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Eclipse (PL10/14) - Fox

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Power Level: 10 [14] (180/220PP)
Trade-Offs: +3 Attack / -3 Damage; +5 Defense / -5 Toughness
Unspent Power Points: 40

In Brief: Tried 'good'; tried 'bad'. Took a third option.


Residence: The Horizon.


Alternate Identity: Captain Talisyn "Eclipse" Alar

Identity: Public

Birthplace: Lor space

Occupation: Freelancer

Affiliations: Horizon crew, Lor military (retired), Khanate pirates (retired)

Family: parents (no contact), brother (little contact)



Age: 83

Apparent Age: early thirties

Gender: female

Ethnicity: Alarian

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 150lb

Eyes: black sclera & glowing purple irises (artificial)

Hair: black w/ purple bangs


Like all of her people, Talisyn sports dark gray skin, gently pointed ears, a subtly-ridged jawline, and an extra set of canine teeth. Like most, she also has a certain fondness for bi-colored hair and tends toward a lean, flexible build that's more agility than raw muscle. Her species' notable regenerative abilities leave her remarkably free of scars, considering the life she's led.


Somewhat less standard is her extensive cybernetic work - while sporting nothing so crude as the large metal plates and oversized replacement limbs seen in the poorer districts of less civilized space, Talisyn has clearly been on the table once or twice. Whatever her eyes used to look like, they've long-since been replaced with a mechanical pair, glowing purple irises on black sclera; here and there across her body and upper limbs run symmetric lines of chrome, betraying deeper augmentations.


None of those, of course, are more notable than the tail - her spine has clearly been replaced, an interplay of matte metal and skin running down her back until it becomes a narrow, segmented tail longer than she is tall.


Power Descriptions:

The only power Talisyn can truly claim as her own is her species' not-insignificant regenerative powers, which have some difficulty dealing with deeper wounds but takes care of minor damage with speed and efficiency.


Her blaster is a well-worn, but equally well-maintained military-spec weapon, issued mainly to Lor military special operations: twin-barrelled and held close to center-of-mass, it's designed for fast response and a stubborn refusal to compromise between accuracy and close-quarters reliability. It's been heavily customized, linking to Taliysn's eyes for enhanced targeting and alternate fire modes.


The sword, on the other hand, would look new if the grip and scabbard weren't showing their age - resembling a long and only lightly-curved Earth scimitar, the edge shows no signs of wear and the flat of the blade bears a multi-winged design that could have been engraved yesterday.



The Alarian empire was a force to behold...or, so the history books say. Among the first truly great space-faring civilizations seeded by the Precursors, the citizens of Alar developed curious technologies, established bases across the systems under their control...and collapsed. The destruction of their home worlds broke the back of their empire, leaving as memories only undiscovered caches of wonders and a surviving population with neither the numbers nor the knowledge to maintain their hold.


That was all well before Talisyn's time, though - the dawn of modern history. Her people are still scattered, nearly-cultureless, and (by reputation) unable to maintain even basic family units for long - something she did little to disprove. As soon as she was old enough she left to find her own way through the universe.


A short but successful stint in the Lor military taught her skill and discipline, but chafed at her sense of accomplishment and freedom - the bureaucracy and red tape made actually doing anything nigh-impossible in her eyes.


The relative freedom of the pirates she'd worked against turned out to be too tempting to resist, but while she could accomplish more the actual goals forced on her were, while often exhilarating, too often unacceptably distasteful.


And so she found herself somewhere in the middle, skills cheerfully for hire to anyone with a cause that was worthy or lucrative enough. When what should have been a simple theft was complicated by the revelation that they weren't stealing artifacts, but rather components of a weapon too dangerous to allow anyone to hold, cirumstances found her with a new ship, a new crew, and new enemies.


She felt it was a pretty good outcome, all told.


Personality & Motivation:

Talisyn values independence above almost anything else - she has a severe dislike for being in debt, and an acquired distaste for taking orders from anyone she doesn't already respect. She recognizes the abstract importance of a larger machine of law and government, but has yet to find a specific example that meets her standards - very little grinds her teeth like people suffering under the abuse of the system, or people with no good recourse because the bad guy's better at politics and bribery.


She insists that she's a strictly independent agent looking for profit and fame, but can usually be found on the side of the underdog: the little person in need, the side that stands up against the overpowered bully trying to become the next big thing.


None of which, of course, she'd tell you about if you asked. She is flippant, irreverent, sharp-tongued and cocky. She'll say half of what's actually true in twice as many words, smiling the whole way. Life, she'd insist, is for fun, for enjoying as you can - even when you live as long as she will (assuming she doesn't get herself killed first).


Powers & Tactics:

Talisyn has confused and/or frustrated everyone she has ever served under for her inconsistent response to danger - if she's taking things seriously and the stakes are high enough, she has a keen mind for planning and will approach a problem surgically, methodically, and with caution. If she doesn't, or if she's thrust into a situation without warning, she instead swings the other way entirely and jumps in feet-first, laughing and taunting all the while.


She's a highly-skilled markswoman and sword-fighter, and an experienced and well-trained pilot, though she won't fight or fly fair if she can help it - rules are for people who haven't survived as many scrapes as she has. An unfortunate few have discovered that she's hardly safe when unarmed, as well; her tail, already a surprisingly efficient blunt instrument, hides a long, sharp spur perfect for those times when someone thinks a little rope (or a guard or two) will hold an enemy agent.





Artifact Hunter - Despite her best efforts, Talisyn has a certain fascination with her people's old artifacts - the bits and baubles left behind when the ancient empire fell, and by extension old forgotten machines and cosmic constructs in general. If the first-best way to draw her out is to tread on the helpless, the second-best is to leak information on a newly-discovered cache or device on some backwater planet. And even if it's real, one simply has to find out what it does....


Helping the Helpless - Talisyn holds a severe weak spot for the downtrodden and people being taken advantage of by the system they live under. She'll go well out of her way to lend them a hand, offer some leverage, and try to even the scales.


My Crew - Don't mess with her crew.


Playing Both Sides - Talisyn has a history with both the law and the lawless, and while this leaves her with contacts on both sides it also leaves her with a lot of people who see her actions as betrayals and signs of a general lack of trustworthiness.


Political Currency - Her people have none. They are the remaining descendants of a ancient and long-broken empire, a people without much organization, culture, or representation in darn near anything.


Priorities - Talisyn has a ship to run, a crew to support, and a life to lead. Living isn't free, and balancing helping someone vs. getting paid isn't always easy.


Regrowing Pains - Talisyn's healing factor is effective and efficient but can be slowed or stopped by starvation, and frequent or extensive healing leaves her drained and hungry.



Abilities: 4+8+4+4+2+6= 28pp

Strength: 14/16 (+2/+3)

Dexterity: 18 (+4)

Constitution: 14/20 (+2/+5)

Intelligence: 14 (+2)

Wisdom: 12 (+1)

Charisma: 16 (+3)



Combat: 14+10= 24pp

Initiative: +8

Attack: +7 (+13 melee, +13 blaster, +7 ranged)

Grapple: +16 (+19 w/ tail)

Defense: +15 (+5 base, +10 dodge bonus, +3 flat-footed)

Knockback: -2



Saving Throws: 2+5+5= 12pp

Toughness: +5 (+5 Con)

Fortitude: +7 (+5 Con, +2)

Reflex: +9 (+4 Dex, +5)

Will: +6 (+1 Wis, +5)



Skills: 19pp

Skills boosted by ECHO are noted as such. Skills granted entirely by ECHO are italicized.

Acrobatics 2 (+6 / +10 w/ tail)

Bluff 11 (+14 / +18 w/ attractive)

Computers 3 (+5 / +10ECHO)

Craft (Mechanical) 3 (+5)

Diplomacy 7 (+10 / +14 w/ attractive)

Gather Information 1 (+4)

Knowledge (Art) 3 (+5)ECHO

Knowledge (Civics) 3 (+5)ECHO

Knowledge (Current Events) 3 (+5)ECHO

Knowledge (Galactic Lore) 1 (+3 / +10ECHO)

Knowledge (History) 3 (+5)ECHO

Knowledge (Tactics) 8 (+10)

Knowledge (Technology) 4 (+6)ECHO

Knowledge (Theology and Philosophy) 3 (+5)ECHO

Knowledge (Streetwise) 3 (+5)

Languages 1 (native, galstandard)

Medicine 4 (+5)

Notice 9 (+10)

Pilot 10 (+14)

Search 3 (+5)

Sense Motive 9 (+10 / +15ECHO)

Stealth 1 (+5)



Feats: 28pp


Attack Focus (Melee) 6



Dodge Bonus 10

Equipment 13 (+13 from Vet Award)

Fast Task (Taunt)

Improved Initiative


Master Plan 2

Power Attack

Precise Shot





Equipment: 1+4+6+54= 65ep


Handcuffs [1ep]


Smoke Grenade (Obscure 2 (10' radius)) [4ep]


Ship Communicator (Communication 5 (Radio; Extras: Area [5 miles]; Flaws: Limited [other ship communicators]) + Super-Senses 1 (Communication Link [ship, radio])) [5+1= 6ep]


The Horizon (spaceship) [54ep]

An old but faithful spaceship from a forgotten age, the Horizon is a testament to the people who built her and the dedication of her crew and engineer.


Size: Awesome (-12 atk/def; STR 60; Toughness 15) [5ep]

Strength: +10 (STR 70) [2ep]



Hidden Compartments

Navigation System


Defense System

Fire Prevention System



Living Space

Security System


Blast 10 [20ep]

Flight 4 (100mph) [9ep]

Super-Movement 3 (Space Travel 3) [6ep]

Super-Senses 2 (Communication Link [ship communicators, radio], Radio Sense) [2ep]


Powers: 10+6+2+2+1+1+7+10+14+6+10= 69pp


ECHO 2 (10pp container; Flaws: Hard-to-Lose; Feats: Restricted 2 [responds only to Eclipse & known allies]) [10pp]

A dry-humored AI originally designed for information processing and dissemination; accompanies Eclipse via a small device on her belt, capable of projecting himself or appearing on her cyber-eye 'HUD'. He responds poorly to the uncivilized and the violent.


Enhanced Feats 1 (Online Research) [1dp]


Enhanced Skills 9 (Computers 5, Knowledge (Art) 3, Knowledge (Civics) 3, Knowledge (Current Events) 3, Knowledge (Galactic Lore) 7, Knowledge (History) 3, Knowledge (Technology) 4, Knowledge (Theology and Philosophy) 3, Sense Motive 5) [9dp]

Enhanced Con 6 [6pp] (cybernetics)


Enhanced Str 2 [2pp] (cybernetics)


Immunity 4 (Aging, Disease, Poison, Radiation; Flaw: Limited [half]) [2pp] (alien biology)


Leaping 1 (x2) [1pp] (cybernetics)


Speed 1 (10mph) [1pp] (cybernetics)


Super-Senses 7 (Analytical Vision [all], Extended Audio [normal], Extended Vision [normal], Infravision, Ultra-Hearing, Ultravision) [7pp] (cyber-eyes, ear implants)


Cyber-Tail 2 (10pp container) [10pp]

A long, segmented, cybernetic tail; when grafted onto a subject, it grants a prehensile appendage capable of grasping, enhancing balance, and combat.


Additional Limbs 1 [1pp]


Enhanced Skill 1 (Acrobatics +4) [1pp]


Elongation 2 (+10ft; Extras: Action [Free]; Flaws: Limited [Tail]) [2pp]


Strike 4 (Feats: Mighty, Variable Descriptor (blunt, slashing, piercing)) [6pp] (retractable tail blade)

Blaster 3 (15pp device; Flaws: Easy to Lose; Feats: Accurate 3, Restricted 2) [14pp]

Military SpecOps-issue personalized blaster; old, scarred, but reliable.


Fire Mode Array 7 (14pp array; Feats: Alternate Power 1) [15dp]


BP: Blast 7 [14/14pp]


AP: Damage 7 (Extras: Area [Cone, Targeted], Selective; Flaws: Action [Full-Round]) [14/14pp]

Sword 2 (10pp device; Flaws: Easy to Lose) [6pp]

Star-metal swords are so much easier to come by in the stars.


Strike 4 (Extras: Penetrating 3; Feats: Improved Critical 2, Mighty) [10dp]

Regeneration 10 (Recovery Bonus +4 [+9], Bruised 3 [no action], Injured 3 [1 minute]) [10pp] (alien biology)


DC Block


ATTACK              RANGE       SAVE              EFFECT
Unarmed	            Touch       DC18 Toughness    Damage (Staged)
Blaster (single)    10x 70'     DC22 Toughness    Damage (Staged)
Blaster (area)      70' cone    DC22 Toughness    Damage (Staged)
Sword               Touch       DC22 Toughness    Damage (Staged)
Tail                10'         DC22 Toughness    Damage (Staged)

Totals: Abilities (28) + Combat (24) + Saving Throws (12) + Skills (19) + Feats (28) + Powers (69) = 180/220PP

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Did a little character slot shuffling for this one, with current characters (and awards) like so:

Slot 1 (PL10): GK

Slot 2 (PL8): Dragonfly

Slot 3 (PL10, new): Wraith

Slot 4 (Platinum, 180pp): Eclipse

Bronze: Eclipse (equipment)

Silver: GK (sidekick)

Gold: GK (sidekick)

Platinum: Slot 4.

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