one to her classmate's before (in a prior thread).  But, you know what else she's also familiar with?  Her goggles are not picking up traces of magic in the immediate area.  At least on the first floor, the second, attic or cellar might be a different story.

Speaking of the cellar.  Grim's nose is a little stunted because of the earlier woofiness.  But, the cellar smells downright awful to her.


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Letsee Blod's hit misses, barely like baaaarely. 


Grim's hits easily though.  Tou Save: 1d20+17 24 (Ignore the fact that the link says 26, I put down too much TOU when rolling)  


The Giant Adder fails to Initiate a Grapple with Grim: 1d20+7 17


Glamazon goes ahead an Power (-3 Atk/+3 Dmg) Unarmed Attack (DC31): 1d20+6 20


Tou Save: 1d20+17 28 Picking up a Bruise!



                                                                     Round 2


Initiative                          Character                                   HP                                           Damage Condition
25                                  Blodeuwedd                                  2                                           Unharmed
13                                  Grimalkin                                       1                                           Unharmed
13                                  Giant Adder                                GM                                          Bruised x1 
  5                                  Glamazon                                      1                                           Unharmed

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